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  1. Hey, I just submitted an idea for an HX FX in 1U rack format. You can vote for it here :
  2. Man, here in Spain people here mix wine with coke, mostly cheap wines, but I've seen atrocities done to our finest Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines
  3. See the attached list. I usually assign an impedance of 10k to the same switch that controls the Arbitrator or the Industrial, so that when they're on, the impedance is 10k, and when they're off, it's Auto (or 1M)
  4. Same topic again, same points made. Sometimes I think that I and the "I just expect bugfixes, everything else is a bonus" people, we seem to have bought different products called Helix, from different companies called Line6, with different histories, different markets, etc. Also, we seem to read different press releases, posts on forums, etc. Until L6 makes an official statement regarding that particular subject, I guess we'll continue living in parallel universes.
  5. My 2 cents towards your fractal purchase: I tried a friend's AXE II about a year ago. I had it at home for two weeks or so, making patches for him. I didn't really know the AXE and at first I didn't like how it reacted. My closest tonal references at that moment were my Helix rig, my TriAxis rig and my tube amps, because that's what I was playing 95% of the time, and coming from that, I couldn't get the AXE to sound "right" (whatever that means for me) but then it clicked and I found my way around it. I came to like the tones I was creating, and my friend has been using them since, with some tweaks to adapt them to his playing and guitars. In the end I liked it, it made a good impression on me. Did I feel like I was missing something not getting an AXE? Nope... Let's call this friend A. Enter friend B (more a colleague than a friend, though). He's back from trying every kind of amp and/or processor under the Sun... or so he sort of prides himself of. Always buying and selling gear, looking for the holy grail. After having plexis, AC30s, 800s, 900s, Stiletto, several Fenders and many others from brands like H&K, Orange, Peavey or Laney, he swears by his Koch Twintone II for a long while. Then he sells it and all his remaining pedals and buys an AXE I (the last iteration of version 1, I think). He keeps the AXE but buys a Laney Cub that he wants just for home but ends up buying pedals again and giging the Cub. Sells everything again, including the axe, and buys the last AXE II version (XL something). After a year of repeating that he doesn't miss real amps and whatnot, he's gonna buy an amp again, and a pedalboard... I just sit and watch... and play my Helix. and TriAxis... and... :-D He always sounds good to my ears. I don't sound (or feel) good with his setups, his presets or his guitars. He doesn't really sound or feel really good with my gear either, but once we tested my Helix with my mosvalve power amp and his Blackstar v30 artisan 4x12, he started tweaking the Helix and getting tones he felt good with. Same when he first tried my Helix here at home. He didn't like it at first, but was sounding better by the minute. Friend B is not fully satisfied with AXE. He claims to be, but his deeds show otherwise. Although I don't ask him about it, everytime we talk about real amps or the tube preamps I've been getting for myself (Mesa Studio Pre, Marshall, ADA, Carvin, Digitech...) the conversation ends with him saying how satisfied he is with the AXE and how he doesn't miss the real amps a bit. But he's getting an amp soon... And pedals. Friend A is satisfied with AXE. Although he also has other stuff he likes to use. AXE is for convenience, he says. Me, I'm satisfied with Helix. It doesn't feel 100% like the real stuff, but the difference is negligible once you know how to find the tones that compliment your playing. I also use other stuff, pedals, rack stuff, heads, combos... I have no need for another brand of modeller, though. I'm not buying an AXE III, or IV, or version N anytime soon... not because of FOMO anyway, I don't have FOMO. If I ever get one, I'm sure I'll make it sound right for me. Bottom line: There is great gear out there. At the point where modelling is now, it's hard to choose by raw "quality", but if you feel the AXE is the right thing for you, go ahead and buy it.. Best of luck. I sincerely wish it satisfies your needs and wants.
  6. I asked him that question a while ago. I asked here, and I got an answer. I don't remember his exact words but, as I understood, he kinda complained about people getting a bit too intense a bit too often around here.
  7. There's no vocoder (yet) in HX platform.
  8. Inerzia

    That's it???

