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  1. I've got the 3 big strymons, I'll spend a bit of time seeing if I can live without them over the next few weeks. I could keep my pedaltrain pro and squeeze a couple of pedals on there in the loops I suppose but it'd be cool to just take the helix, I could make back the money I spent on the helix by just selling those three!
  2. Cool man, I have and love my möbius and originally purchased my helix as a practice tool / at home rig and was going to keep my big board to use in my band but it just seems complete overkill. One option would be to put the helix on my pedaltrain pro and use the 4 loops for pedals currently on my big board and seeing your möbius made me interested as to why it's sticking around.
  3. Cool, what amp do you use? Would you mind sharing how you use your setup please? Do you blend your amp with a selection of amp models on the helix?
  4. Ok that's manageable as I can keep my old splitter. Has anyone tried combining an FRFR with a valve amp?
  5. Just wondering why you're keeping your möbius in your setup?
  6. Cool but can you flip the phase of one of the outputs or would I need to add more equipment to do that?
  7. Before buying my Helix I was running a large board into two amps. I know I can easily run the helix into 2 frfr speakers but I was wondering if I can use it into two amps without any issues obviously just as a pedalboard / no amp models. Can the Helix flip the phase of one of its outputs? If I decided to sell one of my amps would it be possible to combine on amp and one FRFR speaker? Would I have phase issues here? I currently blend a fender and vox AC30 but it would be cool to keep the fender as a base tone and add a vox or a Marshall or whatever other amp I fancy to that mix via the helix. Thanks
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