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  1. Is this what I bought? Helix Native 1.82 If not... where can I download Helix Native for HX Effects? And or where do I need to go, to register Helix Native for HX Effects once i'm able to download Helix Native for HX Effects, if I can download Helix Native for my HX Effects. I bought HX Effects by Line 6 from an official musical instruments store. Hahalp
  2. If you have a 1/8 female jack on your smartphone. And have a Y splitter cable... 1/8 male to dual male 1/4 TRS... plug the dual TRS into the left and right line in's on your UX2 and plug your guitar into an instrument in. fool with POD Farm 2 til you get sound from your phone and guitar one at a time with each playing audio while trying to hear a signal. hope i helped. :D
  3. Maybe this is similar to what you experienced or not... but, left side sound went out on my ux1 twice within a matter of a couple hours and i had to restart my win10 pc to resolve the issue. then and now i can't record 96k audio in cubase, only 44.1. after 190 songs recorded in 64/96 with my pod studio ux1 and cubase 9.5.50..
  4. I was recording 64/96 in Cubase 9 til yesterday. Why not now? Win 10 drivers.
  5. I just talked to a rep at zzounds and he said because it is a condenser mic (blue microphones spark XLR is what i have) you need phantom power. My question is (if anybody can answer and if i need a new audio interface) how the hell can you use gearbox with an audio interface (say focusrite scarlet) gearbox is loaded with fx it can't be left out. It's too good. I wanna use it as a vst. Tell me! i'll buy it!
  6. vanilla

    POD HD update?

    Done before you typed it out. On my internets is inside out.
  7. vanilla

    POD HD update?

    They can develop it for edit.
  8. vanilla

    POD HD500X

    HD Edit/iPad/I'm young and free and so are line 6 updates.
  9. vanilla

    POD HD update?

    Yeah, where's the global EQ in HD Edit?
  10. Own a 1x12/2x12/half stack/full stack with head? Buy an M13 Want to record like you have a 1x12/2x12/half stack/stack? and have a pa and want to play live with that badass sound and have a ipad with hd edit for your hd processor but cant afford helix. You know! You want to pass the helix up and save for a Kemper because you're young? Do it.
  11. vanilla

    Helix Insight?

    Dear line 6. Why helix? I know this is not the idea website but, how about when you release something new, keep the same ideas and keep improing upon them. For instance, you came out with the first pod, the bean. Then you releeased the pod xt nothing really changed other than you added usb amd what was it model packs? Personally i went from podxt to toneport ux and the model packs were the same, but then i stepped up to the hd500x and if was let down. It's like i thought i was getting more for my dollar same, effects, same amp's, cabs mics.... but what i got was, minus a few amps and plus a couple more effects Hopefully with helix you get the entire family of everything from the past all in one great big package. Bean/podxt/live/hd ya know? Some of us are very very pateint. It's like you jumped the gun with your IDEA website and released something too soon again. I like shopping blindly sometimes in hope thinking i'm really getting something better, but i was dissapointed. I'm trashing my ux1. Can i transfer my ux model packs to my hd. Thats how you should work. End of story.
  12. Good question... When you run the pod into the fx loop you have the amp on the clean channel. But why are you worried about the length of cables?
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