    And it's not a big deal. I'm just happy that they work on the platform. Whatever it is they may be doing at a given moment, it's gonna be better for me and/or for someone that likes/needs it. Happy and thankful. I wasn't even expecting anything until winter NAMM, so...
  9. Inerzia

    That's it???

    Tuners: Hey, I'm grateful for the new tuners, they're an improvement to the product. For some, that's fixing something that was wrong, but, even though I didn't like the tuner at first, and couldn't seem to accurately tune my guitars with it, after some getting used to, I was able to make it work, and never needed another extra (outboard) tuner. The fine tuning bar was the first improvement, it made tuning faster for me, but these current tuners are way better. Well, then is it a fix or an improvement? I expected a better tuner off the shelf, I expected it of this product, I expected it of the brand, the company... I don't know, it was a weak point. Did I manage? Yes, and the more I used it (and I use my Helix a lot) the quicker & better I could get my instruments tuned. For me, it wasn't faulty, it just wasn't that good. I see these new tuners as an improvement, and I thank them for that. Marketplace: I can buy IRs from the companies directly. I make my own presets. Enough said. Bugfixes: That is something I have the right to demand. I'm no betatester, I don't get paid to test the products, instead, I pay for them. I demand bug fixes. And they come... they do. Some take more time, some less, but L6 does deliver, or that's my experience, in general. New models and features: Some of you say L6 is not legally bound to put out any new features or models. Why would they bind themselves? I get it, and I believe you, I suppose you know it for a fact. OK. They're not bound. I'm among the many (and we may be a majority) who, since maybe 15 years ago, buy this kind of product because it does get updates and new stuff. Getting some new features and models every now and then is a MAJOR incentive for me to buy L6. The day that incentive disappears, I'll have one less reason to buy their products.
  10. A new unit came in this morning. Tried updating it and failed, 2nd try: Switched cable and port > failed 3rd try: Kept second cable and went back to original port > failed 4th try: Went back to original cable and original port... and then I (it) succeeded! Just to let you all know, just in case any of you run into the same problem ;-)
  11. I WAS using the VO-1 before the Helix because I didn't have any available loop, but it required for me to put an A/B mic box (PEABO from Palmer) so that I could sing with or without the vocoder, without having to use two mics. The VO-1 is now in another pedalboard, which I use in another project and with a different, more traditional setup. On the setup that includes Helix, the VO-1 has been replaced by a TC Helicon Voicetone Synth pedal, which is more convenient, because it has XLR outputs (dry and wet) and I no longer have to use the PEABO. Both the VO-1 and the VT Synth sound spectacular as vocoders. As far as trials go, yes, I tried the VO-1 in a Helix loop too, and yes, it does work perfectly. I hope that helps.
  12. Exactly my experience. Mine is on its way back to the store distributor. After opening a support ticket with L6, I was told to contact the dealer because my unit was faulty, so, that's what I did. I'll tell you all when I get it (or hopefully another unit) back
  13. I hadn't tried that before, but I have now... still no result... Also tried the offline update, even previous fw versions, both online and offline.
  14. Thanks! I tried, but didn't work either :-/
  15. Yes, I did everything I was supposed to. -sigh- There was nothing to backup because the unit is new, the drivers are up to date, the editor (not that it matters so far) is up to date, the updater is 1.14 (up to date too), and I've tried seven different cables connected to five different USB ports on the same computer. There's just this computer, the same one I use to edit and update my Helix. I've also tried closing any audio related app, the web browser and pretty much everything else. Now... Here's what happens: The updater detects the HX I select it, pick the fw version I want to install > description > license agreement > Pre update instructions > update begins... in approximately 10 seconds, the unit reads "Updater ready", and about 10 seconds later, the update fails and the updater says "F15 Firmware Update Suspended . HX Effects did not reset after loading update app (via DFU), (some Kevin nonsense that's supposed to be funny, but in present circumstances it isn't, at all) Manually disconnect/reconnect usb cable, then Click 'continue' " And that's it. Any idea? Has this happened to someone else? Thanks in advance
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