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  1. Thank you so much for your accurate answer, helps me a lot ! :)
  2. Hello ! :) I would like to know the reference of the frets on the JTV59 please, does anyone have this info (the height at least) ? Thank you in advance and have a nice day :) William
  3. Thank you for your answers. However, as I said in my first post, I have tried all the features in the tuner settings : I know how to read a User Guide ;) Moreover, my voice is processed by the Helix with FX, so I cannot plug my mic directly into the PA. I am searching for alternative ways to route the tuner, if possible. If not, I will submit a request to Line6 to add this feature later.
  4. Hello everyone :) I am very happy with my Helix for now, but I am still facing a problem. Here it is. My SM58 MIC for my voice is connected into the mic input of the Helix. Then, my vocal chain gets out through the XLR output (mono) to the PA. My VARIAX guitar is plugged into the Variax input of the Helix. Then, my guitar chain gets out through the 1/4" output (mono) directly to the PA as well. When I am using the tuner, I would like my guitar to be silent but my voice to be still audible (to keep talking to the audience). I have tried all the possible combinations with the settings appearing in the tuner menu, but none of them fits my goal. Do you have any idea to fix that problem please ? Thank you in advance for your help and have a good day :) Guillaume
  5. Hi everyone! We have just bought with my band a HF in-ear system for foldback purpose. In addition to voices and drums, we would like to get guitars and bass into our in-ear plugs as well, without using mics to pick-up the speakers. Then, we have tried to connect a standard XLR cable into the Direct Out plug of my HD100 Spider Valve, through our mixing table (on which our HF in-ear system is connected too). Unfortunately, we have not managed to get any sound out from the Direct Output, while the usual guitar sound came out from the amplifier speakers. Even by turning up the master volume knob on the amplifier, it just turns up the volume out of speakers and has no effect on Direct Output volume. Moreover, there is no additional knob to set the Direct Output volume, unlike the HD100 MKII. I have found only contents about recordings with this Direct Output, not about foldback purpose (which means to have both signals out from speakers and out from Direct Output, not only out from Direct Output). Therefore, has anyone already used it for that purpose? If yes, how have you done it? Have you faced the same problem of signal absence? How do you set the direct output volume independently on the master volume of your guitar speakers? Thank you in advance for your help!
  6. Thank you! I've tried to disassemble the Neutrik connectors (to have the same kind of connection as with a single Ethernet cable), to be sure that they were not preventing the RJ45 connectors from plugging correctlY. Unfortunately, this has not fixed the trouble. I think then there is a incompatibility between my VDI cable and POD HD500x, because a standard Ethernet cable works well.
  7. Hi everyone! I feel that most of the guitar models of my JTV-59 sound too warm and floppy for my heavy tones. I have this feeling when I plug my Variax on my POD HD500 or when I plug it on my tube amp Spider Valve HD100. When I plug my guitar LTD Viper 500-s with EMG pickups on them, my heavy sounds are much more dry and punchy. I've read that Les-Paul models are commonly used to that purpose, and also that specific settings can be adjusted with the Workbench HD for example to move pickups towards the bridge to gain more bite in the tone. Do you please have any suggestions for adequate guitar models or settings on the Variax, to obtain incisive and punchy heavy tones? Thanks!
  8. Thank you for your response! Good to see that I am not the only one to have faced this trouble, but it does not explain why a brand new VDI cable whom purpose is dedicated to that does not work... I am not really keen on using a standard ethernet cable because the plugs are very less resistant to bending and pulling (especially at the guitar plug), and the flexible is less designed to withstand pressure when walking on it. I fear to break the plugs when rocking during gigs or rehearsals, and I do not want either to petrify when playing ^^ Moreover, the cost of the brand new cable VDI is high enough to make me sad if I decide not to use it... Then, there is no way to fix the problem by keeping the VDI cable?
  9. Hi everyone! I've just bought a HD500x and faced a connection trouble with my Variax (JTV-59): - If I plug the Variax into the POD with a brand new VDI cable, I obtain a discontinuous and crackling signal. I've obtained the same result by removing the Variax battery and, judging by the luminous knob on the Variax (for guitar model selection), it seems that the power supply from the POD to the Variax through the VDI cable is not continuous as well, since the light is blinking each time a sound is emitted. - If I plug the Variax into the POD with a standard ethernet cable, it works very well without any crackling or discontinuous sound. - If I plug the Variax into my other pedalboard Firehawk FX with the same VDI cable, it works very well too, without any crackling or discontinuous sound. - If I plug the Variax with a standard jack cable into the POD, it works fine as well. Then, I don't really understand what is going wrong, since the VDI cable seems OK, the VDI port on the POD HD500x seems OK, and the Variax seems OK. Has anybody already faced this problem? Would there be a solution please? Thank you in advance for your help!
  10. Even with the new firmware 1.20, the switching duration remains too long and unusable for rehearsals and gigs. There is a noticeable blank gap with no sound. I've bought my Firehawk in August and it is still collecting the dust waiting for a correcting firmware. I was satisfied with Line 6 products so far, but my confidence is compromised. Can't understand how a popular and reputed firm can release a product with such unacceptable defects, especially as this kind of trouble has been already faced with previous products. If no fixing firmware is released before the end of the year, I will sell my Firehawk. And be sure that I will not recommend it on purchasing websites.
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