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  1. Too late. I was so upset with the product I sold it to buy a BOSS ME-80.
  2. The problem is, no patch that I have tried or made on my own sounded even decent. I've tried numerous number of different patches and heard the demos, they are really really far from each other. Maybe.. my product has a defect?
  3. Hi, I've bought POD HD 500 and I am not exactly getting the right sound I don't think. The tones sound artificial and let me show you what I mean. I'm using the Synster Gates patch here: http://line6.com/customtone/search/?submitted=1&family=podhd500&search_term=Avenged+Sevenfold Could you guys give me some insight on how I can fix my tone? Thanks. Patch Test.mp3
  4. I wonder if anyone can help me create this tone on my POD HD Edit: https://soundcloud.com/user496975994/sets/demo/s-7mkbw It would be greatly appreciated!
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