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  1. BrokenGravity

    Dimebag style delay/verb/pitch (for Helix or HX)

    This isn't exactly what you're asking for but. @thenickhill81 has a fantastic demo of a Dimebag rhythm tone where he goes in depth talking about it: If you're really dedicated to matching his lead tone... Research the gear he used in studio: amp, cab, recording mic, etc. There are plenty of impulse responses that you can find online (probably not free) that will replicate what Dimebag was using to create his lead tones in studio. This will get you close to his sound. Its a lot of work. Best of luck.
  2. BrokenGravity

    Fremen's Helix presets

    Looking to maybe get a couple packs or so. Looking for something really meaty on the low end for rhythm, perhaps similar to early dream theater or Metallica. Any suggestions on the pack? Thanks
  3. BrokenGravity

    polyphonic fx coming?

    If they did bring polyphonics into the helix, could we possibly get a polyphonic harmonizer ?!
  4. BrokenGravity

    New to Helix-where do I start?

    Hey man, don't get discouraged, just like any floorboard, it takes time. You can def plug in chug and get some decent sounds, but probably not the ones you are looking for! This was my experience. I like rock / metal / heavy tones with really full lead tones. I didn't get that out of the box, but I did get interesting tones that I still use though. I used this as an emulation guide: http://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-amp-models/ This shows what gear line 6 is modeling after. Depending on what tone / artist your trying to sound like, you may need Impulse responses. I got my best results with IR's. Which if you do enough web searching you will probably find what you are looking for. Otherwise, I suggest patch artists like Freman: fremenpresets.com/downloads/category/line6-helix/ Best of luck Edit: Line 6 Custom Tone may also be a good starting point for you. Check it out!
  5. BrokenGravity

    Moke's Custom Presets 'Foolin'' Preset Demo

    Good job man! Keep it up!
  6. BrokenGravity

    Best Presets To Buy For Metal and Hard Rock

    Hey Pubcrawl30, If you're going for Freman, I highly suggest the big pack, big pack add on, synth tone packs for Metal and hard rock. I also HIGHLY suggest looking into thenickhill81 posts / tone walkthroughs: I also suggest looking through GuitarjonSDS posts about metal / rock tones: They do use Ownhammer IR's which you have to pay for, But if you take a hard look around the internet you will find something that will work. Best of luck!
  7. BrokenGravity

    HX edit no longer connecting to my Helix

    My helix and my Desktop PC never cooperated together since the beginning. Loading patches / setlists / updating would always cause a crash on the helix / hxedit. I have opened up a ticket for this, uninstalling drivers / reinstalling drivers and hxedit and other software. Eventually I was pointed to a USB trouble shooting guide which didn't help at all. So I've had to use my trash compacter of a laptop for all of those endeavors. I can usually open up HX edit and make minor patch adjustments or switch patches on my desktop, which is all I need it for. Today that has stopped. My helix and HXedit will no longer connect to each other at all. Very frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions for me that can help solve this issue? I really do not understand why Helix software and my desktop PC don't get a long. Both laptop and PC run windows 10. PC was custom built 5 years ago with high end hardware, laptop is simple I3 machine with nothing fancy, is about 3 years old. Any suggestions? Thank you
  8. BrokenGravity

    New tutorial for brutal tones but very simple presets!

    Another good / informative tutorial. Followed along and achieved great results. I don't own helix native (just own the Helix floor) or any of the plug ins you use, so I can only emulate what your plugins do based on your description of them and what I hear. Your videos provide a great template to achieve awesome sounds. Ownhammer IR's help to achieve what you are doing, but you can get other great tones using on-board cabs or other IR's. I've had a lot of fun using your dialed settings with OH IR's as well as helix cabs and other IR brands. Thank you. Keep these awesome videos coming!
  9. BrokenGravity

    Pantera/Dimebag Tone Walkthrough

    Hey thenickhill81, Thanks for this tone! I followed your tutorial and remade it tonight and got fantastic results. Thanks for sharing! I look forwards to more of your 'Tone Explanation' series!
  10. BrokenGravity

    How "Waterproof" Is Helix?

