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    Can't run 1.30 update from iPad.

    The remote app for iPad tells me there's an updat available but when I click on it I can only see a gay box that lists the 1.20 version and a link below that says previous versions. Incidentally, I tried downloading the updater and it wouldn't run on my mac. Any help is appreciated.
  2. The ability to have more then one reverb would be nice.
  3. daniellyle

    Firehawk Outputs

    My guess is they're not balanced... I think it would have mentioned that. Unfortunately, the documentation for the FHFX is pretty limited.
  4. daniellyle

    Using external pedals with the FHFX effects loop

    Thanks for your reply, Badspike. Have you tried putting any pedals before the amp sim?
  5. I want to be able to use external overdrive pedals with my FHFX but it doesn't seem to want to work. I get a lot of unwanted noise if I put it through the loop regardless if the pedal is turned on or off. The noise gets really loud if I put the loop before the amp modal. The pedal sounds horrific no matter where it is in the chain. I have the same issues regardless of what pedal I try. If I put the pedal in the front of my physical chain (before the the FHFX, not using the loop) I get unwanted distortion (like clipping). This distortion results from use with any pedal including clean effects like reverb. Is there an input gain on the FHFX that I am missing some where? Any help anyone can offer on how to effectively use external effects pedals with the FHFX would be greatly appreciated.