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  1. I connect my HX Effects to my amp and mic my amp and record my amp mic'd into my audio interface because my audio interface has two xlr line in's that enables me to record my amp that i'm able to mic with my mic that sits in front of my amp with my mic stand that mic's my amp and play instruments on my amp because amps can be mic'd and that's why you gotta gonna mic my amp? I do diezel!
  2. I found my kit kat. Tight metal indeed.
  3. Sorry i was born in the usa. The lord has blessed the u.s. Are bypass FX in HX Edit active? Because you can add 9 in the row? Yeah i know 9 effects can run simultaneously. EFFECT 1 - NOISE GATE - BYPASSED? > EFFECT 2 - CALI EQ - BYPASSED? > F EFFECT 3 - Footswitch 1 - CHORUS > EFFECT 4 - Footswitch 2 - DIMENSION > EFFECT 5 - Footswitch 3 - Blank > EFFECT 6 - footswitch 4 - Blank > EFFECT 7 - Footswitch 5 - Reverb > EFFECT 8 - Footswitch 6 - Delay > EFFECT 9 - VOLUME? - Blank? No? Help Jimmy out! I'm 5'12. Thank you!
  4. I havn't had enough time to really try. Some of the effects i remember that are included in it's library that i would like to use in the aforementioned preset would be...... NOISE GATE > CALI EQ > BLANK > BLANK > BLANK > BLANK > BLANK> REVERB > PING PONG You've got five empty effects blocks. How many could it take to create this sort of preset, without the idea of four cable method. This idea is using the HX Effects only with a power amp and a cabinet. Two cabinets if you want.
  5. I did guitarmo. Yes commando, i know the difference, but i was expecting windows to be at the top of the list. That;s just what i'm used to. I signed in via helix native, clicked check for updates and the download page without windows being the first choice at the top of the list, i downloaded the mac version of helix native 3.00. I didn't think to scroll down any further for the windows version.
  6. Why dmg not exe or zip upon update?
  7. I have a UX1 and can't say as of now, but... I'm using Helix Native as a VST in Cubase and it sounds fantastic. I ran my Mother-32 through my UX1 and that was sweet. I wanna use my Mother-32 through the UX1 but i'm in a practise and learn more about the guitar this week (learn from vids i downloaded from youtube offline) I really wanna try my old XP desktop with my Mother-32 out of the UX1 and into my Babyface Pro FS but like i said... Practise guitar. I've been playing since 87' but seem to have excelled since 95' with a long break then my dad died in 2012 and recorded a bunch of stuff in 14' and have alot of stuff to mix and master that i know i won't get any help with. I'm gonna make a cd for local folks with pro mastering but it's really expensive. I'm going to try to have 5-6 tracks mastered at $60.00 a song. I could really use a subwoofer with my monitors, though i think i'll only be able to mix reference pre-master worj on an old home theater system. Wish me luck!
  8. Anyone else want a Line 6 Helix Preamp pedal? Or will i have a Helix Stamp? JK I will Stomparoo!
  9. I'm looking forward to trying CBD1on your planet Data Commando with Arnie Schartznegger. Remember when i told you i would kill you last? I lied... Zoooooooodadooziwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Promise keepers keep their promises!
  10. Pro Tools supports AAX which is another format Helix Native supportssssss snakesssssssssss. Helix Rack has a usb out port that enables you to connect Helix Rack to Mac or PC. Helix Floor Control has a USB port that enables you to connect the Helix Floor Control to Mac or PC. The USB port on Helix Floor Control is not meant to connect a cable from the USB port on the Helix Floor Control to The Helix Rack. There is a dedicated port on the Helix Rack that enables you to connect the Helix Rack to the Helix Floor Control. The USB port on the Helix Floor Control enables you to connect a cable from the Helix Floor Control to your Mac or PC controlling Helix Native AAX/VST/AU. James, not Jimmy
  11. Thank you kind person and the only thing i can say is... First Mountan Dew i've had in years. And yeah, marlboro's. Don't want to smoke but it's my choice of smoke. L&M's when i'm cheap. I forgot about Idea scale. BTW... don't even smoke marijuana! If you're in pain try CBD or for many other reasons, seizures CBD is good for. I have Netflix. It's hardcore. I'm easy? You could say just a tad. Thanks again friend! Mountain Dew's wearing off. I need to get some sleep. You made my week rd2rk! Have a great weekend. :P
  12. No matter what i say, you're going to size me up. Let it pass. Unless you want to tell me your actual sex preference and we can make something happen, but you know i know that's not going to happen here. You could be anybody. That's that. Start with the humiliation, or hope for a preamp. Back the the subject, now or later we'll either hve a Line 6 Helix Preamp or i'll change my mind and buy the amp head liking two. Everybody peace. Feelings. Everything's psychological. Have a good time too! Those are the best two emulations for an preamp in my opinion, at least if all you want them for is to practice. Be patient. As for trolling take it however you like. If there's an age restriction here, the elder are criticized? Whichever you believe will be. Or not haha Here's my opinion on "Modeler's". Record your best take's on covers without having to lsiten to without a vocal track, exactly! For you to lsiten to forgetting the lyrics in your own world keeping the melody in your head all day while your busy enjoying life (at least those day's) Or having an infinite amount of tones to "record" songs that you can share with others, on any standardized audio format. While keeping up with current trends saving for a "higher" standard. In whichever part of life you can afford. Unless it is just music. Don't settle for less, hope for the future. edit: if anyone alive needed to read that.
  13. You really would need some if i really was taking anything.
  14. I dea's matter in fact. What we beleive and the way we see things largely determine the type of people we will become and the behavior we will exhibt.
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