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  1. guitarno

    New Helix Preset test of Acoustic model

    Same here - can't access your track...
  2. guitarno

    Helix reviews please!

    Could you be a little more specific?,,, :lol:
  3. guitarno


    Your Avatar could get tarred and feathered for this... :angry:
  4. ^^^ What he said! ^^^ The Boss GP-10 - You can order one Direct now! :lol: Actually, you should go over to "VguitarForums.com" and look around for the group buys, and order through them... B)
  5. Having to use a switch to change between intervals isn't really "Intelligent" harmony. That's "static" (dumb) harmony and no intelligence included. The term "Intelligent" implys that it knows to switch intervals to stay in the harmony within the chosen scale when you change input notes. The GP-10 is a much cheaper device, and although no one from line 6 has directly answered this question, I would be stunned if the Helix couldn't do true "Intelligent" harmony as well as or better than the GP-10 and similar effect devices.
  6. I believe your looking for intelligent harmony (keeping harmony note in a particular scale). If that's what you mean, Roland VG units do this pretty effectively. I have a GP-10 that will do this. I don't play Thin Lizzie tunes and haven't tried it on that song, but I'm thinking it would work that way. The VG units rely on hex pickup processing to do a lot of the synth processing polyphonicly. I'm not sure if a hex pickup is required to get intelligent harmonies or not. I'll have to try that lick on my GP-10 & see if it works for that. Yeah, I just listened to that clip again. I'm pretty sure that the GP-10 will do this no sweat. The helix ought to be able to do this as well if it has a good usable harmony effect. On the GP-10 you just specify (in advance - written into the patch) what scale your playing in (G Minor, F Major, etc...), and when you play any note, it will automatically switch the interval for you to force it to stay in that scale. I'm just not sure if you really need a hex pickup to do this or not. If you are using a Variax, you've got that, but not on a regular guitar. See this related post to show how to do this with a JTV / HD500: http://line6.com/support/topic/11487-how-2-approximate-hotel-california-harmony-with-ur-jtvhd500/?hl=hotel+california
  7. guitarno

    Pitch Correction

    I agree! B) The VoiceLive processing is very cool. Some people might not want to use it, or might regard it as "Cheating", but it can really make a good vocal better without sounding phony or over-processed if used with a little discretion. I'd really like to see some of these features in the Helix for doing vocals alongside the guitar processing for live use, and for recording purposes. If I spend the money to get the helix, I won't have much left to stick into outboard vocal effects, so it would be great if Helix had some of these vocal effects. I put in a feature request for this. Vote for it in IdeaScale here: ---> http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Voicelive-type-vocal-processing/772456-23508
  8. guitarno

    Variax HX

    They just released the "Standard" so I doubt they would change or update it so soon after release. I guess they could release another new "Pro" model, but I hope there's some kind of upgrade path for those of us who already invested in current variax's. I own a Korean JTV-59, and while I'm all for any improvement in guitar modeling and alternate tunings in the variax's, there's a limit to how much more I'd be willing to pay to get them. I'd have bought an American version if the modeled sounds were really better, but with everything else involved, it was really too much money. I'm hoping there are some small improvements in the guitar modelling of the current JTV's when using the Helix, without having to replace the JTV with a newer model. Maybe some king of upgrade kit to update the electronics currently in the existing JTV's someday.
  9. guitarno

    How many HD users will actually upgrade to helix

    For better or worse, I sold my HD500X, and pre-ordered a Helix. I'm generally not an "Early Adopter", but when the Helix was announced I decided to become one, and I'm hoping that I end up being really happy with that decision.
  10. guitarno

    Helix FAQ

    What kind of shape is the kidney in?? How many drinking hours are on it??
  11. guitarno

    Helix FAQ

    Are you implying that the Helix's switches are the same as the X3? or the non-HD Pod 500's? If that's the case there is reason for concern. I had switches on a earlier pod fail and have to be replaced. I had a HD500X and never had that problem with the switches and I believe that they updated the switches on the HD model, and they were less prone to failure then the ones used before. I would like to think that the switches on the Helix are even more robust that the ones used on the HD500X considering the price difference.
  12. guitarno

    Helix discussion in other forum threads (links)

    I agree - some of the "fanboyism" and "tribalism" that gets exhibited on some of these forums gets pretty tiring to read. I have to admit that I've engaged in it myself on occasion - just human nature I guess. I don't begrudge people having a contrary opinion, as long as it doesn't get abusive and out of hand. Nothing's as annoying as weeding through 30 posts in a row with 2 guys having a pissing match over opinions about tone, or which amp or effects box is better. We are all after the same goals more or less, we just get to them in different ways, and have different tastes in sound. Tone is pretty subjective, and one person's "dream tone" may have the next guy covering his ears and grimacing.
  13. guitarno

    Helix discussion in other forum threads (links)

    radatats, Didn't mean to get down on you, I just had to point out that Steve is not a forum troll. He was being critical of Line 6 modeling tone, but he has his reasons for preferring other choices. He does great work @ vguitarforums and when he express an opinion on something, I listen because he knows what he’s talking about. Hopefully when the sound clips for the Helix start coming out, they're impressive and people that aren't fans of Line 6 modeling will find something they like.
  14. guitarno

    Helix discussion in other forum threads (links)

    Actually Steve is a very knowledgeable and experienced player and a brilliant musical gear wizard. He has a lot of guitar modeling wisdom to offer. The Vguitarforums site is a treasure trove of knowledge for a variety of guitar gear from various manufacturers. Although it is a little more Roland/Boss VG/GR centric, it deals with instrument & amp modeling in general. You guys should spend some time perusing the site if you don't already. You will find a lot of general guitar gear knowledge, some great and helpful forum members, and a lot of info & patches for Line 6 gear (JTV, Workbench). He is being a little critical of the Sweetwater Helix vid, but he’s entitled to his opinion, and the sound quality and the tones featured in that video weren’t exactly outstanding, or the best the Helix has to offer (hopefully!).
  15. guitarno

    I Pre-Ordered

    Glad I could give you that info in time for you to take advantage of it. $300 off is a nice discount - makes it a lot easier to afford than the $1500 list price.