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  1. Not sure but I still do it. Doesn’t take that long. Then after that I still do the 10 & 11 to rewrite all the patches via the new update. Again, only takes a few minutes. Then I reinstall my backup.
  2. You say you basically played acoustic for 8 years, do you have a decent acoustic amp? I only ask, because I was in sorta the same boat when I bought my Helix 2 years ago. Was basically just running it via my DAW monitor system and looking for an FRFR solution. Then it dawned on me that my Fishman Loudbox Performer was also a very VERY nice 180w line level PA system when hooked up from the back, bypassing the preamp. I can run it stereo in as well. I’m no longer in the market for an FRFR.
  3. I’m using the same two Line 6 MIssion Engineering pedals I used for years with my Line 6 M13. No problems at all with those.
  4. Wow, that’s impressive as can be!
  5. Oh cool. Would’ve never thought of that... thx!
  6. Yepper! ONCE I CLOSED HX EDITOR, it worked like a charm.
  7. either way, keep us posted...
  8. Hey and welcome.. Not a metal player here, but I was in the same boat 2 years ago. I.e., I dropped $1.5k on the Helix not sure if it would meet my expectations - pretty much as did everyone else on this forum. My only advice is: If you can't get what you want out of it - send it back and get your refund. I play classic rock, blues, etc on both solid bodies and acoustic. After 2 years I now have 8 presets with multiple snapshots on each one to cover everything I do. My only problem with the Helix at this point is: I have 2 tube amps, 1 nice modeling amp, and shelves full of analog and digital pedals not being used. Bottom line is: if you bought the Helix from a reputable retailer, you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy the tweaking.
  9. Yep it do. Just getting back from a trip a few days ago and basically updated the Helix via the Helix Updater Tool (Mac user here). 2.50 Helix, 2.51 Editor, and all of my old settings seemed to load up in one step after executing the file that the Updater Tool found for me. Then I realized that I needed to do the FS 9 + 10 to get the Factory presets for 2.50. Of course, after that I had to rebuild my Globals, Presets, and IRs using the Editor. I decided to reboot with FS 10 + 11 after all that to ensure my presets were updated to 2.50. Not sure it was necessary? But did it anyway. Not complaining at all. But did Line 6 provide step by step guidance (as they always did previously) for the slicker/ gazillion times better update procedure? I couldn't find anything?
  10. OK, after a week or so of tweaking this routing, I agree, this works really well. As typical, I use two 3 Sigma IRs in parallel which covers some specific high and low freq mic types and settings. Pretty sweet direct acoustic sounds. So Line 6 should build and add a few acoustic cabs - then using this routing config - they could easily provide a set of seriously nice acoustic presets built in and ready to go in the Helix. Thanks again Mr. Hamm
  11. OK, will set that up and see how it does. Pretty much those device settings are close to mine +/- here and there. However, running the IR into the pre amp might make the difference.. thx
  12. Is that preset posted anywhere? Would like to check it out. I own plenty of 3Sigma acoustic IRs. I’ve tried the Studio Tube Pre from every direction, IRs, EQs, etc. That pre amp model is a bit harsh for my ears. Definitely up for some high end reverbs.. Thx!
  13. Any possibility that acoustic guitar amps would get consideration?
  14. You had mentioned per your link, further in your methods, where you culled out user presets based on how they sounded to you. And that of course, being how they sounded using your gear. I have faith that many of those presets were totally righteous in their owners environment. I was a functional developer for industrial chemical tracking systems. Narrowing down to the needs for hundreds of large facilities with thousands of users is not easy. Keep up the good work, I look fwd to keeping up with this thread.
  15. Great effort regarding an interesting idea. It might even be possible that your batch of SOASs, would be as close as it gets to delivering starting points that would deliver the narrowest range (tonally) of user acceptability/like ability. Overcoming the massive variations in outboard equipment being used out there in the Helix universe is impossible to get your arms around, as you know, but again, your SOAS process should tighten that variable significantly. Your 2nd post, wow. Congrats!
  16. Spent all morning yesterday with the Derailed Ingrid, that alone is worth the upgrade. Gonna start spending time with the Cartographer and EP stuff today.
  17. So after a nice long Holiday with family, I'm back to the Helix 2.30 and I discover the unit version 2.30 factory presets we're overwritten by my backup - all of which is covered in this thread: http://line6.com/support/topic/30531-cautions-about-230s-new-full-backup-feature/ So I won't go over any of it again. Just putting it here because there's several threads regarding 2.30 now.
  18. As others mentioned, that's how we used to do it, but the new Updater supposedly doesn't require this step. So, YES, I skipped it based on following the new procedure. At STEP 3, I don't think that the Helix Updater ever deleted my global settings, IRs or presets? After I had to manually reboot it out of a frozen state, Helix just rebuilt the factory presets to 2.30. However, everything seemed to work fine. After some thought, to be safe I did go back and perform the 2 basic resets (FS 8+9, followed with FS 9+10), which gave me a factory clean 2.30 machine (verified). Using the new editor I restored my backup again, which worked fine.
  19. Almost perfect for my update - way easier than all prior updates. My set up is: iMac OS, High Sierra 10.13.1 Here's how the steps below actually worked for me: 2. Connect Helix to your computer and launch HX Edit. From the File pull-down menu, select “Create Backup…†Follow the prompts to create a full-state backup of your Helix (Global Settings, IRs, setlists, and presets). Worked FIne. 3. Close HX Edit, open Line 6 Updater, and follow the prompts to update your Helix's firmware. Worked Fine Helix will begin rebuilding presets. Wait for this process to complete. Waited @ 15 minuted but this never happened, just blank screen and scribble strips. At this point I had to shut down the Helix and restart. On restart it rebuilt the presets. 4. Close Line 6 Updater, reopen HX Edit, and from the File pull-down menu, select “Restore From Backup…†Follow the prompts to restore Helix to its previous state. For some reason my Helix was already restored - but I did it again anyway just to be sure. 5. Remove the old Helix application from your computer. It won't work with 2.30 firmware anyway. Complied :)
  20. I’m close to 2 years in with my Helix and am now seriously ready to part with my tube, analog and various other digital gear. The Helix is all I ever turn on any more..
  21. I'm finding my 180w Fishman Loudbox using the aux in reproduces my studio monitors very well. I would like to A/B it with a proper FRFR.
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