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  1. Hello, There were a few youtube videos regarding creating helix patches that were really well done by a guy... Looks like he was using camtasia to screencast his Native interface. I seem to remember that they were about 40 minutes long and his trick was to add a slight amount of tremolo in his signal chain. However, I can't find his videos anymore. I think he was a Mexican guy? Does anyone know what I'm talking about. He did some really good stuff with impulse responses. Any help locating his videos would be appreciated.
  2. I actually found a simple fix. I copied the Line 6 folder into /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/ and renamed the file from Helix Native.vst3 to Helix Native.vst. So far it seems to be working flawlessly. Couple of observations: If you don't rename the file to .vst from .vst3 then you can open up the plug in but it quickly disappears. I've tested, applying the Helix Native plugin fix as follows: Created a guitar track with the helix plugin in ../VST/Helix Native.vst and it works Removed the directory so that the plugin still sits in it's original installation directory where the vst 3 plugins reside and it fails Recopy the directory back in the regular vst folder but don't rename the file back to .vst and it fails renamed the file back to .vst and it works Is this a common fix to the problem with vst 3 vs vst 2.4 plugins? This seems like it shouldn't work yet it does.
  3. Hello, I do not see any way to install Helix Native on the mac as a VST 2 plug in. The options as I go through the installation only give me the ability to change the location. I'm trying to use it with Reason 9.5 and the DAW does not support VST 3 plugins. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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