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  1. I’m selling my license, if anyone’s interested PM me!
  2. Anyone interested? I just don’t use it enough compared to my other plugins. 200$, we can go through pay pal and transfer the license, from what I hear.
  3. Connect Firehawk to USB, make sure you have all drivers installed. I recommend downloading "Reaper" a free to try software that only costs 60$ if you decide you want to pay for it. There is no time limit on the free version and paying for it doesn't unlock anything, so it's an honor system (I paid for it after about a year of fiddling). Once you install Reaper, open it up, and make sure your FIrehawk is set as the audio interface. There are YouTube videos that explain how to do that.
  4. Everyone who bought the Helix is going to tell you to get the Helix, nature of the game. I've read a bunch and the Helix does sound better, but you can tune a POD HD to sound similar, and most likely close enough that in a mix it doesn't matter.
  5. My fire has no issues!
  6. Setting up your guitar is something I believe everyone should know how to do. It's the equivalent of an oil change on your car. If you do not learn how to set up your guitar, you will never know your guitar through and through, and you'll always rely on some "expert" to charge you 50-100$ for something that you can YouTube in a night and complete with mostly tools everyone already has around the house. Set it up yourself, its more rewarding.
  7. Just got my Firehawk today! Currently I use balanced TRS cables to Rokit 5s. Are the 1/4 output jacks on the FH balanced? If so I won't bother buyin XLR cables as I have no need for them otherwise.
  8. I ordered a custom Warmoth neck for my JTV last week, specifically due to the nut width. I like a 1 3/4 inch nut, and a thick neck. Any neck that fits a fender supposedly fits the JTV 69 series (pocket dimensions are the same). I would much rather buy a Korean model and put a custom neck on, than pay for a US JTV, especially whereas what makes this guitar so special is the modeling.
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