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  1. birro

    Hd500 Display Problem

    I sold mine. It was impossible to use playing... only plugged in front of the computer, as I generally change patches 3-5 times in a song, and for each song I play on my band I have a different patch. Considering the used price I gave a 40% discount and sold it. Purchased a HD500X. IF the display is the same brand and present the same problem... it'll be goodbye Line6. However I truly don't believe they're using the same materials of the HD500 on electronics. I don't know where you're from, but in Brazil we have NO Line6 representatives for service. That's why I sold it "as is", so the new purchaser was able to keep the way it was but with the great sounding, or maybe try to find an electronic technician to fix it. If you have a Line6 representative where you live, try to quote the service. Sorry for not having better advices... :(
  2. Hey guys, I don't bring any good news (for me). This week I just turned on my HD500 and look at the pictures for what happened. Well... I use it on gigs, rehearsals, etc... and I use about 5 banks live (5A->D, 6A->D, 7, 8 and 9), according to the guitar I'm using and the song. It sounds perfect, the knobs are perfect, expression perfect... it's just the display. The fact is that I just don't know which I'm using! If I press the bank knob too much I can go way ahead and miss where I am. So I can't use it live anymore. In Brazil there are NO Line6 representatives which leads me to ask you guys if any of you had this issue or knows someone who had. What should I do? Purchase a new display from Line6 USA and ask for a floorboard repairshop to install? Any other tip? So far my only option would be selling it with a lower price as it is and purchase a new one... possibly the HD500X. Any tips, experiences, offers or maybe a gun with a bullet to help me get out of this issue? :unsure:
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