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  1. mbtainton


    Use the two DSP lines in the Helix display as separate channels. On the far left of each line, set the input to be the 1/4” guitar input. At the far right end, set the output of the top line to be the left 1/4” output Jack and then set the output of the bottom line to be the send of loop 1. Plug your amp that will get all the effects into the left 1/4” output jack and the amp that will get the rotary into the send jack for loop 1. On the top line, add all your effects (except the rotary). Add the rotary to the bottom line. Don’t add any amp or cab blocks if you are sending the Helix outputs to real amps.
  2. mbtainton

    Helix lt compare

    It was nice to hear them talk about how personal bias influences your choices in blind tests. That was very obvious in the first video they did. Great to see the Helix hold its own once again.
  3. “Lost in the mix” is an EQ and/or panning and / or volume problem, not digital vs analogue. If that mix was coming out of a venue PA then by the time it’s gotten to that PA, whether or not the sound origin was digital or not is pretty much irrelevant if the desk is digital. If two sounds are exactly the same then they’re exactly the same. If amps cut through the mix and modellers can’t cut it, why does every guitar forum have endless “how can I get my <insert amp or pedal> to cut better...” type threads?
  4. mbtainton

    Helix LT vs FX just for effects

    Thanks for this! I run out to the desk via XLR and out to amp via 1/4” and had been struggling with the amp sounding a bit dull. Didn’t think to set the volume only to XLR. Sounds great now.
  5. mbtainton

    Any fans of the 'Triangle Fuzz' AKA BIG MUFF in HELIX?

    I’ve compared the Triangle Fuzz to my Tym Guitars muff clones, which are the best muff pedals I’ve played. The Triangle Fuzz can be dialled close enough that I doubt I could pick it in a blind test if I’m honest and definitely wouldn’t pick it in a band mix. I still use the Tym pedals on the board, just because I like them, but I could happily use the Triangle Fuzz in their place.
  6. mbtainton

    HX Effects - Expression pedal keeps setting to off

    Ok, I’ve upgraded to 2.71 and the issue still occurs. Seems like it’s related to the VP Jr because when I swap the VP Jr for a Mission L6 I seem to have no issues. The VP also seems to work fine in front of the HX as just a straight volume pedal. No signal loss when used that way. No idea why the VP Jr is causing issues when run into the Exp 1 of the Helix.
  7. mbtainton

    HX Effects - Expression pedal keeps setting to off

    Hmm... I’m on 2.7.0 so I’ll try upgrading in the morning and see if it’s still playing up. Thanks.
  8. Is anyone else having issues with their expression pedal setting itself to 0? It’s been driving me nuts all night. I’m using an Ernie Ball VP Jr running into Exp1 on the HX and with the pedal set fully down it will work fine for a while and then suddenly the volume will cut out until I rock the pedal back to full off and then back to full on once more. It happens with different presets. It happens with the VP Jr controlling different parameters. I’ve switched the TS cable connecting the pedal to the HX and it still happens. It’s like the HX just turns it off until you rock the expression pedal off and on again. Any ideas what’s causing it or how to fix it?
  9. mbtainton

    U2 - The Fly tones for HX

    Does anyone have a preset for the U2 The Fly tones? I can find Helix presets on Customtone but they’re no use for me with the HX because I can’t load them to see what the effects settings are. The Fly isn’t the same auto wag settings as Mysterious Ways so I’m curious what settings people have used for this song.
  10. mbtainton

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    I may be in the minority, but I liked the design of the old fine tuner much more than the new fine tuner.
  11. mbtainton

    HX FX Loops hiss

    Yes. Line6 replaced my unit and the new one works very well.
  12. mbtainton

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    Not the greatest pic but it’ll do. :)
  13. mbtainton

    HX - separate effects chains out to two amps

    On the HX I can create the parallel signal path and I can find the merge point where the mixer is. I can drag the mixer down to the parallel path and then path A shows an output of Main L/R and path B shows an output of Send 1/2. I can see where these can be changed. Does this mean that to run separate chains into separate amps I have to run one amp lead out of output A and the other out of the send jack for one of the loops?
  14. Anyone running a patch with separate effects chains out to the L and R outputs without them being mixed together at the end of the chain? i want to run out to two amps and have a EQ block only apply to one amp.
  15. mbtainton

    HX effects vol + wah

    I have the Pigtronix Exp by Mission. Bought it off the used pedal market here. Works fine for me in Exp2 using a TRS cable.