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  1. I hope you're being sarcastic. That sounds pretty good to me throughout the whole clip. Yeah, it's not perfect, but unusable? I think that's a bit of an extreme judgement! It does have some coloration but for a live performance, it's plenty usable.
  2. The toe switch for engaging the wah has always been super hard to engage (especially from a seated position). I was trying to turn it on last night and it just wasn't engaging so i stomped down on it hard and the pedal totally gave way and was flopping around like a limp fish. side to side, up & down, it was totally loose and I thought for sure it was broken internally. It turned out that the hex bolt just loosened up and all I had to do was tighten it, so it's not broken but that brings me back to the original issue: On my Helix, you practically have to stand on the toe switch to get it to engage. Is there some way to adjust the toe switch sensitivity? is there some way that anyone knows of to adjust the toe switch function to engage with a little less pressure? Thanks!
  3. dmg is the Mac version. Did you download the wrong file for Windows?
  4. Awesome Job Line6! There are some tasty new models and features in 3.0!
  5. @renevanhezewijk @kurat Did either of you get an answer on this? I am considering the Sonic Port VX or some other IOS interface for an iPad Pro (2018 version) and need to know if I will have this issue.
  6. What do you mean by "1 regular mags"? I mean the regular magnetic humbuckers. I recently bought a PRS Hollowbody II Piezo and that's the main guitar I'm working with for these presets. It has 2 output jacks. 1 for the regular humbuckers ("Mags") and 1 for the piezo output.
  7. I have been adjusting the "db" value of the IR and/or the Level value of the snapshot at the output block. I had struggled with volume/gain levels and volume matching between presets in my previous experiences with the Helix, but I am now trying to make my presets "more or less" level in volume to an empty patch. That means that for gainy amped signal chain for driven electric guitar sounds, I am turning down the channel volume so that it is close to the empty preset level. That makes it a lot easier to have balance with an acoustic signal chain without an amp. I am still experimenting with this setup and haven't used any of this live yet (like where am I going to play right now anyway, right?...). I am going to start building presets with 2 separate signal chains, 1 for cranked electric guitar and 1 for acoustic sounds and I hope to get them both in the same neighborhood volume wise. I am going to use a guitar with 2 separate outputs, 1 regular mags, and 1 piezo with these presets.
  8. I've also been using the 3Sigma Audio acoustic IR's. I've been having really good luck lately using them with an electric guitar that has piezos in the bridge. The 3Sigma IR's with that guitar are giving a really inspiringly good acoustic sound. I've used their IR's in the past but I was never as impressed with them as I am right now. I also have a number of patches that don't have any amp or preamp block in them at all with those IR's and the acoustic sound is really good without them.
  9. For a Cabinet IR 100% mix is "Normal" and most probably sound better this way but let your ears be the judge! I will say that in the case of using an IR to simulate an acoustic instrument, many times 100% mix is NOT the best sound. I often get better results at a lot less than 100% in those cases.
  10. I saw a reference to this amp somewhere recently and it does look pretty interesting given the reasonable cost. I haven't heard of anyone who has actually used one yet. I'll be interested to see an actual review.
  11. Thanks for your reply @amsdenj I appreciate it. I was putting together some options on the Warmoth site & my neck spec list I was putting together is very similar to yours. Almost exact actually. Did you drill the neck holes yourself or did you have a tech do it for you? I'm pretty sure I could mount & drill the neck myself but that would be the critical step & I wouldn't want to make a mistake there. Relative to this post & the Warmoth neck shape you chose (Standard Thin) how is that working for you? You mentioned you have smaller hands. Mine are not huge but on the bigger side (Wish I had longer fingers though). I am considering going a little larger than "Standard Thin" but I don't want to make a mistake there either, I had an Eric Johnson Strat that had a pretty hefty neck profile and also a JTV-59 that also had a substantial neck profile, but even though they were a little large they actually felt fairly comfortable to play. The neck on the early models of the JTV-69 felt huge to me when I initially tried them out years ago. The neck on the JTV-69 I have now is really not that bad, it's a lot slimmer than the older ones. I would prefer that it was wider at the nut though, and would like stainless frets and a compound radius. Speaking of frets, picked out the same frets you listed (SS6105). I was actually thinking that shorter frets might be better. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment on a gig, I get excited and start using too much finger pressure and fretted notes in the lower registers go sharp. It's really a technique flaw on my part but I was thinking that shorter frets would help. Why do you wish you had taller frets? Feel?, Ease of bending strings? Just curious because I want to make the right choice there too. I was also considering an Earvana nut as I put one on a project guitar some years back and thought it did help the tuning a bit in the open position. I think I agree with you about the advantages of a thicker neck. The stability thing for sure and I'm sure that the neck plays a bigger factor in overall tone than most people think. I also assume more mass there might impact the modeling positively. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the response @specracer986. Good to know about your unfortunate experience with the Gotoh side adjuster on the modern neck. I will have to keep that in mind and maybe order the vintage/modern as you said. Thanks!
  13. I know this is an old post, but I recently picked up a JTV-69 myself. The neck isn't horrible but ideally I would like it more with a few changes and am thinking of swapping it out. Warmoth seems like the ideal place to get exactly what you want. I am still trying to decide on some options. I am curious how the neck with the short scale worked out for you. I'm not sure I will do that but I am considering it. Also, the Earvana nut. I put one of those on a previous guitar and I thought it did improve tuning on chords in the open position. Some people say it doesn't really do anything but I could hear a difference. How does that work for you with using the vibrato bar? any different that a standard nut in that regard? Thanks
  14. @amsdenj: What neck did you use to replace the original neck on your JTV-69? I do remember trying out a JTV-69 in a guitar store and thinking that the neck felt like it had an overly large neck profile. I have one incoming and I may (or may not) want to replace the neck.
  15. Another possibility is that in HD Workbench, there is some amount of Magnetic Pickups being mixed in with the sound for the guitar model on the variax you are using. You should fire up Workbench and verify that this is not happening.
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