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  1. I was struggling with the same thing and this worked fine for me. I am using the "Multi" input type like the OP asked for and just saving it with any model on, or the models turned off and the mags on, and it works. So simple it's counter intuitive...
  2. Actually I'm running the latest OSX operating system on the iMac. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I wouldn't think that should be an issue. Not clear on why I'm getting that error. Maybe there's something tying up the MIDI ports that I'm not aware of.
  3. So I don't need to use the VDI interface box that originally shipped with the JTV's? I don't have one and would prefer not to buy it unless I absolutely have to. I have tried to use the Helix to update firmware and it always errors out. I'm not sure what the reason is if I don't actually have to use the VDI box. My path is JTV > VDI Cable > Helix > USB Cable > Line 6 Monkey running on an iMac. Errors out with a MIDI error but I'm not using MIDI for anything while I'm trying to do the update. If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears...
  4. Used is sometimes a gamble but I've been very lucky buying guitars online. I recently bought a JTV-59 and it is in outstanding shape. I will say though you should be aware of what is or isn't included. Mine was just the guitar and the case, nothing else. I had to buy a battery, and cable, and it looks like I might have to buy the VDI Interface if I want to update the firmware. A lot of used JTV's don't include these items so that will add to your cost.
  5. Is this still the case in September of 2019? I recently got a used JTV-59 and am unable to update the firmware on it using my Helix. It came with nothing other than the guitar and case. I bought the cable and a battery but that's all I have for now. The USB box is pretty damn expensive for what it is - around $100 from what I've seen. I sure hope I can do without one but I would like to be able to manage the firmware.
  6. I'm dredging up this old thread. I previously had a JTV-59 which had the exact same issue (F# resonance) mentioned in this thread. I sold that guitar after a few years. Fast forward to now - I recently picked up another (Used) JTV-59. I regretted selling the 1st one at times and found myself in a position that I need to do fast changes from acoustic & electric guitar for gigs. The Variax seemed to be the perfect answer to that. I also forgot how nice the JTV-59 is to play. It is a really nice guitar in it's own right, without considering the modeling. Well I've got the same acoustic model F# resonance issue with this one that I had with the 1st. It was so bad at a recent practice at a hall I play in that I had to abandon the patch (and acoustic Variax model) I was using. I later edited it to include a notch @ 180 Hz (Para EQ won't do 185 Hz, only 180 or 190), and that helped but I couldn't cut enough to eliminate it completely. I also ended up with an acoustic tone that was not great but at least didn't howl. I totally reject the notion that it is caused by fret buzz. It plays very well, the action is not uber low, there is no audible fret buzz, it does not happen with the mags, or other models. This is definitely something with the acoustic model itself, or the interaction with the model and other physical factors unknown at this point. I remember screwing around with the string volumes in work bench and maybe that will help but I do want to hear that string in balance with the others on all other notes. Here we go again...
  7. Sounds interesting. I have owned a GP-10 for a number of years and it is a great little unit. I have a Godin that has built-in electronics to drive Roland/Boss synths (internal GK3). I got a helix a year ago or so and have been using it for gigs routinely. I did add the GP-10 on for just one particular song (One Vision by Queen) for synth tones. I just recently got a Variax (JTV-59), but I haven't used it with the GP-10 yet. There's a lot of crossover in what they both do as far as the instrument modeling and I like them both. It really would be cool to use them both together. I will have to do some experimenting with that.
  8. Same here - can't access your track...
  9. Could you be a little more specific?,,, :lol:
  10. guitarno


    Your Avatar could get tarred and feathered for this... :angry:
  11. ^^^ What he said! ^^^ The Boss GP-10 - You can order one Direct now! :lol: Actually, you should go over to "VguitarForums.com" and look around for the group buys, and order through them... B)
  12. Having to use a switch to change between intervals isn't really "Intelligent" harmony. That's "static" (dumb) harmony and no intelligence included. The term "Intelligent" implys that it knows to switch intervals to stay in the harmony within the chosen scale when you change input notes. The GP-10 is a much cheaper device, and although no one from line 6 has directly answered this question, I would be stunned if the Helix couldn't do true "Intelligent" harmony as well as or better than the GP-10 and similar effect devices.
  13. I believe your looking for intelligent harmony (keeping harmony note in a particular scale). If that's what you mean, Roland VG units do this pretty effectively. I have a GP-10 that will do this. I don't play Thin Lizzie tunes and haven't tried it on that song, but I'm thinking it would work that way. The VG units rely on hex pickup processing to do a lot of the synth processing polyphonicly. I'm not sure if a hex pickup is required to get intelligent harmonies or not. I'll have to try that lick on my GP-10 & see if it works for that. Yeah, I just listened to that clip again. I'm pretty sure that the GP-10 will do this no sweat. The helix ought to be able to do this as well if it has a good usable harmony effect. On the GP-10 you just specify (in advance - written into the patch) what scale your playing in (G Minor, F Major, etc...), and when you play any note, it will automatically switch the interval for you to force it to stay in that scale. I'm just not sure if you really need a hex pickup to do this or not. If you are using a Variax, you've got that, but not on a regular guitar. See this related post to show how to do this with a JTV / HD500: http://line6.com/support/topic/11487-how-2-approximate-hotel-california-harmony-with-ur-jtvhd500/?hl=hotel+california
  14. guitarno

    Pitch Correction

    I agree! B) The VoiceLive processing is very cool. Some people might not want to use it, or might regard it as "Cheating", but it can really make a good vocal better without sounding phony or over-processed if used with a little discretion. I'd really like to see some of these features in the Helix for doing vocals alongside the guitar processing for live use, and for recording purposes. If I spend the money to get the helix, I won't have much left to stick into outboard vocal effects, so it would be great if Helix had some of these vocal effects. I put in a feature request for this. Vote for it in IdeaScale here: ---> http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Voicelive-type-vocal-processing/772456-23508
  15. guitarno

    Variax HX

    They just released the "Standard" so I doubt they would change or update it so soon after release. I guess they could release another new "Pro" model, but I hope there's some kind of upgrade path for those of us who already invested in current variax's. I own a Korean JTV-59, and while I'm all for any improvement in guitar modeling and alternate tunings in the variax's, there's a limit to how much more I'd be willing to pay to get them. I'd have bought an American version if the modeled sounds were really better, but with everything else involved, it was really too much money. I'm hoping there are some small improvements in the guitar modelling of the current JTV's when using the Helix, without having to replace the JTV with a newer model. Maybe some king of upgrade kit to update the electronics currently in the existing JTV's someday.
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