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  1. Actually I do have the L3T and Some QSCs so I’ll give it a crack...
  2. Sorry, just saw this, been offline for a while. I upgraded 2 helix floor units and one rack (all purchased in Australia around the same time) and had been upgrading each time there was a new version with the usual frustrations but no major problems until 2.71. All three units froze during the last step which was a patch rebuild. I had to turn the unit off and reboot - no sound. I simply repeated the upgrade, experienced the same exact pattern, then had sound. It's a weird one, makes no sense, however the units have been fine ever since.
  3. I use high gain patches and amps and can it can get pretty loud with distortion pedals/OD up front. I use the noise gate at the input block, and then often use another in the chain. It's definitely manageable, we play loud and aggressive live and I don't any issues with uncontrollable feedback etc. Also use low and hi cuts.
  4. Mark V had been on my mind for years - I've restored two 1986 Mk 2 amps that the Australian band, the radiators, toured with, and have a dual rec as well, but this thing just blows me away. Now that I can combine it with the Helix I'm in heaven, although I've had to invest in a decent set of ear plugs!
  5. I recently acquired my dream AMP, the Mesa Boogie Mark Five. I wanted to set up all of my song patches, effects, channel switching etc with the Helix via midi, and the 4 Cable method. Its been a few weeks of trial and error and lots of research and I finally have my dream rig sorted. I thought I'd share some of my key learnings here as it was hard to find everything I needed in one place. Here goes: 1. The helix won't enable effective channel switching via TRS cable as the Ext Amp settings only cater for Tip or Ring. The helix is lacking the third option and you can't assign these settings to snapshots, you can only use foot switches in stomp mode. This means you still need to tap dance like an old-fashioned pedal board. The SOLUTION is to acquire a midi interface for the Mesa MkV from EM Custom in Poland. It cost me 150 Euro and was delivered to Australia within 10 days. Take a midi cable out of the Helix, into the interface 'midi in' socket. Then run the standard Mesa foot switch cable out of the interface into the AMP. Download the midi interface manual from the EM Customs website, and use program control messages to control the AMP via midi. Just select your snapshot, goto the command centre, set an 'instant' command by simply calling up the corresponding program number to the setting you want from the interface manual. The black dot in the manual means 'on'. 2. I got a nasty Ground Loop the moment I plugged the channel switching cable into the amp. I got the same ground loop when I tried the 1/4 inch TRS cable as well. This resulted in a loud buzzing noise that was particularly loud in the higher gain channels. The SOLUTION is an EBTech Hum Eliminator that I purchased from bmusic for $150. I plugged the send 1 into the Hum Eliminator, then another cable out to the front of the amp, and followed the normal 4Cable method (amp fx send to helix return 1, 1/4 inch out to amp fx return). The Ground Loop buzz has completely vanished, the amp is quiet even in high gain mode at high volumes. 3. Noise gates, put one after the send/return block, and one at the the end of your effects chain. Tweak to suit. My highest gain channel is at -40.00db, 11ms 4. Ins /Outs, set ins outs as follows in global settings - 1/4 inch out "line", send/return "Instrument" 5. The amp's high gain channels respond really well to the Minotaur sitting in front with plenty of gain (7.4), tone (5), level (4). Hope this helps any MesaHelixHeads out there.
  6. There is a well documented issue in here regarding 2.71 and volume issues. Tread carefully...
  7. From memory I think I go from GR55 guitar out straight to helix, helix to the board. Then I use the GR55 left right out to the board. I use helix for amps and effects, GR55 for crazy goodness like synth, piano, trumpet etc...
  8. Happened to me with a rack unit once about two years ago. I reinstalled the software and it’s never happened again.
  9. I’ve now rebooted each unit several times and things seem to be working.
  10. Have two floor units and a rack. On the weekend I upgraded all three from 2.5 to 2.71. Each device followed the exact same pattern - upon rebuilding the presets the first floor unit froze at preset 395, the rack froze at 420, the other floor froze at 405. I had to turn power off and on again. On each occasion the rebuild began from where it had left off. Then I had no sound on all three devices. I rebooted and then had sound. I will turn off and on again tonight to see if anything has changed...the update process really lets this device down.
  11. I found Glenn Ds Metal pack, rock pack and cleans brilliant. In particular his 1959 Marshall, Blackface, Blackstar, and Morgan. Add a couple of Fremens Blues patches, and some of Scotts specialist song specific patches and you're away.... Yes making your own stuff rules but those few I mentioned above are brilliant. For some reason Glenn's stuff sounds incredible on my system and I can't really get close, I use QSC 8s, 10s and 12s via a mixer or direct. I have a bass cut at about 90 and treble at 7500 on the IR blocks.
  12. I use a Music Man Majesty with Guitar in for Electric Pick-ups, return one for piezo and built several patches based on Pater Hamms video above. I use a hummingbird IR and its glorious - literally can switch from super clean acoustic to whatever level of electric crunch at the switch of a button...beautiful stuff!
  13. And ALWAYS insert a number starting at 1 in front of the IR name. That way they will always stay in order when exporting/saving etc
  14. Buy Glenn Delaunes high gain patches. Fixed. Period.
  15. Scotts for specific sounds/songs, for example his She Sells Sanctuary and Everlong patches, Fremen for some good general sounds e.g.. Blues for Cocaine and his Rectoball patch for metal, and then Glenn Delaunes Boutique Amp patches for everything else. I use these live all the time and they sound brilliant. I use them as a base and add stuff like a separate path for my piezo acoustic, or a clean amp. Seriously good stuff.
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