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  1. Your DAW does not have a tuner insert? If it doesnt I am sure you can find a free one somewhere. But yes, would be nice. I had the same reaction for about 2 seconds, as I usually tune my guitar after Helix boots.
  2. Something I noticed today: try dragging impulses or presets from Helix Edit to Native. It imports it just fine, but Native re-orders the presets/impulses alphabetically. This is a big pain in the a$$, since I mark my presets in the Studio One track names. Like HLX_U1_07A. Of course a simple work arround is to either name them differently (put a 03. 04. 05. etc in front), drag & drop them 1 by 1.. Maybe this problem is also solved by just using export/import via file, but didnt test it.
  3. Ha! This seems to be true in my case as well. Just tried this diagnostic mode as duncann suggested, and initially i thought it did not work. But when I pressed harder the action item went to yellow (i think) and indicated 0 (and 1 when pressed). Does anyone else have this? It works, so I am happy :) but it doesnt seem normal? Thanks to DarellM5 for saving me the trouble of returning the unit!
  4. Fortunately the shop I bought it from is here in the city (didnt mail order online this time) so if duncann's suggestion doesnt work I will need to contact them, or the authorized Line 6 servicing company. Both are close by, its just a hassle.
  5. That was also my understanding, but when I press "action" nothing happens. There are no changes visible on the screen like ricksteruk is mentioning. So that makes me wonder if the this button might be deffective. Is there any other area where "action" has a purpose so I could test this? Or perhaps some diagnostic tool? Trying to create a parallel path in the Helix Application works fine btw..
  6. Hi all, Today I wanted to get more into creating my own patches, since I have been using mostly the factory preset stuff up to now. I read in the manual that in order to move block around you: Select the block Press the "ACTION" button, which causes it to appear "picked up" and displayes some options in the bottom of the window Move the to where it needs to go Press the "ACTION" button again to place it. I think that is pretty straight forward. But.. when I press the action button on Helix (I use the device itself to edit patched, not the app on my PC) nothing happens. It does not look picked up, or no options appear. What gives?
  7. Thanks to Brazzy for pointing me to the mic boost option! That did the trick.
  8. Thanks for the replies, I'll check it when I get home today. Did some playing around during the weekend and I noticed some interesting stuff. First off all, when I max out the input gain on the Focusrite I can see the recording level in the software on my PC which is clipping (or nearly so), but that still gives low volume out to the main monitors (also connected to the Focusrite). Note that also the recorded sound wave shape in the track is barely visible (almost a flat line), indicating low input levels. The main volume level for the monitors is OK. Meaning, if I play a imported MP3 which I use as a backing track it sounds quite fine volume wise. Isnt that a bit wierd? How can the input be clipping with the actual output to the monitors being that low? Another thing I noticed is when I connect my guitar directly into the Focusrite the situation is exactly opposite. Even without any gain the input can still clip, but the volume on the monitors sounds fine. However, I would really like to use the DT25 sound and its effects coming from the HD500X of course. When I'm home I'll have a look at the software settings as suggested and post my findings.
  9. Hi all, Have been using the old guitar port for quite some time, but recently I purchased a DT25 112 combo with the Pod HD500X. So far so good and I really like the amp. Now I want to start doing some home recording. So I got myself a Focusrite 2i2 USB audio interface and connected the simulated cabinet direct out from the DT25 into one of the preamp's of the Focusrite (XLR/XLR). The problem is that in the recording software on my PC the audio level from the amp (going throught the Focusrite to the PC via USB) is way too low. It is so low that I have to crank the gain on the Focusrite almost all the way up which causes white noise in the end, so not really preferable. To counter this, I just turn up the master volume on the DT25, but this gets way too loud. I can put it in stand by and crank the amp which still outputs signal through the direct out - even on stand by but only in low volume mode. But it's still not loud enough and the amp starts to distort at volumes of 8+. My last attempt was to not use "low volume mode", but in that case there is no output at all through the direct out of the amp. So how to go about this? It seems to me there is some fundamental problem here that I am not seeing. I would figure that this type of setup (XLR/XLR connection using the directout of the amp to preamp-in on the audio interface) would be the normal way to go?
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