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  1. Hmmm! I've had a couple of tube amps over the years lose tubes during a song and was down for more than a couple of minutes while I got them going again or plugged into the backup. I don't recall it ruining the entire show. I agree with everyone. If I started gigging again, with the Helix, I'd have a backup/plan B. Not that I don't trust the Helix, but that's the way to roll.
  2. What were the settings on the StageSource and the PowerCab? Was this the the FR setting on the Stagesource? There is also a 2x12 emulation setting on the L2 series. This is certainly the first side by side I have seen!
  3. Picked up Native for 209.00 on Sweetwater today. The free demo from line 6 sounded good and will give the full version a run through in the following week, months, year. LT owner and the price was there. In the studio I suspect I'll use it more than the hardware. Maybe.
  4. And the Firehawk will go up for sale shortly. I guess in the end I could never wrap my head around the Bluetooth connection or feel comfortable with it. Live or just recording. Really enjoyed it with the Variax. A bit of a price boost for the LT but the snapshot function and the better models really have sold me. I have pretty much checked up on this forum everyday for the last couple of years and at times it's been quiet. But the Firehawk community lives on.
  5. Q: What are the specs for the Line 6 Power Supplies?DC-1: (Tone Core Pedals, Pocket POD) 9.6V DC, 200mA, Center Pin: (-). The DC-1 has been discontinued and was replaced by the DC-1g. DC-1g: (X2: XDS-Plus/XDR 95, Relay G30/G50/G90 - XD-V70/30, M5 Stompbox Modeler): 9V DC, 500mA, Center Pin: 2.1mm. PX-2/PX-2g AC: (Stomp modelers, All PODs, XT, and X3 series, XPS, Micro Spider): Output: 9V AC, 2000mA. Plug Length: 10.5mm, Diameter: 5.5mm, Center Pin: 2.5mm. DC-3g: (POD HD 300/400/500/500X and HD Bean): 9V DC, 3A (3000mA) Plug length: 15mm, Diameter: 5mm, Center Pin: 2mm. I.T.E.: (Relay G70/G75/G10): USB A - USB Micro form factor; Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz Output: 5V 1.0A. Line 6 power supplies are available at your local dealer or at our Online Store The FX uses the DC-3g.
  6. Tell me about it! I thought we had something here! Well the install went well anyhow. I haven't seen any difference in the operation of the unit other than it has obviously produced wishful thinking!
  7. Well I checked the old list and my bad. I don't see anything new for amps. Guess it's been awhile since I got in there and looked. Sorry about that!
  8. Yes use the Telos before the amp simulator. Though if it was modulation pedal I would give it a go behind the amp.
  9. The effects loop is equipped with a Stomp/Line switch that you should experiment with. Also in the Bluetooth app there are incoming and outgoing level controls for the loop and a mix level control. The incoming signal to the unit can be controlled with the large knob on the front of the unit. When it is white, it is controlling the guitar level. I have used a Psionic Audio Telos in the loop for quite some time and have had no noise issues after adjusting levels. You shouldn't be having noise issues with the effects loop if the levels are correct and the pedal itself isn't producing excessive noise.
  10. I'm not so sure the Firehawk FX is dead. That's a 550.00 dollar price difference you are looking at. Line 6 can't assume everyone has that kind of money to buy a modeler. I'd wait and see. If anything it tells me that maybe the sales numbers for the Helix may not be there. I don't consider the Helix LT and the Firehawk FX as competition for each other. Way! different pricing!!!
  11. Thanks Silverhead. Kinda what I figured!
  12. So according to what I see the last update for the Firehawk FX was Version 1.20.00 Released 9/29/15. So is there any reason for me to keep the updater software on my computer? Approaching a year and half and nothing! If the Firehawk FX is EOL then let us know Line6! It seems to me that there has been plenty of updates thrown out there by members that would merit the new firmware.
  13. Well if that's the case then of course I would never void my warranty by making a modification to my guitar! LoL! ; ) Hey just asking a question right?
  14. I figure the answer to this is yes, but if you change out your pickups during the warranty period, does this void your warranty on the guitar as a whole? I have some Dimarzio PAF Masters I'm thinking about having installed but still want that warranty availability just in case.
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