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  1. Sounds like u have been working this set up for a while. Any chance you have any of your patches on custom tone? Would love to examine how u set up some of your patches.
  2. Recently purchased a fantastic deal on a pair of L3M's and wanted to give the community a heads up...bliss. I've been a naysayer for a long time on the pursuit of tone through modellers and going FRFR but I must admit that this set up has me smiling. If it's not as close to my tube amp then I'm not sure if my ears are working. Well done Line 6! BTW I bought a couple of Marco Fanton's patches (pricey) but I loved the set up with snapshots and amp selections...wow...go get em! Viva Italia!
  3. Using the FRF set up tonight and been messing around--set up sounds at stage volume and I've found that the quality of my guitar sound is perfect when I plug the helix direct into the XLR Line input at the back of the speaker. When I attempt to plug it into the input of the side mixer (with all L3T mixer options at 0) the sound degrades to a 7 out of 10. Nonetheless I'm going to go through the back panel 2night for my monitor set up and direct to FOH from the back of the helix but I was curious if others have experienced this...
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