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  1. I just picked up a used 59 Tobacco Burst for $650 off Reverb in great condition might I add! but I know what the OP is talking about. I have been watching for a while and the prices have been on the upswing as listings have been sparse.
  2. No problems with the guitar at all I just wanted to know how to ID the year so if and when I sell it I can let people know what year it was made! I just sold my 59 and bought a 69, both were made the same year, 2011.
  3. Ha, We I guess that's going to have to be good enough! We all have to take what I can get right, thanks all for the info ;)
  4. How does it sound? I'm picking up a 69 in a few days and thinking of doing this mod.
  5. If sustain is dying in the upper register that sounds like a setup issue to me, tech the guitar with a new set of strings and see what happens.
  6. +1 one this it would be nice to see some nylon string sims!
  7. Just curious if anyone knows how to decipher the serial number to find out the manufacture date of a JTV guitar.
  8. Well it's good to know that they are still making the JTV, not that the Yamaha model isn't any good it's just that the JTV line plays so well even for an inexpensively made guitar and having a selection of different bodies to choose from is a nice option. As to support as long as they are being made with the Yamaha line they will be supported, it's great tool to have in your arsenal and would be a bad move for line 6 to get rid of it especially with Helix integration which sounded pretty good.
  9. Is Line 6 even producing the JTV line any longer? I thought after they went to Yamaha that the JTV line would end.
  10. Les Paul style case + shipping which is probably around $40-50.
  11. Pretty sure the JTV comes without strap locks and just standard strap buttons, as to suggestions It really boils down to preference. Dunlop, Schaller, Hennessey etc. I prefer Dunlop as they have a larger button that can be used as a strap button in the event you have a different strap or forget the one with the locks on it. All have their merits and just like anything else that has a mechanical connection that system does require the occasional drop of machine oil to keep it from squeaking. I have been using them for as long as I can remember and have not had an issue. I have also tried the Schaller version and they work well also but I liked the larger button of the Dunlop better so I have stuck with them.
  12. Ok cool! is there a link to the current version?
  13. Is Workbench HD a free download? if so where is the link?, the one that's on the support page no worky :( .
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