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  1. Recent laptop update is the issue. Disregard any further solution.
  2. Using windows 7 and the helix driver pops up but still no music from the PC unless I unplug the usb. I'm going to try a reset today and see if it sorts itself out. I have been bouncing back and forth between Native, the 2.7 Helix and the 2.71 Helix quite a bit over the last week and a half. Possible something scrambled. Will circle back later today.
  3. Yup-did that-no change.
  4. Well, I am stumped. When my helix is hooked up to usb I get no sound from spotify, etc from the laptop. HX edit works fine but if I flip over to spotify to work on a song and play along-nothing. Rebooted PC, rebooted Helix, still no music (up to date through 2.71). My backup Helix runs 2.7 and no problem with running spotify, switched usb cables, ports etc, nothing in 2.71.
  5. I feel the same. There is something for everybody in all three sets. Outside of volume adjustment, not much to do.
  6. Guitar-Helix Input -Volume Block-Compressor-Pre-Amp or Amp Block-eq-reverb-send block to small tube amp (no return)-path continues-mod-delay-cab block or IR-to Alto All on one path. acoustic on separate path.
  7. I have had this happen on occasion. I have found that using the official power cord (or a very high quality power cord) that came with the Helix solves the issue. Every time it happened I somehow was powering the unit with a power cable from another manufacturer (specifically Alto).
  8. I Have a train wreck clone head. Nature of the beast. The line 6 model is exactly like the amp, warts and all.
  9. Support ticket was the trick.!!
  10. Anyone run into this issue-ive used several laptops over the years, all deauthorized aside from one. Cant get native to work on new laptop, reinstalled, tried license manager etc.
  11. It works, but will take some tuning before it makes it out into the wild First iteration will be the guitar to helix-wah-couple drive pedals-trem-univibe-to real amp via send. Amp will be miked--mike back into helix--time based effects--helix out to FOH.
  12. I recently picked up a really loud amplifier, love the sound, distortion, sustain----but I am wondering if anyone has run the helix this way: Guitar into helix which has Boost, fuzz, modulation. Out of helix to loud creamy amplifier. Amplifier speaker out to load box has a line out. Load box line out to Helix and insert the line out before the usual Helix time based effects. Included in the time based effects (somewhere, depends on how it sounds I suppose) a cab or IR. Also the amp has no effects loop.
  13. Just listened to that file, wow, really bad. Something is defective with that unit for sure. I would seek another unit immediately.
  14. I listened to the file. Awful, never heard anything like that come out of a helix. First thought was an active guitar with a low battery, second thought was cabling, power quality etc. Pickup too hot. Third thought is we are being astroturfed by owners/factory reps from HeadRush, BOSS. One message like the above can lead to hundreds of new sales for other manufacturers.
  15. I've found the Victoria Vintage Patch to be very 2112ish to my ears, loving that patch and some of the Ingrids!
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