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  1. Thanks brother! Waited on the deal and it sold...still loving the L3T though.
  2. Have the chance to pick up a used Firehawk 1500 for a sweet deal--been using my L3T and gotta say it has been a beauty. Haven't had the oppurtunity to try out the firehawk with the Helix and I'll need to move pretty quickly on the deal. Any advise??
  3. Wow. Gotta say this is the most knowledgeable and effective forum I've been on. So much information to go over--thanks! I'm playing 2 gigs this weekend and I'm going to make some changes to my lead patches using some of these suggestions. Let u know how it goes. The part about having the band play with dynamics is really asking for too much though...😀
  4. Lol-thanks brother! Wanna be a drummer in my next life...
  5. K had my first live gig with my FRFR set up (Helix to FOH/monitor L3T). Had a pretty simple set up with a few presets with snapshots (mostly Archon amp) and gotta say I was really impressed. The clean and crunch patches were so similar to my amp set up (bogner shiva 25th anniversary) bandmates were amazed. My problem came up with my lead tones. When the band was rockin and I jumped in to take over the world with my Prince like aggression the tone simply did not cut through the band--sounded great in my basement but weak on stage. All my lead patches sounded behind the music--not above it--volume was not the problem cause it was loud! Any help from you Helix Yodas for any tricks with EQ to get lead tones to cut through the mix of a loud band?
  6. 7 out of 10= sounds not the greatest 10 out of 10= exemplary sound
  7. Thanks everyone! Time to start spending..kinda scary the high tech world we live but u gotta luv it! "technology is in the saddle that rides mankind!"-Emerson
  8. Really digging the sounds I'm getting with the helix but keep feeling that I could learn something from the presets for sale from the Yoda-like Helix masters. Using Line 6 L3T as my powered speaker. Any suggestions? Using the Helix for live purposes rather than the studio if that makes difference. Something that totally blew u away and you use daily in your arsenal to rock the world!
  9. Great! Thank you! I imagine that I will want something that does not offer any choice to colour (eq) the sound as I would like only the helix to take care of that. Most likely going to use the link (no need for the EQ). At the moment I will be using th L3t as a monitor. Where are most running the line to the FOH - from the Helix or from the L3t?
  10. Going to venture into frfr world and just picked up the L3t. Really a newbie at this but what is the best connection method between the Helix and the L3T. Do I connect the Helix via the side mixer or in the back panel?
  11. newimage

    Volume Drop

    K was supposed to pick up my helix 2night but didn't make it! Let me describe my typical chain. Volume, Noise gate, compressor, Loop 1 ( Bogner Shiva ), delay, reverb. I also have a bb preamp on loop 2. The crunch channel is assigned to a switch and I also have the boost assigned to another switch. The path does not have any IR's as I'm running it to a Radial Headload and then from there to front of house-I have a Bogner cube as a monitor for on stage (the headload has cab simulators). Clean channel sounds great as it should volume wise, engage the 2nd channel and there is the gain channel but the volume drops somewhat and does not provide the rip and roar I'm accustomed too!
  12. newimage

    Volume Drop

    Helix is at rehearsal space right now but will do...thanks for your response. Actually found this thread.... http://line6.com/support/topic/16421-when-using-the-4-cable-method-i-have-a-loss-of-gain-on-my-crunch-channel/ Kinda describes exactly what I'm having problems with.
  13. newimage

    Volume Drop

    Greetings! Had my first gig with the helix and overall enjoyed it's interplay within my set up. I created about 6 presets that I used throughout the night using the 4 cable method with my Bogner Shiva 20th anniversary. I did create a few presets that had a preamp model instead of using my own preamp and I'm starting to think that this may be the route I will be travelling. The amp seemed to be more vibrant and up front. Nonetheless here is my question: when I engage the channel switch in my bogner using the ext switch from the helix to the second channel (lead channel) I have a volume drop in my lead channel. This is not its normal reaction to channel switching. Almost like it compresses the channel and I can't get it to open up the way it reacts when it is not connected to the helix. What am I doing wrong?
  14. newimage

    4 cable method

    Greetings Helix community. I've converted to the Helix using it (as of now) in a 4 cable method with my Shiva 20th Anniversary-essentially the Helix is controlling my channels and adding effects. Totally digging it's ease of use and quality of sound. I know I'm scratching the surface with it but will stick to the 4 cable method for now perhaps creating some tones using the Helix's preamps. Any suggestions for downloading some customtone presets that are great exemplars for this type of implementation. Also, any YouTube artists I can check out that describe great tips for creating presets using the 4 cable method. I've watched Paul Castellano and thought he was terrific! Thanks!
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