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  1. Going on 6 years with the Helix Floor and if it died tomorrow, I’d probably get the Stomp and streamline my presets accordingly. My son has the Stomp, I helped him set it up and have used it a few times, love it.
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it won't happen before July 2021..
  3. That’s clever, did not know that! Thanks
  4. Looks like you can get it right now for $99.. Memorial Day (lingering) sale?
  5. surfsup1955

    Big Sur

    I get it. I’ve been 100% Mac OS and iOS for a long time and have been a Helix owner since their first machines (2015/16?) and this is the first long term OS incompatibility issue that I’ve seen. Also, Line 6 was not the only company in the same boat. Hopefully it was just a one off and due to the magnitude of Big Sur?
  6. Where did you buy it? If it was Sweetwater, and you've had it less than 30 days, tell them you want to return it. Your Line 6 support scenario doesn't sound typical to me?
  7. surfsup1955


    To my ears, especially in the mix, I can easily miss the mark on perfect tone. So as a Helix owner/tweaker for almost 5 years I can't tell much difference in the Helix and tube/analog gear (have sold off most of my amps and analog pedals as a result). I'd be interested in seeing if you or anyone here can get (guess) Jason's setup correctly: Jason's tone test.. If anyone takes the test please paste your response here before the deadline. Thanks..
  8. Created a Sound Cloud account, hopefully you can listen to these short files: Acoustic Natural Acoustic Strumming Acoustic Ambient
  9. Try sweeping a high Q (narrow) reduction between 750-850 hz.. I set the parametric EQ as my first fx block to get the best sound possible from my dry line in tone (guitar and pickup only), then I switch on the IRs. I prefer 2 IRs in parallel, one with more bass and one with more mid/highs), then I use the IR block level settings to mix the tone. I add the wet stuff last. Works for me.
  10. I would like to share some of my acoustic preset samples but even the short wav files are a few MBs and too large to post here..
  11. Hey surfsup, thanks for this, what IR are you using ?

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    2. gerryCol


      Another question. This is something I sent to line 6 support. when I plug my usb into my computer to use HX edit. The ground loop/hum is tremendously loud. 

      I literally have my master output at the end of my blocl maxxed out just to compensate for it. And it's almost even.

      I have used 2 different computers

      Various usb cable

      Various outlets

      Ground lifts,

      Nothing works


      Any ideas?

    3. gerryCol


      Just set up my K&K Trinity. Wow big improvement from the PIEZO no doubt!!! The pure mini pickup is sooooo much better than the Piezo by itself. The mic is just an added bonus. I would be satisfied with the pure mini on its own.

    4. surfsup1955


      Hey Gerry,


      Sorry I did not see these posts, you should probably use the forum to communicate because I am not notified of these direct posts to my profile until I visit the forum.  However I am notified (as is everyone else) when you respond to a forum thread discussion.


      Regarding your USB issue, I am not sure I even understand what is happening per your description.  Have you started a thread on the forum? 


      Glad you're liking the K&K system, the 'mini' is the best acoustic pickup in my opinion.  Piezo pickups aren't even in the same league.

  12. Did you intend for this post to go somewhere else? I'm only asking because it has zero to do with this thread.
  13. Gerry, I trimmed the preset to load up on HX Stomp (ver 3.0 or higher) and it's up on CustomTone: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/5257476/ CustomTone comments: IR used is 3 Sigma Mart 45 Soundhole 1b. Guitar is a Martin D18 with a K&K Pure Mini pickup. Typically tuned to Eb w/light gauge bronze strings using a medium pick. Preset contains 3 snapshots EQ'd differently using the new Acoustic Sim on side chain. Only 7 fx blocks, HX Stomp compatible. Requires HX 3.0 or higher.
  14. Thanks, I didn't know that. This means my son and I can swap presets, awesome! However, my preset in this discussion is using both paths.
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