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  1. DT-25 owners had this happen? All topology lights & functions are fine, tubes light up but no sound through the guitar input or via line 6 link & Helix into FX return. I ran the monkey & updated flash memory & tried the factory reset. Partev Sarkissian or anyone else thoughts?
  2. I've been using my DT-25 successfuly for years on the fx return for my Helix & now with L6 link... Its fabulous! But tody I tried to plug straight into the amp & its fine if I ply softly but as soon s I pick hrd it does this dramtic "compressing" where the volume disappears then slowly returns. All topology switches & knobs work fine it just goes silent for a second when I play hard... Anyone experience this? 081419105618_Voice.amr
  3. hello everyone! My JTV-59's quarter inch output jack cuts to half output unless I wiggle my cord. The replacement module looks like an easy drop in install...anyone done this?
  4. Hello & thanks! I'm a long time Record user that finally got a new laptop with windows 10. Trying to download my version 1.5 Record ( iknow ...it's ancient but it works for me) Also the computer cant see my trusty UX2. Line 6 Monkey can't see it either and tells me it's not registered which it is...I've downloaded the drivers etc. So... to summarize, I have a great new cumputer just for recording and I can.t downloadmy recording software or install my interface. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  5. Ive been using an HD500 & DT-25 for a few years. Recently added a second dt25 for stereo. Worked fine till recently. Now when I connect it via L6 link my HD500 screen goes to amp knob view & freezes. This only happens when the recent DT is added to the chain. Any thoughts?
  6. HD 500 footswitches "freeze" intermittently... Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Looking for any advice.. Just got my second DT-25 & running stereo from my HD-500. Any links to helpful videos, tips & tricks etc? Currently running them via two pre amp models panned left & right. I've noticed that even running one smp model (bass man) which should be amp voice a it ends up as amp voice b on the second DT...
  8. I own an HD 500 & a DT-25. Thinking of getting a secobd DT25 to run in stereo via L6 link. Is it worth it? Can i run one amp dry & one amp wet? Do I have to run dual tones to use the link? Anyone running two DT's via link? Thanks!
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