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  1. cwelling

    Quick Helix Firmware update "best practice" question

    Thanks All! Very enlightening.
  2. When applying a flash memory update like the latest, 2.54, is it still necessary to reboot with the switches 9 & 10 held down to reset the globals and restore factory presets or is that only for updates that provide new models/presets?
  3. cwelling

    Helix vs G-System and finding a good tone

    Exactly what is your signal path between the Helix and the Mark III. I have a Mark III as well, and if you're using the FX Send or Direct out, they have no speaker emulator and sound very fizzy on their own. From the Mesa Boogie Mk III Manual:
  4. I had a similar thing happen: RELAY G10, 2 transmitters, fully charged Playing a concert. Pre-Show (5-10 min) I synced Transmitter1 with Base1 and placed in Guitar1 (JTV69 also connected and powered by VDI/Helix) Synced Transmitter2 with Base1 and inserted in spare (Guitar2). First 2 songs have custom tunings from Helix snapshots so VDI is used, but G10 still plugged in output jack for when I disconnect. Volume is obviously up. 4th song I disconnect, no sound, G10 is no longer talking to Base. I would have to plugin to Base and resync to use. Solo passes without me because I'm trying to plug the VDI cable back in to my guitar. After the song, I noticed the backup guitar also has gone to sleep. I turn up the volume knob and hit the strings a coupla times and it doesn't wake back up either. ?!?!?! No other bluetooth was in range as far as I know unless it was cellphones in the first couple of rows of the audience, which would've been 30-40 ft away. Base1 is flashing white the entire time. After a plugin/resyncing, all is well. I know it enters sleep mode after 4 min of no input, but how long does the unit actually sleep before it needs a resync or turns off altogether? Is there any way to control this behavior? even a hack? If not, these units won't work for me.
  5. cwelling

    Best routing of harmonizer..

    Other options: Put a slight delay (<50ms, Feedback=<15) before one side of the stereo signal before the harmonizer Use the Dual Pitch for any fixed intervals like 5ths and Octaves and set a slight delay Experiment with a stereo pan either before or after the Harmonizer. Try both slow pans and very fast pans. Play with the mix control to taste. Use 2 Harmonizers with different settings and mute one of the voices on each.
  6. cwelling

    Helix not connecting to PC

    I just went through the same thing. Here's the response from the support ticket that fixed it: "wvolkmann Mar 8, 08:50 AM We may have found a fix. Please locate this file. This is the path to the interlock file: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\HelixInterlock • Right click/properties on that file. What are the Attributes? • Close the updater, delete HelixInterlock file and re-launch the app. Does it still fail? If so, what are the attributes of HelixInterlock fil I found it in C:\Users\All Users\Line 6. You may need admin privilege to right click and change the file attributes if it's read only. Hope it works out.
  7. cwelling

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    New Request http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Simple-Pitch-and-Dual-Pitch-finer-tuning-increments/807467-23508
  8. Are there any factory presets using the amps from the new Model Packs?
  9. I'm having the exact same issue