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  1. I have both... My L2m blows the Altos away by a looong shot. Both sound pretty good, but you wont be disappointed in an investment for an L2t. At first it plug-in, it sounded a little boomy, but after a little bit of tweaking, I got it just perfect. Lay it sideways, like a monitor, because it has an internal accelerometer that engages an effect that rolls off the lows a little bit. The L6 link also sounds way better, than connected through a 1/4 cable. Not sure why, but it does...
  2. OMG!!! I'm in love... You, sir, are awesome! After lots of digging around last night, I fell asleep reading about it, I had concluded that it was definitely a Reason 9.5 problem. Since VST's are new in Reason, there are a few minor bugs, but it's pretty awesome nonetheless. I did find a work-around using the scroll wheel, but you've provided by with a concrete solution for this glitch. Over my lunch break today, I had a screen sharing recording session with a buddy of mine in Hollywood, CA (I live in Texas). The session was awesome, and I was able to use Helix Native instead of my floor unit. I used addictive drums to lay down a drum track in a separate VST window. I'm freak'n stoked... This is a game changer!
  3. I read somewhere that there are some known bugs... What are they? I'm running Native as a VST 2, in Reason 9.5. Everything works fine, no latency, etc... But I can't use the drop-down menu to change to a different set-list folder. It shows up really fast then disappears. There's another menu on the upper right corner that does the same thing, but everything else runs fine. I can import/export bundles, import set-lists, etc... I just can't select anything other than "Factory 1" I un-installed and re-installed several times, but no change in behavior. My rig... Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i7 6700K, 4.00 Ghz 64GB RAM, DDR4 Invidia GeForce GTX 1070, Dual 24" Monitors M.2 Drives SSD Water Cooled Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 KRK Monitors
  4. Thank You DI for the detailed explanation of how it works!!! It removes a lot of speculation from the crowd regarding DSP processing, and how it's done in the HELIX. I DO own a Fractal, Axe-FX, and have ZERO complaints about the HELIX. I LOVE my Helix, and the sounds I can get from it. It's my "go-to" box right now. Regarding the nay-sayers... Everyone's an expert nowadays. Sound is subjective though. THANK-YOU for the update. I love it!
  5. Congrats on the jump! I also own the Axe-FX Ultra. It's waaaay awesome, and I especially like the different weird effects I can play with. I also have the MFC-101 controller to go with. When I bought my Helix a few months ago, I did it as an impulse buy. I kinda discovered it by accident. It's the first piece of Line 6 gear I've owned. I've always liked multi-effect pedal boards and have also owned the BOSS GT-8 and BOSS GT-10. They sounded a little digital, but it was good enough for me, and I thought the sound was decent (not for distortion though). With that said, I'm not really a sound "purist" like some of the other really hard core guys on this forum. I just like really good effects and equipment. I still like the Axe-FX, but am currently considering selling it in favor of the Helix. What sold me was absolutely the interface, scribble strips, ease of use... I built my patches from scratch. The fact that I didn't have to lug around a rack unit and case anymore, all the wires to connect the MFC-101, etc... I just like the simplicity, and it's an all-in-one unit. I am really looking forward to the ongoing firmware updates, etc... The DSP processing power is definitely waaaay better than the Fractal as well. The reason the Fractal sounds better is because the way the DSP algorithms are programmed, as opposed to the way Line 6 does it. With the POD products, I believe the the modelling was done using something called "piece-wise polynomial functions" mathematically speaking if the value was over this, then this, else this. Fractal takes a logarithmic approach. Not sure how it's done for the Helix, but I think the approach is fundamentally different. I love my HELIX so far! The sound is awesome, and I'm running it through a Roland Cube 40XL (No effects loop), super clean channel. I am also using some Ownhammer IR's. I dare not compare which unit is better. They're both good. If you can't get a good sound from the Helix, you're doing something wrong. Check out this interview with Cliff Chase...
  6. 1st Post on this forum... I check this forum daily, as of late wondering when the announcement for the new firmware is out. Friday night and still nothing... Dang-it! I guess maybe next week.
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