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  1. Just double checked - I am using Editor 2.10
  2. Backed up my setlists, did the 2.10 update then re-loaded my setlists. First time through, several presets got wiped completely. I reloaded them and presets appeared in their place, but they are the wrong ones - it's like the presets and names got scrambled, so the right names show up in the right places, but the amp/effect blocks are all wrong.
  3. Huge problems using the Librarian - I've tried to move the Setlists around and the Factory lists move fine, but any of my custom set lists are getting completely garbled - the patch names don't appear, blank spaces appear and where the patch names are correct, the patch itself is random (e.g., a bunch of patches are all the same and completely different than what it';s supposed to be.
  4. Yes, but I'll try again. I might reboot the iPad, as well.
  5. Anyone else having app issues? My ipad shows that I'm connected to the firehawk, but the app is not seeing the Firehawk. I am on the latest versions of Firehawk app and iOS.
  6. I was beta testing the new software and got the download errors as well. I found that I did have to reload and re-save patches from "My Tones" to stop the problem. A little bit of a hassle, but it seemed to stabilize once I did that. The Bluetooth is much more stable than it was - I still get an occasional drop, but more like once every few days instead of once every 10 minutes.
  7. The "fast" settings on the rotary effects on the firehawk seem to be really slow to me and the effect fairly subtle. I remember the Line 6 rotaries having a little more of a dramatic effect and the ability to alter the "fast speed." Is this just me misremembering? It's been a while . . .
  8. I've heard there's a Gator bag that is a tight fit for the HD500 that fits really well around a Firehawk - anyone know what model it is? Need something to cart mine around with.
  9. I just realized my unit sits a few feet from an Apple Airport Express. Could this be interfering with the Bluetooth connection? Why would the ap lose the connection, but not the iPad?
  10. I'm using an iPad 2 with the latest iOS version. I lose the Bluetooth connection with the Firehawk constantly - it's really annoying. The iPad claims to be connected, but the app doesn't see the Firehawk, I have to kill the app and restart it to get the link to reboot. Is anyone else having this issue?
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