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  1. Thank you. I updated to 2.82 last night, but haven't tested if it fixed the bug. I'll report back later when I play.
  2. Hello, This may be fixed in the latest firmware...but can someone let me know if a) this is fixed and b) if there is a fix/workaround. I setup my patch to have several different levels of reverb. 1) Always on reverb 2) Wetter on top of the always on activated by a footswitch 3) Separate footswitch for very large sustain and even wetter Settings 1 and 2 are on the same footswitch essentially...however I've noticed even though it's setup to have the always on setting active when the footswitch is not active (not lit up) it's flipping. Sometimes the wetter setting will be on when the footswitch is off...and other times it'll work as I designed and the reverb will only kick into the wetter setting when I turn on the footswitch. So, it seems like that specific setup is slipping the configuration and at times for no rhyme or reason. Can someone let me know if this is a known bug or what the fix might be?
  3. I'm using snapshots, but there's times when I need to switch over to another preset for a different song because I've setup separate configurations in Snapshots specifically for that song. It's super inconvenient when switching that it doesn't persist the sound during the switch. I owned several Strymon pedals that while switching from one preset to another...the previous preset would continue to ring through so that it wouldn't interrupt the flow of the song or transitions to new songs.
  4. Is there any setting that you can turn on that allows the sound to persist and not completely cut out when switching from preset to preset?
  5. I get that. I have a Helix registered but the previous owner used the discount already on the serial number. So, I don't get the discount.
  6. When I play live... Do I need to tweak any of the global settings or should it be good? I believe I'll be going stereo out via XLR at my church. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I bought my Helix used and the previous owner used the discount. I'm hoping to spend $125 if possible. I just can't justify $280 since I'm only going to use this for practicing. I also noticed that Sweetwater sells licenses. Will it work if I buy the discounted option or will the website reject the license key?
  8. How does someone transfer the license from one owner to another?
  9. Hello, I'm getting my Helix on Monday...and one of the benefits my wife and kids have expressed is my ability to practice and play without plugging into my amp. So, my how do I go about doing that? Here's what I'd like to setup: 1) Getting audio from my PC to the Helix -- playing audio/tracks via my Windows PC. Stereo output via 3.5mm jack or could purchase something for optimal output. i have a 3.5mm to stereo 1/4" jack to input into the Helix. I assume I'd set this up via the Aux In, As a Return, digital input? Which would be best for this? 2) Input into Helix via Guitar 3) Output from Helix into my in-ear monitors -- presumably a output/return, via the Phones jack or through the 1/4" out? Thanks in advance for your input and insight. :)
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