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  1. I set up a Send to my personal mixer and included a compressor and limiter in the signal. I Played for about an hour with this set up and the in ears sounded OK. there is no distortion or drop out. The jury is out on the compression and limiter. At the end of the day I realize that using a mono jack in the stereo headphone out was probably the cause of the drop out and distortion in my ears. I should have realized this sooner. Thanks
  2. I use my 1/4” Helix headphone into a personal monitor mixer into my earbuds. There is a reoccurring dropout in signal strength where I loose signal strength in my ears. Its weird because at set up, my ears sound great. About fifteen minutes into a rehearsal the signal drops out. When try to dial in more signal at the Helix my earbuds clip. i have tried various Global Line & Instrument settings with no resolve. Any ideas? Trying to protect what remains of the hearing I have left.
  3. Boccia

    Master Volume Pedal

    Help! I have: Variax guitar with cable connected to Helix. Preset with two paths. One with Variax magnetic. The other with Variax (Acoustic). I want to be able to fade in/out between the acoustic & the Magnetic using volume control. I remember seeing a video with something similar but can not find it anymore. Help would be greatly appreciated. FranieB
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