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  1. So I went into the studio with the HeadRush. Downloaded the free Celestion Impulse Response cabs. The tone was nothing short of amazing blasting through the $4K Focal studio monitors. Pulled out the Firehawk FX to use for one part of one song with the reverse delay. The amp models, as good as I thought they sounded before hearing the HR, just could in no way hang with the HR unit and the added IR cabs. They sounded just like real 4-12's barking! FHFX is going up for sale. I really enjoyed this community and still believe the FHFX has a lot of potential, and is actually useful even as is. As a pro player, I just need something more and the HR delivers. Thanks
  2. Well, I've had the FHFX now for about 4-5 months. I've been using it for some live shows and pre-production for our second album which is an instrumental cinematic prog band. There's been a number of positives, but a few negatives in my use of the unit that I just can't overlook, and have caused me to move on. FYI, I used an old cheap Digitech RP1000 for almost 8 years before getting the Line6 FH. While the FH was a leap forward in some ways (BT connectivity, colored LED's on foot switches, HD amp models) it was a step backwards in some. Primarily the pitch shifting and harmonizer effects lacking total control over the dry and wet signals, which is something I use fairly often. Adding wet signal using a 'slider' reduced the dry signal which made the effect sound very thin. The RP1000, as old as it is, lets you have total control of these parameters individually. I was able to come up with some amp models that sound fantastic to my ears and record well while sitting nicely in the mix. They also play well with others in a live setting and have a good "feel" which is important for dynamics's when you depend solely on modeling. Very important to me as I run direct to house for live shows. No amp. I've grown to love this setup over the years going back to my Digitech. No more 'woofy' sounding 4-12 cabs that vary from stage to stage. When they are in the right room on the right stage they are God's gift to the guitarist. If they are not, they can focus like a laser beam on a certain part of the crowd and sometimes even the sound techs just shake their heads. So, thanks to reaching an agreement for an Artist Endorsement with HeadRush Pedalboards, I'm moving on. We begin studio recording next week, and I've got Matt Bissonette doing bass and Mike Keneally on guitars, keys, and co-production along with Chuck Ide engineering. Getting the opportunity to work with such heavy hitters left me no choice but to kick it up a notch. The HeadRush has quad-core processing and programable spillovers for delays and reverbs along with total control of the effects parameters for pitch and harmonies. It's far easier to use and program than the interface on the Helix, in my humble opinion. Its really too bad because this FHFX has so much in the way of upside, with just a few minor tweaks it could be really useful. Anyway, thank you all for the dialogue during my time in Firehawk Land. I wish you all great success on your personal music endeavors. Cheers to all! Keith Moreland www.petsharkband.com
  3. Hey genesound, First of all, thanks for taking the time to look into this for yourself. Yeah, I'm running it 'after' the amp. This is an effect I've been using for many, many years with other processors, including an Eventide H9, so I have a lot of experience with harmonizers and pitch shifters, and a good idea about how it's supposed to sound. Running it before makes it far worse as you pointed out. But even where it should be (after the amp) it just loses too much dry signal while simultaneously turning up the effect to be useful for me. The FHFX definitely falls short unfortunately.
  4. I wish it worked that way. When you slide the "mix" control over, adding effect, you are also simultaneously lowering the volume of the "dry" signal, which substantially weakens the sound. Think of it as a 'balance control' more than a 'wet/dry' control. It begins to sound like a kazoo. I can't go much above 20-25% or the signal becomes so weak. I typically prefer my harmony signal to be at about 75% and my original dry signal around 100%. This results in a strong, natural sounding tone. Almost like two actual guitars are playing together. Please Line 6 address this?
  5. I'm already saving my pennies. Just the fact it's "Quad Core" and uses spillovers on seamless patch changes, along with 'wet/dry' control over pitch and harmonizer effects has me sold. The pitch and harmonizer 'mix' only on the FHFX just blows! Yes, I'm totally sold.
  6. I think the amp models are great. But I also think the effects don't standout much. Pitch and Harmonizer effects are almost useless without a separate 'dry' and 'wet' adjustment. A lot of people seem to complain about the bluetooth syncing up but I don't have that issue. Chorus and flanging effects are just so so. The amp models work well when direct recording via usb. I think it would be better to have a more comprehensive editing capability available directly on the unit without using a device.
  7. Line6 only gives you a "mix" control to balance the wet/dry signal. This results in a very weak sounding effect that's practically unusable. I was using a cheap Digitech RP1000 for the last eight years and even that unit gave you a dedicated separate wet and dry adjustment so you could keep the dry signal 100% strong and then add in the amount of harmony or pitch you wanted with the wet control. On the FHFX, when you slide the "mix" control over on this unit, you are losing dry signal the stronger you make the effect. Sounds like little kazoos! Just horrible.
  8. I'd love to hear from those of you that really love this unit? Tell us about your experiences, issues if any, live experience, recording experience, etc.??? Thanks
  9. I've had the unit now for about three months. Been using it live and at rehearsals and also for recording via USB. Played a show last weekend and everything worked like a champ. Plugged in today and it lights up, channels switch, syncs with app, all seems fine, except zero sound going to PA via XLR??? I've done all of the latest firmware updates. Restarted multiple times. Double checked all connections and cables. Ideas??? Update* Had it in amp mode and should have been line mode.
  10. There is a slight hesitation when switching patches. Too me, it's not really bad, but it is noticeable. You can turn effects on and off individually on each patch and there is no noticeable problems with that at all. If you dial in your amp sounds through a PA system at stage volume, the tones are very good!!! I run XLR out straight to house and the tones are fantastic.
  11. I just pulled that huge volume knob off, then replaced it with a mini volume knob like this. http://www.dhresource.com/albu_951062688_00-1.0x0/cylinder-shaped-electric-guitar-volume-tone.jpg cylinder-shaped-electric-guitar-volume-tone.jpg Works like a champ. No more accidentally stepping on that huge thing.
  12. So, I just reached down, pulled the damn knob off (easy) and replaced it with a guitar volume knob I had in my guitar tool box. No longer stepping on that huge knob anymore. Didn't spend a dime. Very happy! Carry on...
  13. Sold Out everywhere I can find them. I need these, Lol. If someone finds a link to the white ones, please post it up. Thanks
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