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  1. Hi Vinny, I had similar issues with mine. I was convinced it was broken as I couldn't get anything near what I would call a useful tone. For the first week I contemplated taking it back. I was looking for high gain tones and really struggling. One of the best things I did was to drop the high cut on the cab to a point where you could clearly hear it taking all the top end out and then just increasing it slightly. This took out all of the high 'fizz' that was causing a lot of my issues and started to make it sound more realistic. I also found when changing the mic type on the cab block to give my ears a few seconds to adjust to the new sound as my immediate thought would be 'nope!' I also found adding an EQ block at the end of the chain for fine tuning helped a lot. I found a stock preset that was as close to what I was looking for and started tinkering with it. Small adjustments can make big differences so take your time. I'm not far away in Birmingham, however I'm no expert so wouldn't charge for any time. I'm sure between the guys on here we can figure out what's going on for free! What sort of sound are you looking for? and what guitar are you using? We can try creating some patches for you to download.
  2. Has anyone tried these? I found there's a big difference between the sound in the demos and the patches that you actually end up with. While they're not bad sounding it can be a bit misleading. Just be careful! :D
  3. I don't have any issue with people selling stuff if it's something that's cost them time and effort. The only issue I have is the post production and tinkering that goes on to sell these patches. You watch the videos and think 'Wow! those sound perfect" only to pay for them and realise it sounds no where near the video. I don't mean it sounds slightly off, they sound way off. They don't sound bad by any means and I've used some as a basis for tweaking but the way they're sold is a little dishonest and leaves a bad taste.
  4. I felt exactly the same way and after two days I'd convinced myself that I either had a faulty unit or it just wasn't as good as everyone was saying it was. However I've had the unit for a week now and I'm starting to figure it out. I come from a software modelling background (I've used Guitar rig for years but also tried numerous other ones) and was generally happy with the tones I could get. It's almost like I've had to retrain my ear to pick up the differences but the more I use the Helix the better the sounds are getting and I'm very glad I stuck with it. My advice would be to take your time and be patient. I know it's easier said than done but in my case it was worth sticking with it. The more I play with the unit the more I feel like there's any tone I could want inside it and part of the fun is finding it.
  5. That's odd, I uploaded .hlx files. It might be just as simple as changing them back to .hlx. Give them a try and let me know
  6. Here they are Michael. Bear in mind I'm using one of Glen Delaune's IR's (The Bogner Xtacy) although you should get a similar tone using stock cabs. Both patches are the same apart from amp model. They're also set up to cut through in the mix when I'm playing along with the songs so you may want to tweak the EQ. - Metallica Fuel - AIC Them Bones Have fun!
  7. I did a very quick (and rough) cover of Fuel which you can see here: No solo, I was being lazy. I can send you that patch if you think it might be of use. Just bear in mind it's setup to sound like that over the song so it might need tweaking in terms of EQ.
  8. Thanks for the links. I've tinkered around today and managed to get a lot closer to the sound I'm looking for. Still not perfect but I think I'm getting the idea. I've found using both a cab and an IR with some amps gets me closer to the sound I'm after, rather than just using one or the other.
  9. So now I think I'm going crazy again :D I downloaded Glenn Delaune's High Gain set and to my ears they sound terrible. Has anyone else downloaded this set? Here's a clip of his Diezel VH4 patch. I understand it won't sound exactly the same as his video but it's absolutely nowhere near. I'm using a PRS SE custom with stock pickups. Guitar pad is off and impedance is set to auto. Is it just my ears or does that sound terrible?
  10. lol. I do use a 7 string from time to time but I mostly play 6. I also like a lot of classic rock and blues but I do love a chunky riff :D
  11. Thanks for that ZSchneidi. I think I've been surprised at how varied the amp options are. I'm fairly used to finding an amp sound I like and fine tuning it but I'm finding the choice of cab, mic and mic placement are all having a massive effect. I have a fairly decent starting point thanks to you guys, I was just worried there was something wrong with it! This would be the sort of thing I'm aiming towards: While not identical it's close to the sort of sound I'm looking for. I've not had much luck with the Archon model yet but it's only been two days. I'll keep on tinkering and get there eventually.
  12. I have been enabling the pad on input as the pickups are active. I'll definitely look at Glenn Delaunes patches, thanks for that. I feel like I'm at a decent starting point now. Thanks to everyone who helped, it's makes a very nice change to ask for help on a forum and not get blasted by trolls :)
  13. You just saved my life Monkeysqueak!! This is exactly the sort of sound I was looking for as a starter. Thanks everyone for the advice
  14. Thanks for all the great replies. I really appreciate it. Going to go through them all now
  15. Thanks a lot for the response Doug. I'll give all of those a try later. I'm sure I will end up loving it. I've seen enough videos and read enough reviews to know the sounds are hiding in there somewhere!
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