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  1. Hi, I'm using some of the foot switches to activate things on a vocal processor through MIDI, and that's working fine. The problem is that whenever I change patches on my HD Pro, it also switches the patch on the vocal processor. I want to still be able to send midi CC toggle messages to the processor, but I want to prevent the patch changes when switching patches on the HD Pro. is this possible? Thanks!
  2. Hi! Does anyone have a patch for GnR's Knockin on Heaven's Door for the HD500x? Thanks!
  3. Hi! I have both an HD Pro and an HD500X. Is it possible to create my patches on the HD Pro and copy them onto the 500X (so the 2 units match?) Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I added a Voodoo Lab GCX to my rig and I'm experimenting with using my FBV Shortboard MKII to send it MIDI control change messages through the POD HD Pro. I have it working where I can hit my FS1 button to toggle Controller #80 on or off through channel 16. The only thing that needs improvement is I was wondering if it would be possible to have the LED on the FS1 stay on when the value is 127 (On) and have it off when I toggle the button again. Is this doable? Thanks, Anthony
  5. You're right about the Compressor before the OD - that's the way I had it set up when I was testing it, not sure what happened when I saved it. Thanks again for all your help!
  6. Yup, here you go: line6.com/customtone/tone/520402/ line6.com/customtone/tone/520412/ I have the Fishman one on 1A and the pink Floyd one on 1B to swap between the two (I was attempting to set myself up to play Mother off The Wall) If you have any tips on how to improve the tone on the Pink Floyd one also, I'd appreciate it. I was attempting to do a "Another Brick in the Wall" kind of tone...
  7. Thanks for all your help radatats! I've almost got everything working properly. (I used the Stomp setting on the FX send) Here's my last problem: I created a new patch which just has a volume pedal, red compressor, and FX Loop (set to 100% mix). I also set the patch to switch my Variax to Acoustic-3. Works amazingly. The problem is when I switch patches, the Variax model switches off (which is the behavior I want) and everything is great, but then when I switch BACK to the Acoustic patch, the Acoustic-3 model comes back on, but the FX Loop is no longer working, even though according to HD Pro Edit, it is still enabled. Even switching the FX Loop off and back on in HD Pro Edit does not do anything, the sound just keeps coming out of the Mesa amp (my primary amp).
  8. Do I set the switch on the back for FX Loop Level to Line or Stomp?
  9. So I'd connect the fx send on the back of the pod HD to the front of my acoustic amp?
  10. I was just checking out the videos on Youtube and I thought I heard the guy mention that my POD HD Pro could activate the Acoustic model on my Variax and redirect the output to a PA. Great video, but an explanation would be nice. If my POD HD is normally connected to a stereo Mesa amp, would it be possible to connect an acoustic amplifier also and have the output go to that amp instead of the Mesa when that particular patch is selected?
  11. Hello, Is it possible to control a Voodoo Lab GCX using the FBV Shortboard mkII and my POD HD Pro? I'm assuming that the MIDI out on the HD Pro needs to be connected to the Pedal In on the back of the GCX. Apparently pins 1 & 3 are used to supply phantom power to the GCP though. Is this going to cause a problem with the POD? Thanks, Anthony
  12. Hello, Last time I had a practice, for some reason the screen for Effect #1 on my M13 started flashing for no reason (I hadn't even touched any of the buttons). I tried to turn it off and back on, but when I did it was now in updating mode where it was waiting for a command (Can't remember exactly what it said). I had tried a couple of different combinations of buttons while power cycling it, but ended up getting it to come on. When I got home, I did a search online and I think the recommendation I found was to do a factory reset of it (through the Setup screen). I did it. Today I had a practice again (hadn't used the M13 since the factory reset) and soon after we started playing, the screen on Effect #1 started flashing again. Everything still seemed to be working, so I ignored it. Then all of a sudden, the Delay turned itself on (Effect #3). When I pressed the button to turn it off, the button for it actually changed from Green (what it was supposed to be) to Purple. Again, I tried to ignore it, but then the Tube Compressor (the selected effect from #1) started changing to a bunch of different effects. Needless to say, I had to stop playing. I tried to do another Factory Reset but it still kept doing weird stuff afterwards (I was too annoyed at this point to take note of what it was doing, but it was basically more of the same like wouldn't stay in tuner mode while I was trying to tune, etc. Any ideas of what the problem could be? Thanks, Anthony
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