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  1. I made one that I can get by with. Tried others in Customtone last night using "Boston" for the search parameter. Don't know which patch you are referring to. The Boston tones I found are decent but not much different from the one I made. If you play a Variax, using different Gibson models can change the sound quite a bit. Would love to hear the patch you are referring to. Please share it.
  2. So I just purchased a Spider V 120 for next to nothing. Wanted the wireless for my acoustic. Got the 120 so I would have a direct out to my L3t. Without referencing anything I plugged in my L3 to the direct out on back of the Spider V. No sound. Literally just got home with it. Can the L3 and Spider be connected and how? Maybe I was expecting more from the Spider than it deliver. But if I can plug my L3 into the direct out than it might be really cool.
  3. Daaaaannnnnngggg! Appreciate the input. Just ordered a 3 pack as per the IP. Will see how I like. I do learn so much from your posts. This is a great forum. In the end, water still flows down hill and their ain't no free lunch!
  4. Looking for recommendations for JTV 69 strings. Can someone confirm factory strings are D'Addario 10's? I like what is on my new US 69 and am seeing NYXL's for like $12 per or $30 for a 3 pack. Personel preference for sure. Just looking for suggestions.
  5. Glad your looking at it. Would love it but could not come close to pulling the plug at that price.
  6. Photos do not do justice but here's a look.
  7. Got my US guys! Three months after ordering but better than some seem to have experienced. Out of the box - Wood looked nicer. High E (1st) string had better sustain, less clunkiness. Tuners were obviously upgraded. Was switching between both US and Korean unplugged looking for differences. (Cool to actually be able to do this!). I was not blown away at all. Can't say I was distraught bc I knew I was taking a chance. But I could hear everyone laughing (along with me) that I paid for just this. Had already entered my mind that it wouldn't last and I would replace the neck on my Korean and call it good. Get what I could for the US. Then I plugged it in. Holy cow what a difference. Fretted notes on all strings up and down the fretboard were much crisper. I did not expect the sound to be what I heard. All of the models sounded much better, more authentic. Upgraded pickups must be a huge part. Everyone says that the electronics are the same but man it sounds soooo much better. Agree totally with what GeeTah and doffe have said. And to make it even better, it plays well as an electric, but when in acoustic modeling you can actually play it like an acoustic. Play a little more aggressive and it comes through in the sound, and the feel. Very cool since I really love playing acoustic. The Korean would need more than a new neck. Pickups that would pair well with the modeling are needed to even come close to the US. It is much more than just the neck. Seems it is more than pickups as well. I think I got exactly what I was hoping for. Really better than I expected. It is just a different guitar. I have been blown away. Very happy. Now, anyone need a JTV 69S Korean?
  8. Consider me in this "club". Wish you were here for me before I ordered a US Custom 69. Still have yet to receive. On the other hand, I have been steered toward the Might-Mite by more than one source. Thinking that once I receive the US JTV I may change the neck on my Korean 69s. Might be cool to have both rosewood and maple neck options on a JTV. Just curious of what fair costs would be involved to do what was done in this post original post. I don't care about the pick guard. Have done some minor research on necks but suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Can wireless devices be used on Variax guitars vs VDI cable? Alternately, I saw some use of both VDI and 1/4" output simultaneously. Why? I have a JTV, POD HD500X, and duel DT25's. Plus one Lt3. Looked at Line 6 wireless devices but hard to tell without firsthand knowledge. Would appreciate input.
  10. Is it possible my current JTV needs a new nut, or other remedy, to prevent Hi-E slip? Any help is much appreciated.
  11. My current JTV is less than a year old. I hope my new order for a US custom has been long since updated. With respect.
  12. Replaced the nut? That worked? Please share. Thanks!
  13. I like the shape of the neck. Did not like fretboard and frets when I first received it. That has somewhat remedied itself. cruisinon2 you may have hit on my worst complaint. May be related to the nut. My high E, first string has always been chunky and seems to be too close to the edge of the fretboard. It has no sustain plugged in or not. Possible bc of the nut?
  14. I struggled with this decision last year. I remember what Charlie above said and most other opinions were similar. While the Korean guitar is really nice I am not completely satisfied with the neck. I understand the US version has improved neck, frets, pickups, tuners. Maybe not much but was able to get a fairly good deal so bought what I wanted to start with. Am hoping for something along what Gee Tah said. If it feels really good then it could be worth it. I will share my thoughts whenever I receive the new guitar. Appreciate everyones comments.
  15. I purchased a JTV 69S last year. It is a really cool guitar. Play it exclusively for electric needs. Very versatile. Love to play acoustic and have a Alvarez Yairi. Really nice look, feel, sound. A friend bought a nice Alvarez but not a Yairi. Huge difference in playability and sound. Am hoping for a similar improvement in a US Custom version. Want a really nice guitar that is also cool. We'll see. I just ordered one. Call me stupid. Hope it works. May have a JTV 69S to sell. Or maybe keep for parts and just to have two. The US will be a HSS. What I have is a SSS, 3 tone burst. Anyone own a US version that could comment? Good or bad.
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