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  1. surfsup1955

    Expression pedal question

    I’m not aware of one. Expression pedal #2 is the Helix default volume pedal - or has been on mine sine I first pulled it out of the box. However, I would assume when you rebuilt your presets they would fall in however your settings dictated pre 2.81?
  2. surfsup1955

    Considering a Helix+Powercab

    It’s a no brainer. Order the Helix and Power Cab from a reputable on-line company. Do this when you can take a few days off and do nothing but sample and test to your heart’s content. Maybe even with your band. Keep all of your boxes and paperwork nice and tidy. If you don’t like it, ship it back and get your refund. Worst case scenario you pay the shipping. If you have (or have access to) a decent powered monitor, you can reduce the possible cost of shipping by just ordering the Helix. It won’t be 100% the same but probably close enough for your purposes. This how I approached the dilemma (that we all face) 3 years ago. I kept the Helix. Also, your chances of joyfully converting are proportional based on venue size and volume requirements.
  3. surfsup1955

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    It can get to be a mess and discouraging as hell. In fact, as much as I love the Helix, the digital quirks have caused me to think of selling it a few times. But for now, after performing any tweaks to my presets via the Editor, especially any Snapshot changes, my last step is to bend over and tap the “save” button twice. I don’t fully trust the USB communication when it comes to “save”.
  4. surfsup1955

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    If you’re still on 2.81, try this: Reboot your Helix (again) holding the footswitches 7&8 Restore your global settings, IRs, presets (again) from 2.81 Editor. BUT DON’T PLAY WITH THEM YET! Using the Helix Floor Unit, not the editor (but still hooked up to the USB), manually scroll through each preset and save every one of them via the hard save button on the machine - it’s fairly quick - as you know just punch twice and move to the next. But then again, I don’t have hundreds of them :] Reboot and let Helix rebuild again. After that you can run the editor as normal. This is the only procedure I have added differing from the installation instructions since Ver 2.71. And for the basically same reason you described. Worth a shot!
  5. surfsup1955

    My first preset in Customtone

    That's good to hear Kent. Yep developed with Teles (Fender & G&L) on this end so that makes sense.. enjoy!
  6. surfsup1955

    My first preset in Customtone

    here 'tis ---> CLEAN X 2 So after 3 years of ownership, I have decided to upload a tone. Only because I felt it might stand out in the segment of "clean tones". I would be interested to know how this preset works for other guitarists in various equipment configurations. Thx for looking and hopefully trying!
  7. surfsup1955

    HX Stomp acoustic modeling

    If you’re mic’n the sound hole that could be true. However using my D18 pickup (K&K Pure Mini), “realistically” and “true to form” is not even close on the Floor Helix, unless you’re running good IRs.. Line 6 could provide the same results with a few good acoustic cabs.
  8. surfsup1955

    HX Stomp acoustic modeling

    I had also requested this before. And as mentioned above, was advised by Line 6 to use the Helix studio preamp, parametric EQ along with acoustic IRs, add spacial and time-based FXs as needed. Actually good advice as they sound really good. I chose 3 Sigma Martin IRs since I play a D18, very nice.. However, I still feel that Line 6 should develop a few of their own acoustic Cabs. With the already available mics in Helix, I feel sure we could build some incredible acoustic presets.
  9. surfsup1955

    With the new QWERTY stuff does this mean...

    This all looks interesting. I did notice the little QWERTY box show up during the 2.8 upgrade (Mac OS) but it appeared to be a warning box of some sort? I assumed the warning was connected to the expected boot error thingy on the Helix screen so I just kept going.. Anyway, I will await a YouTube video or forum discussion on how to use the QWERTY features in Logic X. If anyone knows of such a lesson/discussion please provide a link, thx!
  10. surfsup1955

    I’ve figured out the random volume loss on presets

    Referring to your statement re volume movement; is the ‘volume slider’ visibly moving back and forth inside the LA Comp settings? Just curious. I’ve been using Jason’s method for a long time as well and this hasn’t occurred in my Helix yet but I've only been on 2.8 a few days, I’ll keep a listen out for it. You’d think if this is systemic in 2.8, Jason would definitely be infected with this “bug” - so far no mention in any of his 2.8 videos that I’ve watched. Thx, keep up the good work and keep us posted!
  11. surfsup1955

    Number of factory presets and templates in 2.8?

    Well, yea. Not to point out the obvious, but the update instructions were pretty clear about that already. I just assumed OP read those?
  12. surfsup1955

    2.8 good thoughts collection thread.

    1st, thanks to the OP, good on you for adding this thread. Just upgraded mine, install went smooth as could be. Haven’t played with it much except to check a few of my presets to make sure it all worked and it did. I really think they sound better (but not going there now)?!?! I like the visible tempo on the scribble strip a lot! UNDO and REDO in Helix Edit - - - Yay!!!!
  13. surfsup1955

    Number of factory presets and templates in 2.8?

    That’s not necessary, you can reload them at anytime. On the Helix floor model just reboot holding Footswitches 7&8.
  14. click this for OSX version of the updater...
  15. surfsup1955

    QSC CP8 or similar (input gain) question

    That’d be me :) The only gear I’ve owned that resembles “live sound” equipment would be my acoustic amps (SWR and Fishman), both of which, as I recall, their owners manuals err’d on the opposite side of that “spectrum” and provided novice guidance for proper gain control settings. I appreciate the additional info and clarification - keeping the CP8 at unity and using the Helix master volume will be a much simpler setup. Which is what I plan to keep doing. Thx again!