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  1. Yes...thank you. I actually am looking to go with the behringer
  2. I want the option to record my band as we have a decent rehearsal space to do so. The Behringer X Touch along with the Behringer U-UPHORIA interface would give me all the I/Os I would need. Not really having any experience with gear such as this so please correct me if I am wrong, but having the touch sensitive mech faders, such as the Behringer X Touch or the Presonus Faderport, would give me automation in/out feedback from my DAW, correct? Without the mech faders, seems I would be zeroing the faders to match my DAW all the time as passive faders only serve as input. Using the mouse for this gets tedious for me. I like that all hands on deck feel, more integrated, natural, without having to go between my controller and DAW to make adjustments in situations where I would employ multiple faders simultaneously as I mix. Picking a fader via mouse one at a time just seems counterproductive. Maybe I'm going backwards, but to me using a DAW without a controller is like driving a car using a touch screen only. I'm just not a whiz at keyboard and mouse shortcuts for any application. I'd like to have the option of both. Maybe I'm overthinking this way too much! That's why I posted this. I want to make sure I get info from experienced people so I can make the best decision in getting what I need and want. I have also looked at the Keith McMillan K-Mix. It's an interface (8x10 I/O), DAW controller, and standalone mixer. This really looks's just kinda traditional faders. It has what looks like silicone (?) touch tactile strips, knobs, and buttons. Sorta like a 3 dimensional touch screen. It's interesting to be sure, and seems to be able to do everything I need it to do. I can use it on live gigs as well to mix my Stick/basses/flutes onstage into my rig. Added plus. I appreciate your reply!
  3. Hello everyone! I have what may be considered a newbie recording questions so please bear with me. I am looking to expand my home studio. Currently I am running Waveform 11 on a MacBook Pro using a Behringer XENEX X1204USB mixer as my audio interface. I route my Mac's audio out to the XENEX which is connected to a QSC power amp pushing a pair of JBL Control 28s. The XENEX only gives me 2 in and 2 out for recording. What I am wanting to do is get a nice DAW controller with interface capabilities (at least 12 ch in), and (not a deal breaker but would be very, very nice) mechanized faders for total control during mix-down, or a combination of gear that would do the same. For an all in one scenario I have looked at the Behringer X32 which is a 40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console with 32 Programmable Midas Preamps, 25 Motorized Faders, Channel LCD's, 32-Channel Audio Interface, DAW controller, and iPad/iPhone* Remote Control. It's way more than I need and the price is a bit much for what I want to spend. It does look super nice though. Other devices I've looked at (and more realistically what I can afford): Zoom (R16, and R24), Tascam (M12 and M16). All have at least 12 inputs and the added ability of recording to an SD. No motorized faders. Decent price. For more of a modular set-up, I have considered getting a rack mount USB interface (like the Behringer ADA8200) and DAW controller (like the Behringer X Touch), and continue using the XENEX mixer as my audio out. So I guess I am looking for input here on what you guys see as being the best scenario. Thanx everyone!!!! Juan
  4. Hello all! I have a Helix Rack + Control + Mission Pedal. I love the tones I am getting..the versatility is next to none. I am an NS Stickist and a bassist. A good friend of mine runes his Helix Floor along with a tube preamp for a little extra warmth and grit, when needed. Anyone else running something similar? It's something I am considering. I love the 90's era BK Butler/All Tube BlueTube and BlueTube II Preamps..they sounded amazing...just the right amount of color from the tubes and the para EQ was smooth and sweet. They were a no fluff preamp that exhibited low distortion output but warm enough to sweeten/fatten your sound. I know Presonus makes a BlueTube 2 ch mic.instrument preamp, but I am not familiar with their version. Open to suggestions!
  5. Helix Rack + Control + Mission Pedal..two years later.... It's been almost two years ago that I attained my Helix rig..and I have never been happier. Live, I am currently running the following scenario: In a Gator Roto Rack Helix Rack QSC Poweramp (1000 wt) Juice Goose Power Conditioner Mark Bass 4x10 Classic Helix Control Mission Exp Pedal Custom cables by Gary Tompkins MacBook Pro 17" for editing NS Stick®, Sire V7, Dean RH12 (12 string bass) I've dialed in a few presets that work well for me for each one of my instruments. My NS Stick uses a 2 ch preset where I can dial in some distortion when needed and some nice chorus and delay for clean tapping. The NS Stick is an 8 stringed instrument that is multi-modal. It employs the ease of switching between two-handed tapping to more conventional playing techniques. For my Sire V7 I use a preset that emulates the Tech 21 GED2112 preamp. That setting is called GED2112 (yeah..real creative, right?). For my 12 string bass I have another dual signal path preset (named dIgdUg 12ver) that is my version of dug Pinnick's live setup where he uses a bass and guitar amp on his basses. Lately he has been using a Tech 21 DUG Ultrabass 1000 Preamp that does the work internally and uses a single out so there's no need for two physical amps. I've uploaded both these presets to the Custom Tone page. I love having the ability to tweak my settings on my MacBook Pro, use my Helix Rack with my DAW for recording, save and backup all my settings. In the past I carried a ton of pedals, cables, sheets of paper with all my settings...too much stuff. Now it's so compact. And my fellow bassist friends LOVE the tones I am getting, especially on my Sire and NS Stick.
