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  1. FYI - I deleted then reinstalled HX Edit, same issue. However, I did a full factory reset on the Helix (holding buttons 9 & 10 and starting) and that fixed it :)
  2. Yep, same thing happening here. It loses connection about once every minute. Extremely frustrating. Going to try and completely reinstall HX Edit to see if that fixes it...
  3. And of course right after I post I figure it out :) Hold down the ALT key and click the parameter. Hope this helps someone else!
  4. Hi All! I am building a preset in Helix Native and cannot for the life of me figure out how to change a parameter for just one snapshot. Example: I have an IR block that applies to all 5 of my snapshots. However, when switching to a clean sound, I want to boost the Level of the IR a few dB. I know on my Helix Floor, I just push in the parameter knob and it turns that value white. Can this be done in Native? Thanks!!!
  5. I discovered that if I create it via Helix Native, it can't be edited on CustomTone (no fields are editable). If I use Helix Edit (via Floor), works no problem.
  6. I am uploading a new patch I made for the Placater model and when I upload it, there is no option to edit the notes or details. Can anyone let me know if I am missing something? I created it with Helix Native (I have the Helix floor as well). Thanks!
  7. I replaced mine in my Variax Standard just a few months ago. I had to do a little trial and error to find ones that just dropped in. I wound up finding these that fit perfectly: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262052785759 If you get some, look for ones with 10mm pin spacing, 2 pin, 6 in-line tuners
  8. Yep - did that too from recommendations. Thanks!
  9. Great idea re: the IRs. I read that elsewhere as well and it makes sense. I wound up exporting all of the presets and using a program called DriveZ (http://www.inet.hr/~dragvola/), which is a tiny, free app. I created an Excel doc with all of the names of the presets and some columns next to each for the IR name (or names, since some use two). A bit of work, but now I have everything backed up and can view it offline (since I don't have the ability to get to the Helix much every day). Thanks for everyone's input!
  10. Hi all, I am on Windows 10. Thanks for the info! I know I can do a file list of a folder using the command prompt (old school sometimes works the best!) but was just wondering if there was something in the Helix Editor, etc. that did a listing from the Helix. I don't have anything backed up to a folder quite yet, but will be working on that next! I appreciate the follow-ups.
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if there is an easy way to export the list of all my presets and / or impulse responses I currently have in the Helix. I can type it all out manually, but figured there must be an easy way (like to an Excel .xls or .csv file). Does anyone know of a way? Thanks! B)
  12. Hi JazzInc - any luck? I'm looking to match these up as well. Great work!
  13. I ordered the same cable and had the exact same issue. Sweetwater must have received a bad batch or something. The only thing that worked for me was dissassebling the cable like MemphoBuckeye mentioned above. I returned it to Sweetwater after doing so, however. It all fits back together fine, but I don't want to have to do any work on a simple cable. Sweetwater, of course, was great about it. I wound up ordering one from here which should be here soon: https://btpa.com/98-030-004-XXX.html
  14. Well those don't work :( The pins on the back are just a tad bit wide, so I'd have to drill new holes, which I'd rather not. Well back to the search...
  15. Thanks! I picked up these today: https://www.pitbullaudio.com/fender-locking-tuners-chrome.html - they are the 2 pin type and look like they'll match up. Here's hoping!
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