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  1. Great work on these! I really appreciate the time you've taken in creating and sharing these presets. Keep up the good work!
  2. Yep, that's the one I used and it looks correct. If you see any issues with how I wired it for any reason, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Of course right after I post, I figure it out :) So to anyone else looking to do the same, it's well worth it. The key was the wiring was wrong. With an EMG H4 (or I would suppose any passive EMG), the wiring for the Shuriken is: Black and white - solder together and tape off (don't connect) Bare - tape off (don't connect) Red (hot wire) - solder to W10 Green - solder to W7 The key for me was figuring out the the red was the hot wire (used this diagram for the clue: It's sounding amazing. Much more alive and sounds pretty much like a standard active EMG 81 (which is what I was going for). So now this guitar really is the best of both worlds - the high output and powerful sound of the EMG and, well, all the rest of the guitars via the Variax system :) A little trouble to get right, but worth it. Hope this helps someone!
  4. Hi all! I am replacing the stock pickup in my Variax Shuriken 250 and am having some issues. I have a brand new EMG H4 (passive pickup). I also have a connector that has the following: Red & White wires --> soldered together and covered with electrical tape Green & Bare wires --> soldered together and connected to W7 Black wire --> connected to W10 I did this based on the recommendation here in the forums... It seems to be wired correctly, but I get a VERY low sound out of it. When I switch on the Variax, the sound is full as expected. Switching back to the EMG, it gets a very faint sound (almost no output). I put this new pickup in another guitar to test and it sounds perfect. Can anyone assist in what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!
  5. Related question - the whole reason I am not using the built-in looper is for presets like this one. Where would I put a looper block in this? A lot of my presets have one path out, but I have several like this that I'd like to put a looper block in...
  6. I hadn't thought of that. I run the XLR cable because I assumed that would produce a better signal / sound. I will give that a try! So then I assume the chain for me would be: Line 6 Relay --> Helix Floor (1/4 jack) guitar --> 1/4 cable out --> Looper --> Alto TS212 ?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I just ordered a male XLR --> male 1/4 cable and see how that works out. That would be great if it's that simple!
  8. Hi all! I have seen several posts about using an external looper but I can't seem to make it work correctly. My path right now... Line 6 Relay --> Helix Floor (1/4 jack) guitar --> XLR out --> Alto TS212 Works great and sounds great. I am OK with the Helix onboard looper, but many of my presets don't have an extra slot so I can put the looper in, plus I'd rather not have to back and add loopers to all my presets. I have a Boss RC-1. Works fine if I put it in the chain right before the Helix, but then when playing back the sample it is subject to the snapshot I change to (e.g. I do a clean loop, then switch to a dirty channel and the loop gets distorted). So what I am looking for is a way to put the RC-1 at the end of the chain (or something similar) so the loop stays as the original sound, and not have to add an effects block to every preset. I can do it fine with just using 1/4 out, but I prefer to keep the XLR out if possible. Any advice for a simple way to do this? Thanks!
  9. So the best and closest I can come - set the Reference to 435 and tune the high (1st) string to E, then tune other strings to that one. The E will be in tune, but the rest of strings don't handle the offset. I did that and it's now perfectly in tune to the records.
  10. Yes, exactly. I checked by doing it by ear as well. I went down to Eb and it was too low. Started coming up in pitch and got it, so it's definitely Eb + 40 cents. Thanks all for your help!
  11. Hi all! I am looking to nail the tuning that DImebag Darrell used in Pantera. From an article with his tech Grady: Sounds easy enough. Tune down to Eb, then up 40 cents. I am trying to figure out how exactly to do that with the tuner in Helix. I must be missing something, but I don't see a way in any of the tuners (Fine, Coarse, or Strobe) to hit exactly 40 cents above Eb. Any advice?
  12. Thanks! So I assume then since I am using the magnetic pickup in one path, I can't do a custom tuning? Sorry if it's a newb question :)
  13. Hi! I am starting to use my Variax more and more (Shuriken) and am trying to see if I can use it to route two signals / paths at one time. Here is what I would like to do: - Path 1 - clean electric sound (using one of the electric models, like the Lester) - Path 2 - clean acoustic sound (using one of the Acoustic models) I assume I would create a preset with two paths, both coming from the main input. Is this possible with just the VDI input, or do I need to somehow use the VDI and standard output jack? Thanks!!!!
  14. FYI - I deleted then reinstalled HX Edit, same issue. However, I did a full factory reset on the Helix (holding buttons 9 & 10 and starting) and that fixed it :)
  15. Yep, same thing happening here. It loses connection about once every minute. Extremely frustrating. Going to try and completely reinstall HX Edit to see if that fixes it...
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