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  1. I'm having the same issue Connection Interrupted... constantly Win 7 Latest everything Re-installed drivers from here https://line6.com/software/readeula.html Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for this! I run my Helix through a Mark III that I LOVE, but I've been drooling over the Mark V for a while now and do hope to go that way someday soon. I run 4 cable and have been using the EBTech Hum Eliminator for a while. Great stuff
  3. Just a quick note on this, I just figured out that having TRAILS set to ON for an FX loop causes it to always include whatever hiss or noise that pedal might have. For instance, I have a Tube Screamer pedal in a loop, but was getting hiss whether the loop was on or not... then I realized I had TRAILS on... turn it off... hiss is gone. Since the pedal noise is only there when I'm actually playing through the Tube Screamer, it's not a problem. (I ran your test and my unit appears to work fine... increased his with pedals plugged in, but none with pedals unplugged) Cheers -Russell
  4. I hear ya... I know it sounds crazy... Here's an example though. (see image) I run an outboard TS808, a 2nd OD and 2 Comps in nearly every chain... because of the variety of lead tones I can get. The music I play leans towards Phish in that we open it up to adventure and improv quite a bit, so you never quite know what you're going to need in any given jam. So if I'm on this preset, I've got Pitch Whammy, an oct down, an Auto Wah, a Leslie and a Uni Vibe... plus a Delay. That's a lot of choices. But I'll still get into a jam, and generally it happens once I'm already revved up and everything is flowing... and I'll feel the need for some other crazy mod delay that I can step in to fill out some psychedelic texture, or maybe the new 1 Touch Looper to drop in a repeating phrase... or a phaser or flanger instead of the UniVibe. Switching Presets just to get to a flanger kills and completely resets my lead tone, so that's a pretty heavy restriction in that moment. For me it's not ambient and not spaceshippy... it's generally about more guitar tone possibilities to mix it up, because when the jams get good, you want as many colors in your palate without having to open more tubes of paint.... I've been experimenting with Snapshots a lot, and for our more complex tunes, that's been helping a lot, but I still need more "stompbox mode" options on hand all the time. It's an issue that wouldn't affect very many players, for sure... the Helix is the most versatile solution I've ever used... since I can't afford to go the full CAE (http://www.customaudioelectronics.com/home) route, I think adding an HX Effects to the rig would give me just that extra bit of versatility I need! Plus, since I don't need 2 Tap Tempo btns... that 7th btn should be available for some other functionality... hmmm.... ;-)
  5. This may sound crazy, but is anyone using hx effects and helix together? As amazingly versatile as the Helix is, I still find myself getting into a jam and wanting to go for a certain effect that's not in the preset I'm using at the moment. Generally in that moment, I've built up to a huge tone with 4 - 6 effects on and switching to another preset just to get to the AutoWah or Pitch Down is just not feasible) In the past, I found that having a 2nd multi FX pedal in the mix was great because I always had access to certain "pedals" no matter what overall preset I was in. So this got me thinking, what if I just got an HX Effects and ran it in one of the effects loops on the Helix? That would allow me to keep, let's say, all my reverbs, delays, mods etc... everything that goes together in the chain (I run a 4-cable setup)... in one place and always available. Seems like this would also give me a lot more flexibility in my overall preset and snapshots as well... and I assume I could connect them via MIDI to send tap and any other controls I might want... in case I did happen to have a preset where I wanted to change parameters on a delay on the other pedal ot something... And the more I think about it, with several footswitches freed up on the Helix, I'd free up a switch or two that could be used for things like momentary 100% feedback on a delay etc Anyone tried this? Cheers Russell
  6. yeah... strange for me... After v 2.21, I've never had it again... now with 2.54 it's back so bad my Helix is completely basically a brick ruined my rehearsal the other day and has me in a bit of crisi mode for an upcoming gig I'm currently trying to roll back to a previous firmware to see if it helps I hadn't updated since before 2.50, so I'm hoping to try a few and see if they help
  7. FYI ... to anyone thinking about updating to this firmware version... the locking Control Pedal issue is back
  8. Thanks so much I was looking in HARDWARE and I/O settings, where it wasn't giving me options, but in PLAYBACK ENGINE you do get a list, so that's the winner. I tried ASIO4ALL to no avail ... can't get any playback with it... but thanks anyway hefonthefjords! Cheers Russell
  9. I run the latest Pro Tools with a Focusrite 6i6 2nd gen I have the latest Helix firmware and HX Edit I was hoping to use my Helix's preamps and compressors for recording some vox, and it sure would be awesome to use HX Edit to tweak settings, but whenever I plug the Helix usb into the computer, it installs an ASIO driver that trumps my Focusrite ASIO driver, becoming the only one Pro Tools can see. How can I use my Helix with HX Edit without that ASIO driver taking over? Thanks! Russell
  10. Great I filed a ticket too I'll let you guys know when / if it starts happening again if will try to isolate causes / fixes if possible (My guess, it'll be caused by high pressure gigs and cured by being at home alone) ;-) Cheers Russell
  11. I am having exactly the same issue over the last few days. Latest firmware etc. I have 2 Roland EV5 exp pedals and a boss fs-5u in the toe pedal jack It was so bad yesterday at rehearsal I couldn't switch patches or snapshopt... it would lock the controller nearly every time, though the rack would still work fine I WAS able to use stompboxes and attached exp pedals with no problem. Unplugging the cat 5 from the control and plugging it back in would solve it. just now, however, wouldn't you know it, I can't get it to do it. Everything working fine at the moment, but this is the kind of intermittent issue I can't have while gigging...
