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  1. Ok ya'll, I have the Helix with the current version 2.80.0. Here is what I need to do and I am not finding anything. I do music as a two piece rock band, in this band I do live loops with my drummer. Meaning I create a loop on the fly. I would like to be able to send the recorded loop out of the helix into a separate channel for the FOH and my in-ear rig. That way I can have them balance the loop a bit better than just adjusting the playback volume of the loop. I can create a merge path and an fx send, this solves some of the problem, but I still get the live guitar through the send as well as the loop. Sorry this is getting confusing, but hopefully someone speaks this a bit. Thanks in advance, Matt
  2. What do you mean by "re-flash" sorry I am a bit new to the lingo here.
  3. Has any one had any problems with the newest firmware update? I was on stage last week and my tuner came on in the middle of my song. It had not been touched I was actually about 5 feet away from it. It has happened a few times now. It is so not cool when the guitar goes mute in the middle of a song in a 3 piece rock band. It kinda gets noticed :)
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