  6. I'm also running Kubuntu 20.04. I have yet to try and use my Helix with it though. How consistently are you getting it to work and does it stay connected? Thanx! Juan
  7. Hello all.. I just uploaded a preset that I have been using with my Dean Rhapsody 12 string bass. It's called dIg dUg 12ver and it's on the Line 6 Custom Tone Page now. It's inspired by Dug Pinnick of King's X. In 2014 I was fortunate enough to play on the 2014 Progressive Nation at Sea Festival where I met Dug and was able to pick his brain on how he gets that tremendous bass tone..crunchy with no lose of bass at all (check out Pretend from the Dogman album and also the intro to Out of the Silent Planet from Gretchen Goes to Nebraska) . I asked him if he used a crossover of some kind..he responded with "Nope, two's the only way! A bass amp running clean with the bass up, and a guitar amp running dirty with the bass out and highs cranked all the way... absolutely no bass or it gets muddy!" He then told me that someone was working on a preamp for him that did all this without the need for two amps..he wasn't able to discuss exactly who or when (of course this ended up being the Tech 21 Dug Ultrabass 1000 preamp). When I got my Helix Rack I figured I'd try out a similar setup to his 2 amp method. A detailed description can be found on the download page. If you wanna hear how it sounds you can hear it at Internet Archive. I recorded it direct from my Helix Rack into my MacBook Pro using Waveform 11 as my DAW, and my Dean Rhapsody 12 string strung up with custom gauge stainless steel SIT Rock Brights. The other preset I've uploaded is called Ged2112 and is my version of the Tech 21 GED2112 preamp. I use it with my Sire V7 w maple neck. Pretty straight forward, nuthn' too fancy. Just my approximation of Geddy Lee's tone. Somewhere between Moving Pictures and Clockwork Angels. Sorry, no sound bytes. Please comment if ya download!
  8. Thanx! I picked up the PreSonus this eve. I'll get a chance to try it out this Thurs..then hopefully for rehearsal on Sat.
  9. I'm thinking of adding a tube preamp to my Helix Rack rig myself. A friend of mine uses an ART (not sure which model) and it really warms up his bass rig. I've been looking at a used PreSonus TubePre. Gonna give it try and see how I like it. I see talk about putting it on a loop. What other configurations are there? Pros? Cons? Thanx everybody!
  10. Hmmm..interesting! I would love to see Line 6 port HX Edit for us Linux users. I am currently dual booting Kubuntu 18.10/Windows 10 just to use HX edit. I would love to run Kubuntu exclusivelly though.
  11. Absolutely my feelings exactly. I purchased the extended warranty option with Sam ash as I can return it for a brand new unit. I have three shows this weekend and after that I will exchange it. I appreciate everyone's advice!
  12. brand new Helix Rack connected long enough to my Mac so I could update the firmware. But, it doesn't stay connected for long when in HX Edit. I have tried it on all three of my running Lion, one running Mavericks and the other running Sierra.They all connect at first and then disconnect with no success on subsequent attempts.I swapped out USB cables and still the same issue. after what I just sent on the Rack, I don't want to, nor should I have to, go out and buy a crummy windows machine just to use EX Edit. Line 6 really needs to address this issue. Most musicians use Macs for their every day production apps like Logic and ProTools without any issues. At least I was able to stay connected long enough to update my firmware.
  13. Hello all, I recently received my new Helix Rack and Control and have been having issues with it losing connectivity with my Mac. Helix Rack connected long enough to my Mac so I could update the firmware. But, it doesn't stay connected for long when in HX Edit. I have tried it on all three of my running Lion, one running Mavericks and the other running Sierra. What are the known issues with the Mac, if any? I've swapped out USB cables and still have the same issue.
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