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  1. Wanted to let everyone know the final outcome as so many were so very helpful. I returned the Helix Floor Unit and ordered a Helix Rack ( I orig wanted the rack but they were sold out when I ordered the first time). The new unit it 100% better than the first. I am hearing some of the blocks getting digitally distorted and there are some artifacts as well in the highly overdriven patches but this seems to only be the case with a few preamp/amp models and this seems to be somewhat of a normal complaint about these units. I almost went with a gt1000 because the highly overdriven patches seem to be a bit better, but this unit is so far ahead of the game on all other amp models and effects this was just to good to pass over. Again thanks so much for all he responses and help, this community was another reason I gave another helix unit a shot instead of getting a lesser GT-1000. Cyas around!!!!
  2. a little bit of new news, I just purchased Glenn DeLaune high gain amp packs and wow those are really sounding bad ( I know his patches are great just my unit is not producing them properly). 80% of his patches have this horrible sound like an input being overdriven, but my guitar is not overdriving anything the pad is on, ohm setting is auto and all the clean patches are just that prefectly clean and sound correct. Just wanted to update the thread with this thanks
  3. So a week or so ago I was having issues with a horrible overtone in my high gain patches, with all your help I got it mostly fixed but it seems to be comming back. I have a patch file and a recording of my helix playing the patch using the USB direct out. These overtones and low end breakup are coming back again and I am just not sure why, If anyone has the time to try this patch (its a standard patch that came with he 2.5 update) and compare it to my recording I would be greatly appreciative. This community has been the greatest . Many thanks in advance!!!!!! Line 6 Badonk.hlx helix2.wma
  4. you say that you turned down your presence on your Marshall, in order to do that you would have had to plugged into the front of the head right? These units are made to use the 4 wire setup, you use your fx send/recieve from your helix and go straight to the power amp bypassing the Marshall's pre-amp. Hope I understoop what your wrote correctly, if this is so read a vid on the 4 cable/wire setup and try your Mesa/.Marshall that way you may be pleased :-)
  5. So the issue is solved THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH for the input this is a great community. I did a factory reset for the 3rd time and it got rid of alot of the overtones/distortion I was hearing on all he patches, as well as the weird pitch issues on the usb out is gone. I also am now using my wireless which took care of the pickup overdriving the unit a bit ( which it was, I hooked up directly and there is a bit of overdriving there). With these 2 things done its working great, I finally hear what everyone is talking about in these units such detail in the texture's of these mods!!!. Not sure why a factory reset helped here as I did that 3 times after I upgraded the firmware, but it worked. Again thanks so much for all the input its appreaciated. I think the only thing I am going to do as this point is maybe trade in these PRX815's for a set of EV ETX 10P speakers, I think the 10 inch speakers will give me a better tighter tone. Thx again I look forward to giving back to he community and uploading some patches as I create them.
  6. my wireless is being delivered from my pracice hall son and I am going to try that inbetween guitar and helix. As for the exp presets I do have a total of 3 expression pedals. The WhoWatt 100 is also distorted if I drop in the default amp/cab combo. I am really hoping its just my guitar overdriving the unit, the wireless should help with that issue if thats the problem. Not sure at all what the usb output is doing now causing the weird tuning effects thats happening. attached an audio file with this new problem in this post. Will let you all know what happens when I use the wireless, as I know how to pad that for this guitar properly. Cali IV Ryth.wma
  7. here is the patch just a US Deluxe NRM default amp/cab with a volume pedal control US Deluxe NRM.hlx
  8. The guitar is a Jackson Soloits with a TB-4 JB Humbucker. The settings on that audio file are the default setting when you drop the US Deluxe NRM Amp/Cab mod into an empty patch.
  9. I so wish I could however I bought the unit from Sweetwater and no local stores stock the Helix upto 100 miles away lol. Maybe I should just return it for another Helix and see what happens. Thx!!
  10. The recording was recorded straight to PC via USB out. For those who asked about input/output levels I am playing directly into the PRX815's and according to the software for those cabs I am not coming close to over-driving the cab's inputs and the files I uploaded are a direct to usb recording so that file avoids the cabs fully. Along with this distortion I notice there is alot of tonal character missing from what I hear in others recordings with this unit. I will try adding gain blocks as well. The thing is this is happening with ALOT of patches that came with the Helix, I would say about 1/2 of the patches are sounding horrible find it hard to believe that helix would use default patches that can be over driven with a semi hot hum-bucker but who knows lol. Tried to record another patch for you to hear and I keep getting this weird tuning issue with the unit now. Almost like its changing the recording rate or something from 48k to 41k ect ect very weird, its doing this constantly thru the usb out now, I included one of the sound files with this update. I still have about 12 days to either return this for another type of unit (really wanted a helix)or return this to get a different Helix to see if this is a bad unit. Another thing I am noticing is the USB output signal is very low not sure why that is. Thanks very much again for all your time, this is a great community 4 sure!! Cali IV Ryth.wma
  11. So first to give you a bit of info on me. I have been playing for about 25 years 20 years have been with multi effects units starting with the RP1 (remeber those :-) ) . Before I bought the Helix I had a GT10 running through 2 Yamaha DSR112's and was in love with the sounds I could achieve. So I thought I would buy a Helix Floor unit and 2 PRX815's and take it a step further, what I got so far is beyond a let down. Almost every clean sound has a bit of distortion to it ( a bad distortion like over driving an input) however I checked and no inputs are being overdriven in the unit or on the cabs. BTW all these bad sounds are coming through both the JBL cabs and the headphones ( I am using a good pair of uncolored studio headphones, just cannot remember the exact model atm). On most all of the distorted patches that come with the unit, and patches I downloaded off the line 6 site that had good reviews I get the same basic issue but now its distortion over distortion and is an ear piercing sound. I have changed the input settings from auto up to to 1M ohm and each setting in-between as well and nothing really helps. As I dont have another Helix to compare sounds with I am not sure if its a bad unit or if I am just doing something wrong. I have used these types of units for years and am doing nothing different than I have done in the past while achieving decent tones. The global eq is off. I have upgraded the firmware to the newest version, have factory reset the unit a few times. I would GREATLY appreciate any help, I have contacted Line 6 got no help, contacted the store that sold me the unit again no help, and read some of the topics here and could not use any info in those to fix this issue. There is one thing that may give someone an idea of what the problem is. If I turn down my guitars volume by as little as an 1/8 of the way the sounds do clean up a little but not by much. However this could just be because the Helix is doing what it should and is pushing the amp model a bit less therefore the distortion is a bit less, not sure just thought I would add that bit of info. Thanks much in advance I really hope I will be keeping this unit and not going to a lesser Boss GT-1000 in the near future. Added a sound file of the US Deluxe NRM amp mod. Its just that amp/cab combo in the patch nothing else. The first part is the amp/cab as the Helix sets it a default. 1st is with my guitar volume up to full/ second is my volume down to about 3/4 of the way. Then I added some drive, but only drive to the amp mod. Turned it up to 8.5. Again I first play with guitar volume at full, then play with volume backed down to 3/4. The sounds I get at 3/4 are for sure alot better but as the volume on the guitar is down I am missing that full tone you get when pushing the amp mod. Any help would be appreaciated. Again I have tried every input setting on the patch from 10K OHM to 1M ohm and nothing really helps, the guitar pad is turned on in global. Also I am using a Jackson Soloist with a Seymour Duncan TB-4 JB in the Bridge position. Excuse the playing its my day off tomorrow and 3 sheets to the wind atm lol US Deluxe NRM Amp Mod.wma
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