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  1. Thanx! I picked up the PreSonus this eve. I'll get a chance to try it out this Thurs..then hopefully for rehearsal on Sat.
  2. I'm thinking of adding a tube preamp to my Helix Rack rig myself. A friend of mine uses an ART (not sure which model) and it really warms up his bass rig. I've been looking at a used PreSonus TubePre. Gonna give it try and see how I like it. I see talk about putting it on a loop. What other configurations are there? Pros? Cons? Thanx everybody´╗┐!
  3. Hmmm..interesting! I would love to see Line 6 port HX Edit for us Linux users. I am currently dual booting Kubuntu 18.10/Windows 10 just to use HX edit. I would love to run Kubuntu exclusivelly though.
  4. Absolutely my feelings exactly. I purchased the extended warranty option with Sam ash as well...so I can return it for a brand new unit. I have three shows this weekend and after that I will exchange it. I appreciate everyone's advice!
  5. So...my brand new Helix Rack connected long enough to my Mac so I could update the firmware. But, it doesn't stay connected for long when in HX Edit. I have tried it on all three of my Macs..one running Lion, one running Mavericks and the other running Sierra.They all connect at first and then disconnect with no success on subsequent attempts.I swapped out USB cables and still the same issue. after what I just sent on the Rack, I don't want to, nor should I have to, go out and buy a crummy windows machine just to use EX Edit. Line 6 really needs to address this issue. Most musicians use Macs for their every day production apps like Logic and ProTools without any issues. At least I was able to stay connected long enough to update my firmware.
  6. Hello all, I recently received my new Helix Rack and Control and have been having issues with it losing connectivity with my Mac. So...my Helix Rack connected long enough to my Mac so I could update the firmware. But, it doesn't stay connected for long when in HX Edit. I have tried it on all three of my Macs..one running Lion, one running Mavericks and the other running Sierra. What are the known issues with the Mac, if any? I've swapped out USB cables and still have the same issue.
  7. Just got a text..my Helix is awaiting me at Sam ash........
  8. Helix Rack, Control, and Galaxy Pedal are on their way! Woohoo!
  9. I'm certainly excited and I'm sure I will visit the forums often for advice!!
  10. Well..I am ordering my Helix Rack+Controller+Galaxy Pedal next Fri and having it shipped to my home. My friend said I am more than welcomed to come by his place to get a quick "how to". A refresher in basic path theory wouldn't hurt either!
  11. Update Well I spent the better part of this morning at my friend's house where he let me experiment with his Helix LT and Helix Rack+Controller. After a few minutes of just mucking about with rudimentary settings I was able to dial in a nice stereo scenario on my Stick. Man..it was clean when it needed to be and grindy when it should be! I was impressed with the sounds but blown away by the ease of use. Within a couple of minutes I was up and running and enjoying just playing. We then moved on to a bass setup. Dialed in a dual signal path with a clean and a dirty signal. He had a damn close Pierce Preamp sound going and a nice clean signal with plenty of low end boom and growl. And lollipop...that unit is so damned responsive! I mean..I have heard a lot about the unit's ability to recreate not only the sound but also the feel and response to articulation in one's playing style. Even at a low volume the particular setting we had dialed in sounded amazing. I was coxing sounds and manipulating tones out of my Sire V7 that I have been chasing for years. I fell into a 30 minute jam just enjoying the variety of setting my friend was running through while I just let loose. So much to express...so much to convey. I know..sounds like I had a spiritual experience..well...maybe I did. To me music is as spiritual as it is organic. So..I am leaning towards the Rack+Controller+Exp Pedal.
  12. Awesome! Thanx for all the replies folks! I didn't know about the trial download. I will def check that out. I am very excited about trying out the gear this Thursday and will def post my experiences here. Now..I need to convince my guitarist about this..he is really not into the idea at all. :)
  13. Howdy all! 1st off I am a newbie..really newbie as I don't own a Helix..yet. I am a bassist and Stickist..I own a 10 string Stick and an NS Stick. I am pure analog at the moment. Instrument>effects board>pre-amp>amp>speaker. I had a situation a few weeks ago on stage that lead me here..to Helix..by way of recommendation. My Carvin MB12 w/ ext cab blew up on me during our set (last song, luckily) and I have gone back to using my old rig which consists of a Behringer Bass V Amp Pro and a Crown 2000 Watt amp in a rack pushing a Behringer 4x10 cab (damn thing weighs 90lbs by itself!) and my effects board which is a HoleyBoard Wide loaded with a Bass Whammy,Tech 21 VT Bass,Tech 21 Boost Chorus,Electro-Harmonix Big Bass Muff,Donner Mini Looper, Donner vol/wah, and Donner Multi delay/chorus/dist. I sometimes use the Behringer FCB 1010 along with my HoleyBoard. That's a lot of gear to lug around...heavy gear. My Carvin is gonna cost a bit to fix since Carvin is no longer making that amp (actually I think Carvin is out of business?) and a rebuild of the power section would be necessary to get it running. I'd rather turn it into a stand alone cab. A friend/bassist introduced me to the Helix. He uses just the LT and IEM..that's it. He was a die hard analog guy and he knew what I was gonna say.."But dude..no amp onstage? No air being pushed up against your back reassuring you? Total reliability on the monitor system?". Not having an amp onstage to me seems a bit scary. Maybe in the future..after my back gives out from hauling around that damned 90 lb cab. After he demonstrated the Helix's routing options, ease of use (I'm MIDIphobic...so the Helix's simple UI is a huge plus for me) and modelling software, I started to rethink my rig. So I'm off to his house this week for a full on demo, Stick and bass in hand. My budget, fortunately, can accommodate either the Floor, the LT, or the Rack+Control+Expression Pedal. And I found out that my blown Carvin Micro can be converted to a stand alone cab for next to nothing and since I also have the ext cab for a little extra Umph! I won't have to lug around that 90 lb cab. Anyway...what I am wanting to do is the following: Scenario 1: With a bass. 1 mono signal to the Helix from my bass, then split and processed as 2 signals, one clean with efx and one dirty with efx, mixed internally, then sent out as one signal to my amp/monitor/house, what have you. In the future would like two outs but let's keep it simple for now. Scenario 2: With my Chapman Stick. Same as Scenario 1 but running two signals into the Helix from my Stick or NS Stick (stereo instruments), one input for the Bass side and one for the Melody, and processing each signal separate. I currently am only playing bass with my band as adding the Stick would require a second amp and a second set of stomp boxes to get the full benefit of the split stereo pickups. When I do play the Stick I run it into a small mixer and then to my Holeyboard which gives me the ability to mix the signal levels but not process them separate with their own efx unless I bring more pedals, cables, amps, etc. Nope..I'm trying to scale down my rig as it is. Any input and advice would be greatly welcomed and appreciated!
  14. New to the forums. Looking into the Helix!

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