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  1. Thanks all Still working in 2022! If i didn't speak to soon :)
  2. I found a USB port on my desktop PC that has less feedback though it still feels as a ground issue is apparent. I wasn't able to give it to much time now so will need to come back and try again when i do have the time tonight. From the quick A/B testing of different USB ports I did notice that it is only the crunch channel that has the most feedback for MY spirit 200 here but also noticed it creeping in to mix on other channels once playing.... I am aware of the USB isolators and haven't heard many success stories there either.
  3. @Schmalle The feedback noise is definitely an issue and is not there when the USB is not connected. I was hoping trying what @rd2rk would have not make it an issue and be able to get both amp and helix sounds into a daw but haven't had a moment to try that out just yet. Big shout out to rd2rk really want to try that out above and give it a go..!:-)
  4. Oh boy this one should be fun..... please help! :) Current Setup : Guitar input is in input of Helix LT Output from helix to effects return on Amp Send on helix to input of amp Return on helix to effects send on amp Helix USB to PC Windows and AMP is connected via speaker cable to a 4/12 peavey slant. I want the guitar to be amped and be able to record through the USB into a DAW using effects from both AMP and helix at the same time as can get some great sounding combinations with helix and amp + cab and want that feel but also be able to get the wet signal into the daw. Once any gain is given on amp cannot cut the feedback noise at all and recording picks up the feedback. I'm using a send block in the helix chain but in addition to the feedback having issues getting the effects of the amp in place with helix effects. I know somethings wrong and just wondering whether it's hardware or software causing it and if i need to do something else as I am now at a loss but will keep trying.
  5. rd2rk Ahh I do remember seeing something similar happen to connecting 2 112+s with L6 Link control hopefully this gets sorted out too. AND I missed that information in the post once I do get my 212+ will be using L6 cable but not to worried about not being able to tell if the HF driver is on or off. In other news I do intend on using method 1 for a good bit of how I want to set up all presets and scenes probably a few other modes too but those 2 mentioned were my favorite "out of the box" Also having the Powercab control within the helix is a great boon ....if they're properly assigning the correct power amp modes.
  6. The PC212+ is what I ordered! :) To be used without any other powercabs. Like you mentioned I did not run into the Hf driver not turning off in LF Flat when I did have a 112+ that could be a bit of an annoyance on the 212+.
  7. Hi rd2rk, What kind of bugs are you referring to on the 212. I've since placed my order and had it on backorder now since 6/15 making me wonder about my purchase is all.
  8. So update...I ordered my Powercab 212+ on 6/15 and they're backordered with a soft date for tomorrow but when I called was saying july 13th...The horror! Ahh So been practicing on my spark 40 and roland cube 20xl .
  9. Great enjoy cwelling!! Happy to help showcase that great feature!
  10. So I went ahead and ordered the 212+ it at the sale price and basically was an even swap. All things aside really looking forward to having that extra control in one awesome powered amplifier speaker cabinet. Turns out the vendor had to put the order on backorder until the 25th , must be selling like hotcakes! Been playing on my Spark 40 w, Cube 20w XL and then studio monitors and getting along fine!
  11. @@PaulTBaker How good does the 112+ and 212+ sound stacked together even when lower volume?:)
  12. I also thought about returning just the 1 112 and getting a 212 to stack with the other but couldn't justify the price right now enough for that again... that's now:)
  13. Thanks PaulTBaker that is a great solution will need to try if I don't just spring for the 212 after work today..MUMBLE MUMBLE. But yeah as of right now I've disabled the helix volume knob and running through line volume. Can easily disable but I did notice the level signal dropping not splitting hairs about it. Could be the most optimal solution!
  14. 1.Yeah I just read up on the powercab and saw that i needed 5 pin midi cables and remember something about through usb only being send and not return but may be wrong. 2. Good Good. Thinking i may also really like the extra bass port on the 212 and being enclosed in 1 cabinet. I haven't played through one yet but for dual 112's i'm starting to also feel For certain a 212 will be the way I will setup.
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