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  1. Thanks for your help. I have a Keeley pedal compressor and I put it in series with the Helix and Marshall. I turned the compression setting to minimum and turned the gain control down, it got rid of the noise. I think I need to attenuate the input level of the Marshall, just turning down the patch volume makes the patch quieter but I think there's just too much gain on the Marshall return and its boosting up the noise floor of the Helix outputs. I figure it's a bit like turning up the amp to full and rolling back your guitar volume, not recommended. I'm Going to rig up a simple pot in a box, put it between the two and see what happens. I'll post the results!
  2. Hi all. I have a Marshall DSL40c valve amp and I connected a send from my Helix to the amp's FX return. It's very noisy, hum, hiss and digital noise. I've tried all the usual ground loop stuff to no avail. I have a Kemper and this works fine with this amp. Setting line level or instrument level on the Helix sends makes no difference and I'm using an empty patch. Main outs have the same issue. Even with the Helix turned off the noise is still there. I suspect this is an impedance issue, there is a missmatch between the two and the amp input needs some additional matching and loading. Any thoughts greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  3. I have one of these too. They're really good and bridge the gap between PA cab and guitar cab. Very reasonably priced, well worth auditioning.
  4. I figured out what I was doing wrong with some help from TGP forum, You have to go into the Controller Assign tab first, select the parameter and assign it to Snapshots. Thanks silverhead for your support!
  5. Thank you for your suggestions. I tried all of the above, I made a very simple test patch and still have the problem. Can anyone else confirm this behaviour before I open a ticket?
  6. Thanks, I've tried this but it's not saving parameter changes like amp gain or eq settings, it only seems to save on/off states.
  7. I have exactly the same problem, been trying to figure it out for the last two hours!
  8. I posted this over on the TGP a few days ago. Definitely worth a look! http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/behringer-kxd12-keyboard-combo-with-a-line-6-helix-review.1687684/
  9. pob41


    I waited 9 months for my first Axe FX! Hang on in there for the Helix, Line 6 will soon be churning them out, definitely worth the wait!
  10. pob41


    I think the editor is the primary focus. Can't wait for that, it would certainly make a great Christmas present!
  11. pob41

    Dynamic DSP

    Hadn't realised this but that's great news. Thought I was missing something somewhere. Thank you!
  12. pob41

    Dynamic DSP

    Put a belting patch together tonight using the Fern A30 and J45 Amp+cab amps. Used a comp, eq, stereo delay and reverb. Sounded great but couldn't add anything else, the DSP was maxed. I understand the limitations and the manual refers to how all the different amps and effects make variable use of the DSP, but are there any guidelines on the DSP demands? Which amps and effects use the most DSP and which the least? Some insight would be very useful. Thanks!
  13. pob41

    Adding Blocks

    Excellent, thank you!
  14. pob41

    Adding Blocks

    This is probably a dumb question, I assume you can't add a block somewhere in the the chain and shuffle everything down a slot automatically? I do this every time a build a patch where I want to add something at the beginning and have to move everthing along one, though I would of learned to leave spaces by now! Thanks.
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