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  1. Hi Folks, Would like to get some votes for idea 5198. If you agree w/ me please head on over to ideascale and upvote. Here's the link: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Edit-Desktop-App-Change-History-Buffer/994087-23508 Many apps (i.e. strymon nixie, affinity photo) have a clickable history buffer of changes made. It's in a history buffer that is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Countless times, we make changes and in the end, unsatisfied w/ the changes and want to go back to some point of our change. This feature allows the user to A/B sounds as they progress in building their presets. Here's an example: History Buffer Screen: 1. Add Amp Block 2. Increase Gain 3. Increase Presence 4. Add FX Block Assuming the user wants to go back to change 3, he/she can click on item 3 to undo items 4 and 3 OR a another mode will just undo item 3 Here's another example:
  2. They sent me a replacement G10 unit which has tiny blue dots. Yesterday, this brand New replacement just died permanently and the flashing sequence is orange , red, red, red, red. That's it. Will not hold charge, nothing. I am reopening my ticket. This is beyond annoying.
  3. Can you guys recommend another brand if LIne 6 doesn't solve this? I'm seeing a ton at Amazon, but I don't know if they're any good. People tend to put 5 stars on the cheap brands.
  4. Just upgraded today out of fear and I missed this thread. No issues, prior to upgrading, in fact, was very satisfied with it. Today it stopped at around 2 hours of playing.
  5. Courtesy of google translate: friends of line 6 I am next to buy a unit the hx and I would like to know if the hx serves to control and change the presets of the pedals strymon time line, mobius and big sky through midi, I would also like to use a disaster area dpc 5 to include analog distortions and increase the loops of fx and that all this synchronized hx strymon and dpc 5, all with the method of 4 cables
  6. Maybe you can try the following: 1) Try removing any other USB connections (webcam, etc). If there is a USB hub, remove that as well, leaving only a connection to the Helix 2) Replace your USB cable (try one with a ferrite choke). Are you using the supplied Helix cable? 2) Purchase an Add-on PCI usb card and test items 1 and 2 above. (mileage may vary)
  7. I had the same experience as the OP and VDI sounded way too thin to my ears that I switched to 1/4" output a while back. This was on an HD500x. I recently got a Helix and a G10. I have yet to compare VDI vs. the 1/4 output with this new setup. Now I'm wondering whether having the G10 w/ a short patch cable affects the tone in any manner as compared to the VDI , 1/4" cable (15ft length) connections.
  8. Courtesy of Google Translate: Hello , acquirer recently a helix; I find myself in front of 2 problems. Before all things, I updated the beast with the latest firmware .2.54 MAJ was made progressively = received in 2.3, I made the updates by following the timeline and unwinding OK) So 1 ° impossible to record snapshots with the icon "photograph" ..in "preference snap.edits in recall mode (grayed out device) and discard device red circled OK .... if I'm not mistaken .. so, when, after a snap setting, I want to record (discard mode) I put a finger in front of the icon and it should work ??? not for me .. 2 ° saw that I play with live 9 with: 4 back track Wave + a track virtual instru and helix by scene ...) and to have a certain homogeneity sound as well as for the FX of the latter (the whole comes out in usb on a QU16) - I enter the live USB output 1/2, 3/4 or 5/6 (no HUB for the helix, buffer to 128 samples in live) and sporadically I have stalls styles "buffer" .. while i am on recent pro macbook. -In addition, should you better mono or stereo pair of the live helix? have you encountered similar problems? Thank you in advance
  9. Thanks for your concern. I'm checking with Glenn himself.
  10. I caved in today for a Helix. I've deauthorized my HD500x's HD Fully Loaded Bundle model packs: HD Metal Pack HD Vintage Pack HD Bass pack I'm also throwing in a Glenn DeLaune Vintage Pack Patches which requires the above pack to work. It has 16 total patches. I'm looking to sell it for $50. Total value is $110. PM if interested. Many thanks!
  11. Glad you figured it out. Ditto as rd2rk no issues in win10. I upgraded from Win 7 to win 10. Although I made sure the 7 always had the latest patches.
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