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  1. Ah, ok..I've often wondered how useful having a piezo on a solid body electric would be - however having one on a hollowbody certainly makes more sense.
  2. That's certainly a different approach, look forward to hearing your results - might try building one myself later today? What do you mean by "1 regular mags"?
  3. Good question. The level setting you're seeing and referring to is the default level setting of the IR block which Line 6 designed to load your 3rd party IRs. It is set to -18db no matter which brand or type of IR you select. I assume the other modeling units (Kemper, AxeFX, etc) that provide IR support are set the same?
  4. Interesting, how are you driving the volume for those patches, outboard DI or 'active' guitar preamp?
  5. Definitely. I run my acoustic preset IR mix at about 80% to pass through a bit of string dynamics. I use 3 Sigma Acoustic IRs and I actually have the IR level at about -3db which is driven by K&K Pure Mini under saddle pickups > Gain Block > Studio Mic Pre > IR. I found cranking the Studio Pre up too much can get harsh. After what I've learned this week, I may go back and try retweaking it too..
  6. Thanks and good point. Yep, I have messed with the mix just for grins but am definitely running at 100%
  7. My old M13 had that capability so Line 6 used to provide that feature on their LCD units. It was a nice feature. If you put in an IdeaScale (or find an existing one), post a link, I'll vote for it.
  8. Piddle'n with it this morning, I bypassed the IR and pulled the patch up in volume via mostly the FRFR and a bit on the amp settings. Reengaged the IR, tweaked the block level and found that -16 is actually the flattest setting for the patch. At -17 there is a db cut and at -15 there is a db increase. Too many years of guitars, motorcycles, and jet engines on these ears...Thank you, I think I'm on the right path now.
  9. Interesting, thanks! I agree that keeping the volume the same would be the wisest course but at -18db, the IR doesn't add much value to the amp block nor is there enough sonic detail to discern any real tonal differences while scrolling between IRs. The gains, masters and channel volume levels on the amps I'm messing with (PRS Clean and Cartographer) do have some headroom to play with so I'll go back and crank those up and see how much i can bring the IRs down. Any other input is welcome.
  10. Starting going over a few old patches and thought I'd pull out my IR files and try them again, mostly from Ownhammer. I've had them for years but have been using the stock cabs 100%. Anyway, my question is (couldn't find the answer anywhere when I searched), is that I find setting the IR "level" at 0db is necessary to clearly hear the tonal differences when scrolling through and sampling the IRs. Since the default db on the IR block is -18db, which is a long way from zero, I was curious how most of you set yours? Thx
  11. OMG, that's amazing for an acoustic! Not even using a soundhole cover...how is that not feeding back?
  12. Awesome again!!! Thanks
  13. Easy upgrade, Catalina OS, thanx Line6 Crew!
  14. Looks updated to me (Legacy Drive and Grammatico Cab are there) ~ also the Legacy effects are just listed as Line 6 Originals.
  15. Dittos, always thankful!
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