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  1. Does anyone know about the differences between Helix as a VST2 vs VST3 plugin? I have no idea what the functional difference would be. My primary DAW is Reason 9.5 on a Mac, which only supports VST 2.4 so far.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone! I suppose I'm not being too realistic in thinking I'm going to find a way for my amplified sound to be suuuuper close to a headphone sound no matter what the gear. I had forgotten that I actually already have a pair of Behringer Truth B2031A powered monitors in storage somewhere. These are not high end things, and I didn't choose them, I kind of inherited them, but they're in more or less mint condition. I think my main concern isn't so much the physical size, it's the ability to get consistent sound at both medium and much lower volumes, and price. I don't own the Helix yet, but I think it's next up on the shopping list, but it'll leave me pretty flat once it's bought. So, maybe I'll try these Behringer knock-off things (isn't everything from Behringer basically a knock of of something else? Usually Mackie?) since I already have them, and if they don't cut it, maybe look into these Alto TS110A or JBL EOD 610 or something like that.
  3. So, I've been seeing plenty of suggestions here for pretty heavy hitter FRFR amp solutions to use as the power amp after the Helix, but to be honest, everything I'm seeing is waaaay too big for my purposes. Line 6's own L2t, Atomic CLR, Yamaha DXR10, that stuff, way too big for me and way too expensive as well. Here's my thing: I'm not looking to play live, and I don't have any sort of professional studio setup where I can blow the house down with volume. What I really want is a way to play through an Helix+amp as a practice setup, using cab sims or not, whatever works, get good low-to-medium volume sound, and then when the time comes, use the direct USB outs of the Helix to my computer to record. So, my main desire here is something that'll allow my custom presets to sound as close to the same as possible when through the amp OR through headphones OR when recorded through USB to my DAW, all without needing huge volume. Any suggestions for smaller FRFR amp solutions? Am I barking up the wrong tree expecting to get consistent amplified vs direct tone using something small?
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