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  1. Has anyone suffered a bust ring, no jokes thanks ? Two of mine have crapped out. I’m in the UK and looking to get the replacement parts to fit, it shouldn’t be too hard. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Put your wallet firmly away my friend. Tuck it deep down!!!
  3. The fizz your hearing is really high in the frequency range. A guitar doesn't go much beyond 6.5kHz. Cut it at the cab or global. If it's to rumble boomy lie cut to 80ish
  4. Iv just got an alto 210 and I'm really happy! I have it on the floor (wooden) wedge style. Iv stopped using global eq and now cut on the cabs, 50-80 low and 7-6 high. It sounds great. I have the helix at noon on the volume and alto really low for home playing.
  5. CBTL

    Pink Floyd high hopes

    Cheers bro, appreciate you taking time to comment.
  6. My latest offerings for the Floyd fans! High hopes slide tone.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to say thanks. I put a considerable amount of time into the patches/videos and they get lots of views and downloads but most can't be arsed to say thank you yet who charge get god like status ??? Your thank you makes it worth my effort!
  8. Iv put a tweeter in my PE60. I do like it however am looking for a frfr option.
  9. I'm glad you like it and that it works for you 😀
  10. Watch my video and down load the tone! Iv replicated it on there.
  11. Did you prefere the 210 over the the 212
  12. It's for home use! I'm looking at going frfr, on a budget lol a wedge style works for my lack of room.
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