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  1. I just prefer to choose the expression pedals I like. It's most probable to break and it's built in and can't be easily replaced.
  2. I returned the Helix. Very cool unit. Function wise I wanted to keep. But it doesn't do as many effects as the Axe Fx II XL and didn't like having expression pedal attached to it.
  3. I decided to keep the Axe Fx II XL because of its effects and also i know how to use it will after many years. I also like Fractal's editor better. The scribble strips were main enticement, but i guess I'll look at an RJM Mastermind 22 in near future. Yes, expensive i know.
  4. I wish the main large screen could just display a large image of the preset name when using live. The routing does not need to be on screen live and a large preset name would be great!
  5. Seems silly to not have the preset show large when not needing the routing live. Maybe in future firmware releases this will happen?
  6. Un-did screw on bottom. loosened the allen bolt and used white lithium grease with a toothpick. Tightened and all good now. Just be careful to not lose those small screws!
  7. Routing screen is great for editing of course, but live I don't need to see that. Be better to have ability to display a large preset name or whatever.
  8. I have not been able to run it through all the paces yet. I just plugged some good headphones in and it sounded decent. Though the amp models sounded similar and the delays and reverbs were not as good. I'm not making a final decision until I really have time to plug it in 4CM and give it a real try.
  9. 2 issues....every link I try to download for the editor takes me to an up loader download that doesn't do anything once I open it???? Also the pedal squeaks and feels either too tight or too loose when I use allen wrench on side? Please advise. Thanks!
  10. Time will tell when I get my hands on the Helix. But this doesn't sound great to me as I'm coming from a MFC101 that had 17 buttons. I used 10 as presets and 7 instant access switches. Option to configure the switches for whatever you want, would be much preferred. At very least have bank up and down locked in and then have Mode available on a long press bank down or something. As far as mandating that we utilize tempo/tuner....that doesn't sit well for my needs and seems anti what this pedal was created to do with buttons and scribble strips...give you options.
  11. Are these buttons nonassignable? Meaning if I want to use the Tempo/Tuner for something else, I can't? Seems counter productive to mandate the user has to have this and waste a button IMO.
  12. I think Delays and Reverbs are areas that most FX units should try and shine in. The Amp and Cab models too, but that only matters to those that don't do 4CM. The common denominator is Delay and Reverb. Drive would be another "standard effect" that most care about. While my Helix arrives tomorrow, I'll surely be interested in the reverbs, coming from an Axe Fx II XL.
  13. This is what I've always found to be true in most units utilizing this strategy of parallel.
  14. Is this standard in most parallel MFX units? Moot point as I don't think I run anything parallel ever more than 50%, but just curious???
  15. Actually I had no idea about that merger! Mainly just was saying what was bad, is now considered good or great by many! Interesting info though and thanks for sharing. Really looking forward to this Helix!
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