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  1. Here is a video I did showing the difference changing only the cab from stock to 3rd party can make. There is no post processing on the guitars at all so you can hear the real difference. All amp settings were kept the same.
  2. Are you opening a template of some sort? I just open a new audio track and record straight onto it, only the pod tone. Also, how are you hooking up the pod to the computer?
  3. Thanks man! That Zakk period was the best. My favorite live tone he ever had was The Live in Philadelphia 1989 concert. I still keep an eye out for the old Lee Jackson Preamps he was using at the time.
  4. Thanks dude! The best part about that mug is it holds a ton of coffee haha
  5. Yeah sure, i'll screenshot the settings and upload them tonight
  6. Here is a video I just put up to YouTube using only the Pod HD Pro X for my guitar tone. It's a medley of songs from No Rest For The Wicked, No More Tears, and one from Ozzmosis. I put the patches up on Customtone for download. The links are in the video description. If you go to YouTube directly, you will get better quality. Thanks for watching!
  7. Yeah I know ...Its a completely different sound, still could use the Pod tone just not the same. I actually ran the Mesa into a Jet City Jettenuator and then line out into Logic Pro X and ran Two Notes Wall of Sound III with the mesa cab. The setup for the Jettenuator and Wall of Sound cabs ended up costing $200 for both. A cheaper version of Torpedo haha.
  8. Here is a video I did comparing the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (Red Channel) vs the Pod HD Pro X Treadplate model. I just did this as a comparison video just to see how close I could get the Pod to sound like the Rectifier using only the effects, amps, and cabs available in the Pod. They are somewhat similar, but I like both the sounds and would have no problem using either one on a recording.
  9. Here is a patch I made using the JCM 800 Model. I made it for this mix but it ended up sounding pretty good for other things as well, so I thought I would share.
  10. I was thinking of an active stage monitor similar to this They run about $180 and just setup the pod to sound how you want through there and if you play live you can send a FOH signal also. And that power amp will work if you want to run the mesa cab.
  11. If you wanted to use the mesa cab you should look at the rocktron velocity 300...or you could just get an active monitor and run the pod straight into that.
  12. Thanks man! Yeah I did have a few of those moments ...especially if it was with some harmonics :D
  13. New video I just did of Neil Zaza's song In My Dreams. The lead guitar is only the patch I created direct to the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. You can download the tone here: The backing track and tab were purchased at
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