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  1. Hi You more than likely have a faulty unit, get it repaired replaced under warranty . After going round the hours with everything else it was the unit that was at fault. They produced a bunch that were faulty ( USB Rack Units ). return the unit. It will and should be repaired for free, no charge. There is nothing wrong with your Mac Trust me I know, I have the t-shirt and read the book etc.
  2. That would be about right. iMac is back and USB board replaced and quests what it doesn't work. Even with the latest driver update advice from line 6 with regards to High Sierra not allowing the drivers to work. You have to ask the security private setting to allow it. Did this and it still didn't work. Would love to test a Helix board to see if that worked compared to the rack unit.
  3. Is a late 2015 27"5k worth spending a little effort on. The 2011 MBP was a test with regards to different work arounds. Will see what happens when the iMac returns from a service.
  4. Update for all iMac been sent off to check etc. Biggest news my old 2011 MBP which so far has failed to even remotely accept any Helix software is now working with helix rack. The cure was to load the oldest update manager I could fine 1.07 ( uninstall the 1.1 first )plus Helix version 1.02 on top of the latest Helix version 2.21.0 and it worked. Haven't rebooted yet so it could fail again. But will try that on the iMac when it returns.
  5. Hi Having tried an early 2015 MacBook Pro with no issues. I rolled my iMac back to Yosemite 2015 and the Helix should up in the audio on system preferences. Having spent 1.5 hours with Apple tech to create a new admin account. The Helix then did not show up again. I then reverted back to Sierra and still nothing. Then it worked! Editor, updater etc. Rebooted iMac to make sure then nothing again. Has to be an Apple issue.
  6. Right all. Any help please. installed the software/ updater/ registration on the MacBook Pro early 2015. No issues. Only difference I can see is the Host Controller Drivers are different series letter codes ( USB 3 ) Tried again on my iMac , nothing. Is this a case of tacking it to an Apple tech and like fix it yesterday. Only used for emails, cubase, etc. No illegal downloads or dodge sites. So can't understand why its failed.
  7. Hi Yes. It worked to start off with. Restart etc with Mac. Then once I switched the unit off the Mac failed to regonise it. Plus I then had to switch ports on the powered hub to get it to work, then nothing. None of the ports worked.
  8. Yes. The latest response from Line 6, Below. Going to try another Mac Book Pro. See what happens. Then push for a return or refund of rack unit. As software doesn't work and can't use it for an audio interface either. Hi, It seems that there is either a incompatibilty (but then we would have more requests with similar Macs) or a hardware problem of the Mac USB or another component of it (memory etc) are there any other audio interfaces you have which work ? But i think this also needs to be checked by an Apple repair/hardware support center
  9. Well reverted back to Windows PC with 7 home. No issues. All owners should get native free, for all the hassle with the software/ USB 2/3 lollipope. But then again it wouldnt work for me. Sounds like a plan Line 6?
  10. Still the same audio interface still not recognised. So no Helix native either. Even partitioned my iMac with windows 10. Still the same.
  11. Update 2 Forget that, switched off the USB powered Hub and it failed to recognise the Helix when switched back on.Another point to note I then had to change ports on the hub for it to work again?
  12. Update Purchased an Advent 7 USB HUB powered. All works fine now. Switch on ,switch off. Fingers crossed no issues to the unit short or long term.
  13. HI Today the for the first time Helix has frozen on me in mid boot up ( switching on ). All I did was switch it off and on again to see if it was the usb connection on the unit being loose.
  14. Line 6 asked me to disconnect everything from the Mac. Interestingly with only the Helix connected, I have to have bluetooth for keyboard mouse. I left the unit on and restarted the Mac and it found it straight away. When the Mac was switched off with Helix on and then the Mac switched on it couldn’t find it.
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