    So I unfortunately have a good amount of knowledge about spilled drinks / liquid accidents on electronics. I have found that electronics are incredibly resilient to liquid spills. The damage that occurs to your electronics when your device meets liquid is: directly correlated with what kind of liquid was spilled on your device. Device is on or off. Hopefully your device is off when the spill occurs If device was on, were you able to turn it off before the liquid penetrates into the circuitry. Adequate dry time. For devices that are taken apart completely to dry, a dry time of over night is sufficient, however if you leave your device as is, up to a week of dry time is recommended in a well ventilated area. If drinking water is spilled onto your helix while it is off, your helix will be 99% fine given adequate dry time. If a beer / soda / sticky sugary liquid / any sufficiently dirty liquid (ie rain water dripping through old dirty wood) fall into your helix or device circuitry, there is a high chance that a residue will be left on the circuitry when it drys off interfering with electrical connections preventing your device from working correctly. This isn't device ending damage as residues can be cleaned through taking the device apart and cleaning it with distilled water. Device ending damage occurs when resistors / transistors / inductors / and integrated circuits and chips take damage causing them to short. Even here, if you are dedicated enough you can replace these parts and get your device working again. Although this process of replacing electrical parts can be so time consuming and mentally exhausting that it is not worth it. For the most part electrical short damage occurs when liquids with high TDS (total dissolved solids) interact with the electronics over a period of time when the device is on. That is why it is so important that if something spills on your device while it is on that it gets shut off immediately. I have spilled a full beer into my Marshall AVT 275 while it was on, turned it off immediately, let it try, took it apart and soaked the circuit boards in distilled water overnight, let it dry adequately and put it back together and it worked fine. I spilled 12 ounces of whiskey sour, which is arguably the most sticky drink onto my Corsair K95 Mechanical keyboard while it was on and wasn't able to unplug it for at least 30 seconds. I took it apart, soaked it in distilled water, put it back together and it works fine to this day. I actually made a couple YouTube videos documenting the rescue. I can post it if people are interested in seeing it. So to take away from this long post, don't spill stupid stuff on your helix. Do not put food / drinks near your device or let any drunk people with liquid in there hands near your gear. Good habits like this will keep your devices working much longer!
  11. BrokenGravity

    Singtall Helix Superpack

    Just saw this post for the first time, downloaded the freebies. I will def be checking these out for sure based on some research I've done on your patches. Can't wait for the pack / patches. Best of luck
  12. BrokenGravity

    John Petrucci Helix & OwnHammer tone tutorial

    Hey guys, I bought these IR's because I really wanted to try this out! I'm pretty happy with the results. So here they are! I'm a newb when it comes to DAW's so I couldn't follow GuitarjonSDS's guide exactly. Plus I didn't use a DAW to reamp the tracks, I just used my floor model Helix and HXEdit to create a patch. All the tones here are uploaded with his settings exactly as they are in the tutorial. I placed the IR block (2048) after the Amp block. I didn't cut any high's or lows. I just loaded them as is. This was all recorded using my Helix floor into Studio One Pro. I used my Carvin custom wooded 7 string guitar based on the DC-727 (It's pictured as my avatar). Pretty sure the pickups are C26N neck / C26T bridge. This guitar has passive / active settings, I used the pick ups in the passive setting as the active settings created too much background noise / distortion. The coil splitting / phase switch wasn't used either. Also everything was recorded with the bridge pick up. Guitar wood is Koa Body, mahogany neck with a maple top on the body. Petrucci Clean: Pull me under rhythm: Petrucci Lead: Petrucci 7 String: Definite favorite is the 7 String sound. Sounds like Petrucci's 7 string on Train of Thought. Fantastic! Thanks GuitarjonSDS for this tutorial and the Metallica one. I look forward to more of them! I ended up tweaking these sounds a bit further to get what I wanted as he suggested in his tutorial. Thanks
  13. BrokenGravity


    Hey man, I hear you on the overwhelmingness of the Helix. I came from a Boss GT-8, the difference between the helix and that hardware has been life changing. MusicLaw and ADBrown both have good points. I started out with YouTube videos since I honestly never had any amps besides a Marshall AVT 275, that amp broke down in less than two years and I went for studio monitors and a GT-8. I'm really into Dream Theater, so I sought out Mesa Boogie sounds. This is a good video of Youtuber Richie C. creating a great tone: I suggest spending a day or so going through the factory presets and get a feel for what everything is. I suggest having this website handy: http://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-amp-models/ It is a cheat sheet for amp models, so going through the factory sets and looking at this at the same time can give you a good feel for what amps sound like while assigning a brand name to them. After that I just went after what I was looking for which is fantastic clean tones and metal patches. There is a lot out there. I suggest Googling your favorite artist name and add "helix" afterwards and see what comes up. Good luck! EDIT: Go through Line 6 Custom Tone page for awesome user submitted patches to load and learn from!
  14. BrokenGravity

    Fremen's Helix presets

    Check these youtube videos made by Freman on the Synthpad pack link: https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/helix-synthpads-tonematches/ They are like a constant chord that is being played. You can change keys as well.
  15. BrokenGravity

    Fremen's Helix presets

    MarkeG, I use a Sennheiser HD280 headphones and all of Freman's patches sound great coming out. I own the Megapack, and the only "back track" that I'm aware of are the synth pad tones, which are a lot of fun!