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  1. Thanks for that. I've tried these ideas in my workflow and it seems to be helping. I've also started cutting the bass right back on the amp and graphic, put a low cut at 120hz on the global EQ, and cut the highs on the cabs to around 12khz. This has allowed me to get a decent top end without pushing it so hard it gets thin and I suspect that may be the way to dial it in for these particular cans. It's the darnedest thing. Through a FRFR monitor in the shop this sounded phenomenal but getting the same quality through headphones at home it's a totally different discipline. I am quite enjoying experimenting though, It's just a lot to get your head around. If I'm honest I think I had a panic when I was struggling to get a good high gain sound and I was worrying I'd sunk my money into a lemon. After last night I see it is possible, it's just a learning curve. I think you're right on the headphones. I see a lot of people praising the DTT770 so that's something I need to look at. I notice these come in different impedance's would you recommend any in particular?
  2. Hi Guys, I've purchased a Helix to use exclusively with headphones. My partner goes to bed early in the evening so loud speakers are not an option. Up until now I've been using a Boss JS-8 eBand with a Rectifier Modern Patch (Gain 75, Level 60, Bass 35, Middle 35, Treble 50, Presence 0, Gain Sw Middle, Speaker 4x12, Mic Dyn57, Mic Dis on Mic, Mic Pos Center, Mic Level 100) I appreciate the settings probably don't mean much, so I would define the sound as High Gain, Tight Bottom, Good aggressive attack, Excellent Clarity. Chug Chug playing is tight and responsive and there's enough high end to hear what I'm doing without getting thin. This rhythm sound is created using John Petrucci's posted clinic settings for a Dual Rectifier. I wanted a better pedal to be able to use different modulations, reverb, delays etc and hopefully get a better sound. So for I'm having a hard time achieving this and I'm looking for some pointers to help me dial in a sound close to what I've been using. I'm working with the Mark IV Lead patch to try and get the tonal character I'm after. My Signal Chain is Guitar > Helix, 1/4 Jacks into an ASTRO A40 Mixamp > 50 ohm Impedance Dynamic Driver Headset (15-28,000hz) I have tried cutting the global Low between 100-200hz, I've tried cutting the global high to around 9-15khz. I've tried cutting the same settings on cabs themselves, I've tried different mics and mic placements. I've tried the ownhammer sample IRs, I've tried using 2 cabs with different mic placements, different cuts, and using a blend of both. I've tried cutting the bass, mid, top and raising the the 5 band graphic etc. No matter what I do I can't seem to get a tight bass and good clear top end. What I end up with is usually too bassy / boomy and the top end sounds thin. I'm hoping someone can see my working approach and perhaps suggest a different way of doing things or perhaps help me get the best sound of headphones. I like the unit for features and build quality. I just fear I'm lacking in expertise and I'm hoping with a little help I can get a good sound so as to not regret the purchase. Cheers, Ad
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