  12. Actually, I'm still getting very wonky results from all of my ev-5 pedals They never quite go to 100 ... and while sitting there untouched, the parameter they're sending to will jump between low 90s and high 90s but never hit, or stay on 100. Anyone else using EV-5's?
  13. Thanks for the reply I'm actually not trying to nail a certain tone... just trying to get any tone that doesn't suck without the Boogie in the mix. I'll keep plugging away at it. I actually played a VG-88 through the KC-500 for years, so it's not a new thing for me... but I have definitely gotten used to the punchy bigness of the Boogie. Digital Fizz should definitely not be something we have to accept, in my opinion... since a real amp doesn't sound anything like that... at least not through a cabinet. So maybe I just need to use a high pass as a default? I suppose what I'm asking is this... based on the kinds of tonal preferences I described, what amp / cab suggestions would you guys have? Does anyone have any basic patches they could share? etc Thank again! R
  14. I'm about 5 days into having a Helix Rack. I've had a G-System for years, with a TS-808, a Carl Martin Compressor and a a TC-Electronic VPD1 in the loops. All running 4 Cable through a Mesa Boogie Mark III. Playing a Parker Fly Classic. I have a few questions I'll just jam into one post.... I REALLY want the Helix to replace the G-System in this setup... Helix is the only thing even close to being as versatile as the G-System for routing etc... and certainly surpasses it in lots of ways. It took a bit, but I have got a routing dialed in that gets me back to roughly the tone and responsiveness I had going on with my G-System setup... next time I can actually crank it and play with the band I'll see how it feels. That said, I'm having a tough time thinking about leaving behind those lush TC-electronic reverbs, mods and delays. I think the G-System Uni-vibe is just 1000% more lush, as are the reverbs, but maybe I'm not doing it right? I could, in theory, keep the G-system and leave it in the rack, but that would be another expensive piece of gear I was supposed to sell in order to afford the Rack + Controller (I bet I'm not the first person to have this dilemma!) I am REALLY excited that I can run a mic path through the Helix at the same time... I play alto sax and used to love running it through a Boss GT-5 for cool sounds, so this should be fun. I also have a Roland KC-500 which I plan to use to send the mic too... and also have borrowed a huge EV SxA250 from a friend. I really want to explore FRFR options... it would be AWESOME to be able to sell the Mark III and recoup some $$$... but every time I load up a new patch and drop in amps in the Helix and run to one of my full range speakers, it sounds really synthetic, with that telltale high pitch buzzy sound on the crunch... or, so many of these models... just really heavy distortion. I think my tastes are a bit different from most ... for me, the holy grail of tone is Trey Anastasio (then Gilmour after that) https://youtu.be/B1Bxc9Xtwss?t=6s I love the sustain and crunch without so much breakup. I want drive without fuzz... crispy but warm. Of course, Trey plays a hand made, full hollow body which makes a big difference... but I wanted to ask you guys if you have suggestions for me to try to get that kind of tone without the Boogie in the chain... straight into an FRFR. Thanks so much for any help! Cheers Russell
  15. I just bought mine (a Rack) ... used, but in great shape... but the Amp button (next to the home button) is weird. See this video https://photos.app.goo.gl/961Rok561fqGYRQg1 It works, but it doesn't click the same as the other buttons Anyone else had this? Cheers Russell
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