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    Helix lockup

    I think in the 3 years I’ve owned my floor Helix, it’s required a reboot 4 or 5 times due to freezing. It’s concerning for sure - but immensely easier and quicker than swapping out an amp (or tubes). Also, as far as I recall, in each instance when the Helix froze it was still playable in the preset and snapshot where it stopped responding. There might be an incident report where the Helix has totally died in a performance but I’ve never read/heard of one?
  2. surfsup1955

    Does anyone get static in their clean tones?

    I get an annoying noise/digital artifact only when my iMac is running and I’m using single coils. It doesn’t show up in the recorded tracks (via USB) or when playing just the Helix (floor) via my FRFR or amp. Not much help, but you’re not alone..
  3. surfsup1955

    Helix editor on iPad!???

    Count me in, I ready to hook up to my iOS devices! My 27” iMac creates weird noises/artifacts when playing single coils - which goes away when I put it to sleep or turn it off. I feel sure the iPad wouldn’t do the same..
  4. surfsup1955

    Little River Band: Both Guitarists Use Helix Floors, No Silly Amps

    Great band for sure. We’ve been wanting to catch a concert this year, think I’ll see if they’re coming anywhere near us..
  5. surfsup1955

    my Helix - my pedal board

    So after a couple of weeks going down this road, this has kinda morphed into a “mono thing” for me. In addition to building a few nice pedal board patches (mono of course) for my tube amp, I also started rebuilding some of my old stereo patches (Helix amps/cabs) into mono patches and I have to say, in most cases, I’m not real sure why I didn’t do this sooner. I mean, stereo is cool and all but the mono builds seem much more usable whether in the mix or out. And even though the Helix will sum stereo patches to mono when using L output, the patches sound so much better when built specifically for mono. No end to the fun...
  6. surfsup1955

    my Helix - my pedal board

    Something I haven’t really spent much time doing - I did today. Starting with my morning coffee and ending up with my afternoon beers, I played the Helix through my lone surviving tube amp (having sold everything else this year). Guitar > Helix > Amp, and 2 nice cables. Man what fun! I don’t think I was ever concerned or aware if the Helix (as a unit) is true bypass - but it sure seems to be - or very darn close. So now I have some nice new “pedal board patches” for my old school buddies that still want an amp in the room. No big thing, it just started out with me plugging my Tele straight into my old MusicMan and it evolved from there.
  7. surfsup1955

    IR length discussion

    Even in the real world of guitarists and musicians (in general) only a small amount even know what an IR is. But it’s growing.
  8. surfsup1955

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    I bet his guitar tech and sound techs are very happy campers! Mic’ing amps, percussion, vocals, etc is a nightmare..
  9. surfsup1955

    Helix Tuner Feature

    Yes, I have. As far as I’m concerned, the strobe is just an alternate visual representation of the existing course and fine tuner. I haven’t found it to be any more accurate but I have found it to be as inconsistent and buggy as the other two. Useless for me. But I’m glad it’s working great for you.
  10. surfsup1955

    Helix Tuner Feature

    Hey L6 could you make a legacy tuner option in the Helix, ... say from from your M series gear? The simple tuner in my M13 worked perfectly fine!
  11. surfsup1955

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix looper bug!!!

    Yea no issue here either, in fact I usually set my loops playback and overdubs minus a half to a full db.. even then at times the playback is too loud for a lead part.
  12. surfsup1955

    Helix overheat - is it unreliable now?

    Hmmm, not that I’d keep one running in the sun for long, but regardless, a cheap PC fan might be a nice and easy mod for these units? I’d definitely ask L6 support - but it’s probably fine after shutdown and reboot.
  13. surfsup1955

    Changing input Ohm settings using Snapshots (Guitar In-Z)?

    Ah, ok. No need to submit a bug report then. Thanks again.
  14. Helix clearly has the ability to assign Guitar In-Z as a parameter within Snapshots but it won't actually support assigning various Ohm values to different Snapshots. It only allows for the same Ohm value across all 8 Snapshots - or at least on the unit I own. Was just curious if this is even do-able?
  15. surfsup1955

    Changing input Ohm settings using Snapshots (Guitar In-Z)?

    Appreciate it Phil. I've been using snapshots since they were introduced and once I got wrapped around the concept, I basically haven't had any issues assigning parameters and their values - and yes, doing it just as you described above! I love snapshots and depend on 'em in a big way! Your reply caused me to dive in a bit more. It appears I actually can assign them via the knobs on my floor unit (something I never do) but not via my Helix Editor. I'm running version 2.71 on the editor and 2.71 on the machine, which I believe are up to date. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, would you verify if you're able to tweak a few snapshots with various Ohm assignments via your editor and verify if they feed to your machine? Thx!
  16. surfsup1955

    Changing input Ohm settings using Snapshots (Guitar In-Z)?

    Going once... Going twice???
  17. surfsup1955

    Are any artists ACTUALLY using the Helix?

    Tight 4 man band. Shull's Helix tones were really great! Speaks well of the Power Cab's abilities. Definitely will check out some of his presets. Guthrie's vocals are killer classic blues/rock and I thought it interesting the drummer also said he is using a Helix, assume to mic various parts of his kit (or was he BS'ing)?!?
  18. surfsup1955

    Stay safe

    Living with hurricanes here on the east coast is bad enough, but watching videos of the fires over there reveals some damn scary scenarios. Stay safe and we’ll be hoping and praying for the best possible outcome for all of you!
  19. surfsup1955

    How do I dial in a good Headphone Sound?

    Try a headphone amp between your Helix and your headphones. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, could be you just need a bit more clean headroom (umph) than the Helix headphone out will drive. Worked for me and my 20+ year old Sony MD7506s.
  20. surfsup1955

    I miss the M9s Global Noise Gate in HX Effects

    opps, my response deleted, not relevant to the HXE..
  21. surfsup1955

    Doe Helix have built in a level meter?

    Wow, would really like to see a picture of that guitar..
  22. surfsup1955

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    Yep. Same here..
  23. surfsup1955

    2.60 how's it going??

    Operator error. I thought the updater was supposed to download it all. Following the "clearly" written and "simple" instructions works much better... Thanks!
  24. surfsup1955

    2.60 how's it going??

    that's what (I thought) I did? I'll do it again...
  25. surfsup1955

    2.60 how's it going??

    I can only load the 1 Switch Looper from the hardware knobs via my Helix (now ver 2.60) - it is nowhere to be found in my Helix Editor (showing Ver 2.52). Weirder than that, once I load it to a preset, it doesn't show up in my Helix Editor in my signal path, but it clearly shows up on my Helix signal path. Bug?