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  1. taylorbeats

    No where else to turn to before I return My Helix

    Just listened to that file, wow, really bad. Something is defective with that unit for sure. I would seek another unit immediately.
  2. taylorbeats

    No where else to turn to before I return My Helix

    I listened to the file. Awful, never heard anything like that come out of a helix. First thought was an active guitar with a low battery, second thought was cabling, power quality etc. Pickup too hot. Third thought is we are being astroturfed by owners/factory reps from HeadRush, BOSS. One message like the above can lead to hundreds of new sales for other manufacturers.
  3. taylorbeats

    Fremen big pack - 175 presets

    I've found the Victoria Vintage Patch to be very 2112ish to my ears, loving that patch and some of the Ingrids!
  4. taylorbeats

    Alto 210 vs 212 and Input Type - Helix Fence Sitter

    and if you get the Alto's up off the floor you can reduce the coupling. All depends where you put them, etc. I actually had the Line 6 L2T, QSC12's, and Alto 210's, 212's, Alto 110-(no 1/4" input) Prefer the altos over all others, simple, light, easier (for me) to dial in tones. I actually went cheaper and was happier with the Alto 110's, (although no 1/4 inch remember). I would put the idea out that when you by a 10" its actually a 12" with the way the cabinets are tuned You do get what you pay for but the differences (for me) were negligible, weight was the concern.
  5. taylorbeats

    Fremen big pack - 175 presets

    Did a quick run through this morning-outstanding!! perfect volume balance too!! (for me anyway)
  6. taylorbeats

    Muddled Distortion and OD

    The more I have read of all of dd's posts it seems a bit of trolling. For myself all I get is compliments, even when I have a rough night of playing. Great sound, really stay true to the song, the tones sound correct for what we play etc., fits in the mix without blasting to be heard etc. Even the wife is happy. I would be more than happy to help anyone if they are willing to help themselves too. So easy to biotch about anything these days. Price you pay when you have very little to keep you occupied Back in the day not much time to play guitar-hunt for food-keep fire going-keep rival out of cave...find and keep mate. Life is wonderful.
  7. taylorbeats

    JTV 89 F + Helix LT

    Use an Alto 212 for acoustic. Use the sends or unused output on the helix to feed the Alto.
  8. Just to clarify-dropped E A D -10, G to -11.7, B -10 and E -5.2 in Global String Volume, then upped Preset Volume as needed to balance between Variax and Magnetics.
  9. That was pretty much the ticket right there. Dropped globals about -10db, evened out the string volume (high E needed an extra +5 db) upped the models volume-WOW!
  10. taylorbeats

    Using Helix as a cheat sheet.

    Beat ya to it by a couple days LOL!
  11. taylorbeats

    Repurpose Unused Snapshots

    Gold Dust Woman, for the life of me just can't remember the progressions so a Verse and Chorus button. Forces me to look down when I hit the switch. And looking at the signal path constantly is kind of silly hence the Song Notes mode for the screen or add another screen somewhere with the next generation. My failing memory...might as well get some use out of it and offer a new feature.
  12. taylorbeats

    Repurpose Unused Snapshots

    So I set up my Helix to have a preset for each song I play. Sometimes those songs require snapshots, sometimes it's only one snap. What to do with the others? Well I put notes in the scribble strips-chord progression, a notey run, song form etc. It helps me quite a bit, nice large type and no fumbling with an ipad, etc. At some point it might be great to have a song view on the larger screen.
  13. taylorbeats

    Fremen big pack - 175 presets

    I don't disagree completely but my experience has been I do wait for in anticipation for Fremens presets. When I'm away from the Helix and I know he has new stuff out it is just the worst time to not be at home with the helix, other preset guys not so much. I would say imho I have not found a bad one in the bunch, now could I use them all? sure! However that might be 24 different sets and 500 songs. That would make for some long, long gigs and a divorce! He does a fantastic job, and the tweaking is minimal compared to other efforts. And for somebody trying to learn their way around the helix in a minimal amount of time-his are worth the wait. Fremen-thank you for your efforts, much respect for your talent, playing and effort!!
  14. taylorbeats

    Fremen big pack - 175 presets

    Given the quality of Fremen's presets, trust me, its worth the wait and requires patience. Whats the phrase cheap, fast, quality? Choose 2! I think of Fremens tonal offerings as a custom order guitar.
  15. taylorbeats

    JTV 69S Bridge Saddle Spacing

    Thanks, I'll check for that tonight.