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  1. Thank you very much. That was the answer I was hoping for! :D
  2. mbtainton, kevinprince: did your noisy fx loops problem got sorted out? Cheers, Michael
  3. Hm...I'm also having this problem. :/ In the exact way mbtainton describes.
  4. You are both missing my point. It is the WAY it WORKS that is different, and maybe it is the WAY in which I work, that might be different too. I have been using noise gates since I don't know when in all my evolving pedalboard setups. The Global Noise Gate of the M9 worked very well for me as a Global Noise Gate for my whole pedal board - and the stomp slot Noise Gate of the HX Effects does it much less efficiently. I don't care if it uses a slot or if it is visible or not - but it ACTS differently and the way it acts unfortunately does not work for me. So is there anybody out there, who has been using the M9s Global Noise Gate and is now using the HX Effects and found a SETTING or workaround to emulate the behavior of the M9s Noise Gate? Cheers mates, Michael
  5. Thanks for your reply... I can't seem to find how to activate the input gate and don't find it in the signal flow view either. Where is it in the HX Effects menu? Cheers, Michael
  6. I have grown used to its elegant functioning in the background. Any chance the HX Effects will be getting a similar function with an upcoming firmware update? The HX Effects noise gate (per stomp box slot) is just that tiny bit less working out for me... How do you guys work around that - or is it just me? Cheers, Michael
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