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  1. Cheers and thanks for the offer. When Line6 get serious about writing a useful manual I will get serious about buying a FBV3
  2. Own a Spider V 60W and seriously looking at a FBV3 to open up some features. Looking into the FBV3 and as a novice trying to make sense of its functionality and operability and all I can seem to find is a polits guide. Am I missing something, is there not a more detailed operating instruction manual on this unit? The pilots guide is in my opinion is useless. Surely there has to be a detailed instruction manual? Cheers, Fleetz
  3. Thanks for that. Got the email OK, got the Cubase product key. established the account at Steinburgs Ok but I can not see a download for the Cubase LE 8 , they only have their Pro9 product. I have to be missing something?
  4. So I have registered my SpiderV 60 product. Got onto Stienbergs site and it is as clear as mud from there. Can anyone steer me out of the mire? Regards, Fleetz
  5. Also successfully updated to 1.0.3.... :)
  6. Thanks for the link to the driver.....I updated all Windows update first as some twit switched the auto updates off.....that would be me. Unfortunately that didn't do the trick but the Driver you pointed to did! So thanks very much....appreciated. Regards, Fleetz
  7. Hi, Got a Windows 7 laptop and just got my Spider V 60 out the box and beginning to set it all up. As part of the process downloaded Line6 Updater and installed it on my laptop just fine. Plugged the USB into the system, bing it recognized that a USB device was connected and Windows 7 then went about doing a driver update as it didn't find a suitable driver. Unfortunately it couldn't complete the finding and download a suitable driver so Line6 Updater is not communicating to the SpiderV. I have gone into System and removed any failed comms ! configs so that is all looking clean, but it won't attempt to install a suitable driver. Anyone else had an issue with their computer not loading a USB Driver? I have checked Line6 knowledge base and look to see if there is a USB driver but no joy. Any thoughts appreciated. Regards, Fleetz
  8. Cheers Antmax.....yes would have thought the G10T would be doing the overvoltage protection too. Will have a look into it when all the gear arrives. Will post up my findings here then
  9. Just pulled the trigger on a Spider V 60W and a G10T transmitter. I believe the G10T now has a USB charge cable as an alternative to using the Spider V. Just wondering if anyone has made up a 1/4" to USB interface charge cable? I have the where with all to make up a cable just wondering if it is simple as connecting the USB 5V to the ground and tip of the 1/4"?? Cheers, Fleetz
  10. Thanks again Antmax, your a trooper!
  11. Is the battery eventually replaceable? With all the photos on the Line 6 website it is hard to see. I realise the battery is likely to be ok for a 1000 or so charges but depending on the battery type and if is stored incorrectly with a certain charge this can effect the battery life. Nice to know if it is a sealed unit or I can change the battery somewhere down the road? Cheers
  12. About to pull the trigger on a Spider V 60w and possibly a G10T wireless TX. I see there are a few charging issue with the G10. Is the G10 and G10T the same? What experience you folks had with the G10T with the Spider V 60w? Cheers
  13. Thanks for the feedback, all makes sense. Will be going for a Spider V 60W for what I am ever likely to do this will most likely do everything I need and then some. Appreciated the info guys. Regards, Fleetz
  14. Thanks for the input. Looked at the LT2 and LT3 and are out of my price range. I get they have nice features. So the Spider 5 can not accomodate Piezo input? Is it impedance and level matching issue? Is there a impedance/level adaptor that would allow an acoustic electric to interface to the Spider V? I am looking at an electric guitar as well, ideally I would like one amp that could accomodate both guitars. Albeit if an interface is required. The Spider V 60w fits around the budget.... Regards, Fleetz
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