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  1. mattt67

    Derailed Ingrid preamp digital fizz

    Thanks, I've tried the pad switch but the fizz is still there. I've attached a little MP3 file where you can clearly here what I'm talking about Now that I've done a bit more testing, I realize you're right, there is a little bit of fizz on all my clean preamps presets, it's just much more noticeable and annoying on the Derailed Ingrid...Bit of a bummer... I don't think I'm clipping anything, but the highly demanded meters would be appreciated here. FWIW there is no fizz at all when I use my amp's preamp. Is that what some people call squirrels? Thanks for your help guys Derailed Ingrid Fizz.mp3
  2. mattt67

    Derailed Ingrid preamp digital fizz

    Hey Glenn thanks for your message. No I use passive guitars.
  3. mattt67

    Derailed Ingrid preamp digital fizz

    Thanks for the replies I'm not sure I hear the same thing as you, as I'm really hearing what I think is digital clipping. Anyways, not a big deal, there are so many other cool preamps! cheers
  4. mattt67

    Derailed Ingrid preamp digital fizz

    Hi there I use my Helix in 4 cable method and I’m very pleased with the results. It’s a lot of fun to try the various preamps. I just have a problem with the Trainwreck preamp. It seems there’s a lot of high end digital fizz regardless of volume or gain settings. It’s the only preamp that does this. Any of you 4cm or Fx return users experience this? thanks for your feedback
  5. mattt67

    Amp FX Return Noise Problem

    Hey DarrellM5 Thanks a bunch, you helped me solve the same problem !!! I'm so happy! Cheers