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  1. Awesome again!!! Thanks
  2. Easy upgrade, Catalina OS, thanx Line6 Crew!
  3. Looks updated to me (Legacy Drive and Grammatico Cab are there) ~ also the Legacy effects are just listed as Line 6 Originals.
  4. Dittos, always thankful!
  5. Did the reset fix the volume issues?
  6. Catalina here, no issues at all with update. Helix Floor.
  7. The Revv Purple is an amazing piece of programming - and I'm not big into heavy overdriven tones - I downloaded Jason Saditte's patch and did my usual tweaks - hard to believe models have come this far - super addicting digital amp!
  8. Easy peazy..best update experience to date! Catalina 10.15.4 ~Thank you ~ Line 6 Team~
  9. I have struggled with this and I think many others have as well. I have a better than decent acoustic guitar patch now that I like on my Floor Helix but it requires using 2 IRs. I found that mixing a Martin D45 sound hole IR and a D45 electric/acoustic IR (both 3 Sigma) works pretty good and my band agrees 100%. The electric/acoustic IR provides the tone mix a jangly treble that just brings it to life, it's the secret sauce but it is mixed sparingly. I run them parallel and add a small amount of simple delay (5-10ms) after the electric/acoustic IR just on it's path. I'll be glad to post the patch so you can look at it and/or play with it using your IRs. I'm not familiar with the Helix Stomp or if you can load it? My acoustic is a Martin D18 using a K&K Pure Mini under saddle pickup.
  10. Wow, great job! Helix Help.com has always been there for us, but I did wonder why that tremendous effort wasn’t presented in a spreadsheet format.
  11. Thanks, I’ll have to play with the Tilt EQ..
  12. Totally agree. My comment was not a debate regarding IRs vs Stock Cabs. I personally love IRs and own a boatload of Ownhammer and 3 Sigma sets and use them daily for various presets. However, my point specifically being that Helix cabs have come a long way and are totally usable now. In this topic, I’m saying, if the OP can’t get a “reasonable” tone using them - I doubt any IR will fix that particular problematic preset’s tone. I.e., there’s an issue elsewhere and I wouldn’t want to give him the expectation that buying xyz IRs will 100% save the day.
  13. Agree. If you can’t spin up a reasonably satisfying tone with the current Helix Cabs, I doubt any IR will save the day.
  14. I’ll definitely try it. Happy New Year!
  15. It’s definitely not the Mission pedal since the Helix acts the same when that’s disconnected. I haven’t contacted Line 6 yet, it’s such a monor issue, especially when playing with my band. Maybe this week.
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